Occupied Palestine (QNN)- On the day of his arrest, they took an iron chair from Qassam’s house in the village of Kobar in northern Ramallah. His family did not understand the reason behind that at the time, but they knew later that it was one way to torture Qassam during his interrogation. Israeli soldiers were sticking the legs of the chair inside Qassam’s wounds.

On the next Tuesday, the family of Qassam Abdel Kareem Barghouthi was informed of the Israeli decision to demolish their house. The decision came as a punitive measure against the 26-year-old young man, who was allegedly involved in Ein Bubin operation near the illegal settlement of Dolev in western Ramallah on August 23rd, 2019, which resulted in one death and two injuries among illegal settlers.

Prof. Widad Barghouthi, Qassam’s mother, told QNN that the Israeli army stormed their house on August 26, 2019. The Israeli unleashed their dogs, which attacked her husband and bit him. When Qassam tried to defend his father they attacked him and pushed the dogs to bite him instead.

“We were all held in one room while Qassam was with them in another”, she added. “We were only hearing shouts but we didn’t know what was happening. They carried out a field interrogation with him for three hours and after they left, taking my son with them, they were taking an iron chair with them as well. We found it weird at the beginning but we knew later on that they were sticking its legs into Qassam’s wound’s [left by the dogs’ bites] and strongly pushing it.”

She told QNN that her son was subjected to several forms of torture during interrogation. The signs of torture could be seen all over his body.

On February 17th, the family will be able to visit Qassam at Nafha desert jail.

(Source / 12.02.2020) 

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