Gaza (QNN)- The Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday destroyed crops affected by pesticides that were sprayed on the eastern border of the strip by the Israeli army.

The Ministry ordered its teams throughout Gaza to record the damages inflicted in the Israeli new crime. It stressed that it will destroy all the affected crops properly.

The occupation state has resumed spraying pesticides along the Gaza border, damaging crops and agricultural land.

In the period between 2014-2018, the occupation state damaged 14,000 dunums of agricultural land and crops in Gaza. However, it stopped spraying pesticides throughout 2019 to resume it this year.

Israeli Haaretz stated that the Israeli army sent planes to spray Gaza agricultural land with chemicals under false security pretenses.

A source in the Israeli Ministry of war told Haaretz that such operations aim at preventing “terrorists” from hiding among crops in the agricultural land along Gaza’s borders.

The source claimed that the pesticides do not harm Palestinian farmers. Meanwhile, the Israeli ministry of war stipulates that the firms that spray chemicals must take the wind direction into consideration to prevent the chemicals from reaching Israeli land.

Last week, the Israeli army in three incidents opened dams, causing vast areas of agricultural lands to sink and large amounts of crops to get damaged by rainwater. The Ministry of Agriculture estimated the losses in the agricultural sector at over $500,000.

(Source / 22.01.2020) 

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