PA denies importing gas from Israel

Tamar gas field

Head of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) delegation to the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum in Cairo, Mohammed Mustafa, denied that the PA is to import natural gas from Israel, news agencies reported on Friday.

Mustafa announced, according to news agency Wafa, that the news reports about this were “not precise”.

His remarks came several hours after the announcement by the Israeli energy minister, Yuval Steinitz, that there were discussions with the PA to import gas from Israel.

Mustafa, the director of the Palestinian Investment Fund, called for not missing the development of the Palestinian natural gas field off the Gaza shores, known as Gaza Marine, and the efforts being exerted to solve the electricity crisis in Gaza.

Gaza Marine, is a natural gas field discovered by British Gas in the 1990s. It is located 36 kilometres off the Gaza shores, however, Israel has been preventing its development.

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(Source / 19.01.2020) 

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