One farmer was killed and another one suffered critical injuries in two different explosions in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday January 18th.

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36-year-old Mahdi Eid Ayyad Ayarmilat was critically wounded and later succumbed to his injuries. The identity of the second person has not been revealed.

Although few sources speak of a single incident, most report two different explosions of ‘suspicious objects’ in a 300-meter radius from the ruins of the Gaza international airport, which is situated east of Rafah, very close to borders with Egypt and ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

The airport was destroyed by Israeli occupation in 2002, just four years after it was opened, and it’s ruins have afterwards been regularly bombed by Israel’s occupation forces.

Ayarmilat is said to have been doing agricultural work on his lands just beside the ruins, while the second explosion would have taken place a few hundred meters away.

So far the only explanation put forward (but not confirmed) is that likely the explosions would have resulted from Israeli occupation ordinance that could have lain shallowly buried, perhaps for an extensive period of time. Heavy rains and flooding in recent weeks could have uncovered them.

 (Source / 19.01.2020) 

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