Palestinian farmer killed in explosion of Israeli leftover bomb

About 20 Palestinians have been killed and more than 100 injured, including 46 children, in such incidents since Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014

One Palestinian farmer killed and another seriously wounded in explosion of Israeli leftover bomb in southern Gaza city of Rafah, Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Saturday.

The Ministry of Health named the dead farmer as Mahdi Eid Ermeelat, 36, and kept the name of the wounded farmer undisclosed.

According to a report by the UN OCHA issued two years after the 51-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, which took place in 2014, 17 people had been killed and 100 more had been injured, including 46 children, by Explosives Remnant of War (ERW).

Meanwhile, the UN OCHA said that the ERW “continue to pose a serious threat to the life and physical integrity of the population [in the Gaza Strip].”

Furthermore, “the extent of contamination by ERW in Gaza is unknown,” as “suspected ERW remain hidden throughout Gaza, either among the rubble of destroyed structures or buried below the surface.”

(Source / 18.01.2020) 

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