Israel transfers Palestine prisoners from Rimon to Nafha

Palestinians in Gaza hold a conference in support of prisoners in the Nafha prison who have been subjected to raids and humiliation at the hands of Israeli forces [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Palestinians in Gaza hold a conference in support of prisoners in the Nafha prison who have been subjected to raids and humiliation at the hands of Israeli forces

Israeli occupation Special Forces yesterday raided Section 6 of Rimon Prison and transferred all the Palestinian prisoners to Nafha Prison in the Negev, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee (PPC) said.

Nafha Prison is located in the Negev, which is the largest desert in Palestine and suffers from extreme hot and cold climates, with winters being more acute than in other parts of the occupied territories.

The PPC said that the prisoners were removed from Rimon to Nafha Prison without being allowed to take any of their belongings, including blankets and winter clothes.

Report: Israel issued 1,022 administrative detention orders against Palestinians in 2019 

Prisoners in Rimon announced that they are planning to protest against the move and the other Israeli violations against them, mainly the attacks against female prisoners and in support of hunger striker Ahmed Zahran.

Forty-two-year-old Zahran from Deir Abu-Mesh’al neighbourhood in the outskirts of occupied Ramallah was arrested in March. He is a married father of four who has spent a total of 15 years in Israeli jails. He launched his hunger strike in June last year.

Rights groups have reported that there are currently 5,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including 41 females, 230 children, 1,000 patients and 450 being held under administrative detention.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Israeli Army Abducts 17 Palestinians, Including 4 Children, in Pre-Dawn Raids in the West Bank

Israeli forces abducted 17 Palestinian civilians on Monday in pre-dawn raids in various parts of the West Bank.

In Bethlehem, the Israeli forces abducted six Palestinians from the town of Beit Fajjar.

They were identified as: Radhi Salah Taqqatah, 17 years old, Amer Khaled Taqatqa, 17 years old, Mujahid Yousef Taqatqa, 16 years old, Mahmoud Ahmad Taqatqa, 19 years old, Majed Salah Taqatqa, 21, and Muhammad Khaled Thawabta, 23, after they raided and searched their family’homes.

The young men and teens abducted by Israeli troops were at their homes, asleep in bed, when Israeli forces broke into their homes, ransacked the contents, and took them from their rooms to unknown destinations for “interrogation” and imprisonment without charge.

In Ramallah, Israeli forces abducted the university student Nidal Ghanayem, from the mother of Al-Sharayet neighborhood in Al-Bireh city. They abducted another youth, Mahmoud Abbas from Al-Amari camp, after the soldiers raided and searched the homes of their families.

In Qalqilya district, Israeli forces abducted two teens, Nidal Shaker Radwan, 19, and Yassin Imad Shbeita, 17, after they raided and searched the homes of their families in the town of Azzun.

In Jerusalem, Israeli forces abducted five citizens from the town of Al-Issawiya, namely: Anwar Sami Obaid, Fayez Muhaisen, Nadim Al-Safadi, Adam Mahmoud, and Saleh Abu Asab.

Israeli forces also abducted Anas Muhammad Abu Al-Homs in Jerusalem, after storming the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to protect Jewish extremists who were invading the mosque area.

In Hebron, the Israeli  forces abducted an unidentified citizen, in the Wadi Al-Ghros area, east of Hebron, near the “Kiryat Arba” settlement constructed by Israeli colonizers on illegally seized Palestinian land.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Israeli Forces Detain and Summon Palestinians, Seize 4,000 Shekels

Israeli occupation forces arrested, at dawn Sunday, a young man from the city of Qalqilia, northern occupied West Bank, Palestine News Network reported.

On Saturday night, the Israeli occupation forces detained Ahmed Tawfiq Radayda, 37, from al-Ubeidiya, at the Za’tara military checkpoint, south of Nablus.

Israeli forces searched Radayda, seized a sum of 4,000 shekels ($1,151 USD) in his possession, and handed him a report for intelligence review, before releasing him.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

In 2019, Israel Demolished 686 Homes in West Bank, Almost Half in Jerusalem

At least 300 Palestinian buildings were demolished in Jerusalem, by the Israeli occupation authorities in 2019, compared to a 386 in other parts of the occupied Palestinian Territories, Palestine News Network reported.

Walid Assaf, chairman of the Commission Against the Wall and Settlement, said in a press conference on Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories that the Israeli authorities are aiming to isolate Jerusalem City and divide al-Aqsa Mosque by demolishing Palestinian homes and intensifying the settlement construction activity.

He touched on the largest demolition campaign in Jerusalem, was Sur Baher when 82 Palestinian homes were demolished at once, he also noted that in Shu’fat refugee camp, 22 homes were demolished in one day.

Assaf said that the Israeli demolition policy has witnessed a dangerous shift, explaining that the Israeli authorities moved from demolishing homes to erasing entire communities.

Assaf added that Palestinian national and popular resistance committees, with the help of Palestinian citizens, staged a six-month sit-in in 2019 to protest the demolition of al-Khan al-Ahmar community, and managed to stop the forced displacement of its residents.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 


Occupied Palestine (QNN)- “We couldn’t recognize her face”, this is how the father of the Palestinian prisoner Mais Abu Ghoush described his daughter’s suffering at Al Maskubiyyeh Israeli interrogation center.

Abu Ghoush told QNN that the Israeli Shen Bet summoned him and his wife for interrogation at Maskubiyyeh center. They were placed in front of Mais, making her see them being arrested to psychologically pressure her.

In the brief meeting with his daughter, Abu Ghoush saw that his daughter seemed very exhausted but she couldn’t provide further details about the torture to which she was subjected as several interrogators were surrounding them.

Mais was subjected to 30-day-long torture at the Maskubiyyeh center. She was denied visits by her lawyer, who was, in turn, threatened to be disbarred if he reveals any details about the brutal torture to which Mais was subjected.

The occupation state had issued a publication ban on information about torture, which was practiced against over 25 Palestinian prisoners (including Mais Abu Ghoush) in Israeli jails. However, Addameer issued a detailed report, unveiling horrible details on the issue.

Addameer has revealed that the Israeli Shin Bet put Mais under military interrogation and tortured her. Two types of Shabeh (which is a torture method used for prolonged periods, entailing sensory isolation, sleep deprivation, and infliction of pain) were used against her, although she wasn’t proved to be related to any military action. She has been accused of taking part in student activities.

Mais’s father told QNN that “during the interrogation [with him], after being summoned to Ofer center, one of the interrogators threatened to sentence Mais for a life sentence. She asked me: how do you raise your children? why is your daughter very stubborn?”

Mais is a journalism student at Birzeit University. Her brother Hussein was killed by the Israelis, while her 17-year-old brother Suleiman is held under administrative detention.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 


Jericho (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers demolished Monday nine residential structures in the community of Ras Al Auja in northern Jericho in occupied West Bank.

The activist Hamzah Zbeidan told QNN that over two hundred Israeli soldiers accompanied by teams from the Israeli civil administration and vehicles stormed the Bedouin community then started the demolitions without any prior notice.

Ras Al Auja community has been a home for 700-800 Palestinians, who have been living in 300 residential structures.

Zbeidan stated that the Israelis refuse to give Palestinians building permissions in the area, which is located in C area. This pushed the locals to restore their houses in order to make them safe and habitable.

The Israelis declared the area a closed military zone and prevented journalists from reaching it or covering the incident before starting the demolition.

Many locals tried to fight the Israeli soldiers back and prevent them from demolishing their houses. Suleiman Ka’abneh (50 years old) was wounded when the Israelis demolished his house while he was inside it, as he refused to leave it. The Israelis left Ka’abneh to bleed for an hour before allowing medical teams to reach him.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Israel opens rainwater dams, floods, damages Gaza farmland

Israel occupation opened one of the gates of its rainwater stores east of Gaza, allowing rainwater to flood large swathes of Palestinian land.

Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement that the water drowned “hundreds of dunams of agricultural lands and damaged barley and wheat crops.”

According to the statement, the water storage area was located in the east of Sheja’ea Neighbourhood in the east of Gaza city.

Israeli occupation builds a series of reservoirs to stop rainwater from running through the Gaza valleys in winter.

These prevent Palestinians in the enclave from storing rainwater to irrigate their crops and to fill underground wells.

It is worth noting that this is not the fiorst time that the Israeli occuaption opens dams, floods and damages Palestinian farms and homes.

During the last decade, it opened dams several times and caused much damage several times in the east of Sheja’ea and in Al Moraka City in the middle of Gaza Strip.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Gaza urgently needs 120,000 new housing units

During the past decades, Israel destroyed more than 100,000 housing units in Gaza

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are in an urgent need for 120,000 new housing units, Deputy Housing Minister in the coastal enclave Naji Sarhan revealed on Sunday.

This is in addition to the urgent need for tens of thousands of dilapidated homes to be renovated to meet basic housing standards.

Sarhan made his comments at a press conference in Gaza. He pointed out that the territory needs 14,000 new housing units each year in order to keep pace with the natural rise in the population.

The statistics, he revealed, were produced after a joint survey by his ministry and the Ministry of Social Affairs during the second half of 2019.

At least, 7,000 housing units need to be completely rebuilt, the official added, because they are in such bad condition.

The Deputy Minister said that 3,000 families have been referred to the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to be added to its list of needy people requiring funds to renovate their homes when there are sufficient funds to do so.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Israel arrested 35, wounded 21 fishermen in Gaza in 2019

Israeli occupation forces arrested 35 and wounded 21 Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza coast during 2019, the Coordinator of Palestinian Fishermen Zakariya Baker said.

Baker said that all of these violations took place at sea, noting that the Israeli occupation navy open fire at the fishermen during their work at night.

He also said that the Israeli occupation confiscated 15 fishing boats while at sea, noting that these 15 fishing boats were a source of livelihood for at least 40 families.

Israeli strikes completely destroyed 12 fishing boats which were moored at the fishing port and partially damaged 11 others.

Several fishing nets and other equipment were also damaged during air strikes, Baker said.

He noted that the Israeli occupation carried out 24 air strikes against the fishing port during 2019 and reduced the fishing zone 22 times.

(Source / 06.01.2020) 

Waqf Calls On Israel To Immediately Halt All Work Carried Out At Al-Aqsa Mosque

Photos File

Photos File

The Islamic Jerusalem Endowments (Waqf) council in a press statement called on the Israeli authorities to immediately halt all work carried out at al-Aqsa mosque and to remove all equipment installed on the walls of the mosque.

A group of Israeli workers on Sunday resumed work on the southern wall of al-Aqsa mosque in the Umayyad palaces area, alleging undergoing restoration works on the mosque.

The council stressed that Waqf is the sole institution responsible for administrating the affairs of al-Aqsa Mosque, including maintenance of the inside and outside walls of the mosque.

It warned against the continuation of such actions and violations against the mosque with its total area of 144-dunums, stressing that it is a place of worship and prayer for Muslims only under the guardianship of Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.

It also warned against the continuation of underground excavations in the vicinity of the al-Aqsa mosque, particularly in the Umayyad palaces area.

Waqf also called on the Israeli authorities to return the historical rocks it stole in order to place them back at the western mosque’s wall.

(Source / 06.01.2020)