Israel’s occupation forces killed a young man on the border between besieged Gaza Strip and the ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 early on the evening of December 17th.

Abdullah Ahmad Abu Nasser, who was in his 20s and from the town of Abasan al-Kabira in the southern part of Gaza, was killed in Israeli occupation forces’ missile strike on the border east of Khan Younis. The missile was fired by an unmanned drone aircraft.

Israeli occupation released a video claiming to show events before Abu Nasser’s killing. It shows a person, who can’t be identified and is carrying what seems to be a rifle, as he moves before a barbed-wire fence, stopping there apparently trying to get something from a bag. The video ends and doesn’t show what happened next.


Assuming the video is legitimate – and nothing so far implies that it isn’t – the drone attack would have come immediately after.

In the aftermath Israeli occupation forces didn’t allow Palestinian ambulance crew to reach and fired warning shots before using an armoured military bulldozer to pull his body over the body. It is assumed that he was dead by then.

Israeli newspaper Maariv claimed that the victim would have been killed inside an Israeli settlement near the besieged Gaza, but based on all other reports, this is clearly wrong.

According to one report, Abdullah Abu Nasser’s brother had been killed previously by Israel, so this could represent an attempt at personal revenge.

(Source / 18.12.2019)

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