Israeli settlers occupy caves in Bethlehem

Occupied Bethlehem (QNN)- An Israeli settler from the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin occupied a cave in the village of Jab’a in western Bethlehem, on Sunday.

Muheeb Abu Luha, a resident of the village, told QNN that the settlers of the illegal settlement have not stopped their assaults against native Palestinians. One of them has even occupied a small cave in the village.

He said that this is not the first time settlers do such acts. Another Israeli settler has previously occupied “Abu Kheish cave” in the village.

Abu Luha said that the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin has been expanding through settlers’ efforts to occupy nearby areas, including agricultural land.

The settlement, which started with a tent, a settler, and sheep, has become a “city” now, according to Abu Luha. The settlers are trying to do that over and over again, creating outposts in surrounding areas then merging them all in one large settlement.

Yesterday, Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles on the road between Etzion and Jab’a. The Israeli army showed up and took the statements of native Palestinians, but they did not arrest any settlers.

The village of Jab’a has been a target for settlers’ attacks throughout the last few months. Olive crops were stolen, trees were broken and uprooted, crops were damaged, and vehicles were attacked.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

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