Israel occupation authorities to seize dozens of dunums of Palestinian land near Qalqilya

Jewish settlers surround an agricultural field of Palestinians' after seizing it to start an illegal construction at Beit Jala neighborhood in Bethlehem, West Bank on 3 September 2019. [Wisam Hashlamoun - Anadolu Agency]

Jewish settlers surround an agricultural field of Palestinians’ after seizing it to start an illegal construction at Beit Jala neighborhood in Bethlehem, West Bank on 3 September 2019

The Israeli occupation authorities are planning to confiscate dozens of dunums of Palestinian farmland south of Qalqilya in the West Bank, Palestinian Information Centre reported a Palestinian activist saying on Sunday.

Activist Mohammed Abu al-Sheikh said that the occupation has put forward a plan to expand settler road “55” near Alfei Menashe settlement, south of Qalqilya City, which means dozens of dunums of Palestinian farmland are threatened with illegal seizure.

Recently the occupation authorities have unlawfully grabbed thousands of dunums of privately-owned Palestinian land in the West Bank in favor of settlement expansion projects.

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(Source / 15.12.2019)

Palestinian in Jerusalem Forced to Demolish His Own Home

A Palestinian citizen from the northern occupied West Bank city of East Jerusalem, in Jabal al-Mukabir neighborhood, embarked on tearing down his own home, on Saturday. The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem threatened to charge extreme fees for the municipality to demolish it, forcing him to demolish it himself.

The Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported that the homeowner, Nasser Abu Ze’eter, was told by the municipality that he must demolish his home under the pretext of not having building permit, a nearly impossible feat with current Israeli prerequisites.

Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem are frequently forced to build without permit because the Israeli municipality rarely issues permits for the city’s Palestinian citizens as a way to reduce their number in the city, by forcing them to leave it and find accommodation elsewhere.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court states that deportation or forcible transfer of a population, when committed as part of a widespread, systematic attack directed against a civilian population, is a crime against humanity.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Report: 745 Palestinian Children Arrested Since Beginning of 2019

Israeli occupation forces arrested 745 Palestinian children since the start of 2019, many of whom were subject to numerous rights violations, Days of Palestine reported..

According to a report published, on Thursday, by the NGO Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC), nearly 200 children were being held in various detention centres across Israel, as of Tuesday.

The figures were released ahead of World Children’s Day which was marked on Thursday.

The report said that Palestinian children arrested by Israeli occupation forces experience many forms of violations as soon as they are taken from their homes including being interrogated under very harsh conditions and without the presence of their parents or lawyers.

Some of the children, the report stressed, are denied family visits and proper medical treatment, are often deprived of food and water and are beaten, insulted, threatened and intimidated, the PPC report said.

As a result of severe coercion, many agree to give false confessions just to stop the abuse, while others are held under administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Israeli Planning To Confiscate Lands For A Segregated Road

Mohammad Abu Sheikh, a Palestinian official responsible for monitoring Israel’s illegal colonialist activities, said that the Israeli occupation authority is planning to confiscate dozens of Dunams of Palestinian lands, near Qalqilia, in northern West Bank.

Abu Sheikh stated that the large area of lands Israel intends to illegally annex are all farmlands, owned by the Palestinians in that area.

He added that the lands are agricultural, and include many hothouses and other structures, isolated behind the illegal Annexation Wall.

Daghlas also said that the Civil Administration Office, the administrative and executive branch of Israel’s military occupation, prepared a plan to expand a segregated road, known as Road #50, close to the illegal Alfie Menashe colony, south of Qalqilia.

Israel’s colonies in the West Bank, including in and around occupied East Jerusalem, violate International Law, and various United Nations resolutions, in addition to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory and a constant violator.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

If you believe Zionism is racist– get ready for your close up!

By Philip Weiss

The news has rarely been so bad for anti-Zionism as it is today. Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding defeat in Britain is being broadcast by Israel’s friends as a sign that any politician who espouses Palestinian solidarity is endangered. Michael Oren writes on twitter:

May Corbyn’s defeat send a message to anti-Semites everywhere. Your hatred comes back to haunt you.

And then there’s Trump’s executive order defining anti-Zionism on campus as antisemitism, and a form of discrimination barred under the civil rights act. The order treats Jews as a nationality and so denying “the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavor” is a form of antisemitism. So is analogizing Israeli conduct to Nazis.

The executive order has been heralded by alarmist claims about the experiences of Zionists on campus. They are bullied and harassed and terrorized. The New York Times’ news coverage of the order says so right at the top:

In recent years, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — or B.D.S. — movement against Israel has roiled some campuses, leaving some Jewish students feeling unwelcome or attacked.

Jared Kushner echoes that assertion in an op-ed for the Times: Anti-Zionism is antisemitism, he declares.

Anti-Semites have grown increasingly brazen in claiming that attacks on Israel — and even on Jewish students who may or may not support Israel — are not anti-Semitic. It has become fashionable among Jew haters to characterize any discriminatory behavior — no matter how loathsome — not as criticism of Jews, but of Israel. This is a lie. Especially on college campuses, where discrimination, harassment and intimidation of Jewish students has become commonplace and is routinely, but wrongly, justified.

Bari Weiss of the New York Times described this supposed atmosphere in her recent book:

I meet such people in every Jewish community I speak to… They tend to wait until late in the evening, after the crowd has thinned out or after they’ve had a few glasses of wine, to make their confession. But the confession is always the same: I’m in the closet. It’s not their sexuality or gender expression they are closeting. It is their Jewishness and their Zionism.”

It seems to me that American solidarity activists’ job has never been more important. These propagandists for Israel are making an argument about the American discourse, and it shows that the fight against Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions has gone to the highest level, the White House and the Congress and the New York Times. The battle is on because the Israel side is losing important segments of the discourse: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, the left grassroots, college campuses. The creeping delegitimization of Israel is rightly terrifying to the pro-Israel establishment, so they are taking measures to fight it. Just this week the Democratic Party pushed legislation to affirm America’s lavish military aid to Israel, $3.8 billion a year, as “ironclad,” saying that opposition to that aid is a mere “splinter” of the party. And a few months ago the Democrats overwhelmingly passed a McCarthyite resolution saying that BDS is antisemitic, and the Dems were aided by liberal Zionist groups like J Street.

Let’s be clear about something. This is the fight we always wanted. In fact, this battle was inevitable, if you believe that: Ethnic cleansing is wrong and ethnocracy shouldn’t be supported. Or that the United States is the crucial support for the idea of a Jewish state. Or that the Israel lobby is crucial to that American support. Or that the two-state solution is over/a cruel charade.

If you thought these things it was always going to come to this, a battle for hearts and minds inside the U.S. establishment. A few years ago the esteemed scholar Norman Finkelstein said that Americans wouldn’t argue about Zionism because they didn’t know what it was, it might as well be a hairspray. I honor Norman, but he was dead wrong about this. Zionism is being propounded at the very highest levels of our society as the idea of a Jewish state faces delegitimization and as the two-state paradigm completely crumbles.

Israel is facing delegitimization for obvious reasons. What it is doing in the occupied territories is completely unsupportable even to liberal Zionists and there is no sign that that regime will ever end, and even inside the ’48 borders Israel’s official policies are Jim Crow, first and second class citizens based on racial distinctions. While Israel moves to a third election in a year in some measure because “racism cripples its democracy,” per Juan Cole.

My side argues that these conditions exist because of the animating ideology of Israel, Zionism. Here, for instance, is what Michael Koplow, a very smart liberal guy, says about rightwing Jewish Zionist belief:

people who deeply believe in Israel’s natural, historical, and in some cases, divine right to control the biblical Land of Israel [espouse a] perfectly legitimate and understandable position

That’s really what it comes down to, folks. Do you think that such beliefs are “perfectly legitimate” in the 21st century, in a land that is half non-Jewish?

I don’t think that such beliefs are perfectly legitimate. They are the cause of enormous suffering and ought to be questioned harshly and marginalized the way that communities marginalize other opinions that breed intolerance. So some people’s feelings get hurt on campus! This is an important struggle. Jared Kushner fired me 12 years ago for good reason.

I always say, I would have been a Zionist 100 years ago in Europe. I would have been caught up in the movement given my ethnocentrism, my sense of being an outsider and my compassion for people being persecuted. But Zionism has failed utterly and completely. It is subjugating non-Jews in Palestine and pushing them out of their homes. It has done so for decades and will do so again tomorrow.

The last thing the Zionists want is for you to look into what is actually happening in Gaza or the West Bank. They want you to notice what some one may have said to a Zionist student advocate on the way to Economics 101 class.

Our movement to keep the focus on conditions in Palestine, and demand action against those conditions, is broad and strong. That is why it is getting the attention that it has. Just today I received Ian Lustick’s new book saying the two state paradigm is kaput, the battle is now for equal rights in Palestine, Israelis themselves use the Nazi analogy in criticizing the country’s conduct; and P.S. the Israel lobby has a “hammerlock” on U.S. policy.

This is the struggle we always wanted. Are you ready for it or not?

(Source / 15.12.2019)

One worker shot in Israeli crackdown in Tulkarem

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- One Palestinian young man was reportedly wounded by Israeli soldiers during an Israeli crackdown on Palestinian workers at one of Tulkarem’s northern entries, on Sunday.

A source states that Israeli soldiers opened heavy fire and tear-gassed Palestinian workers, who were heading to their jobs this morning.

He added that one Palestinian was wounded while he was trying to enter the occupied land, where he works. Medical teams reached the area and treated him.

The source also said that Israeli forces stormed the village and chased Palestinian workers from the northern and western sides, aiming at arresting them. No arrests were reported, however.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Israeli settlers occupy caves in Bethlehem

Occupied Bethlehem (QNN)- An Israeli settler from the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin occupied a cave in the village of Jab’a in western Bethlehem, on Sunday.

Muheeb Abu Luha, a resident of the village, told QNN that the settlers of the illegal settlement have not stopped their assaults against native Palestinians. One of them has even occupied a small cave in the village.

He said that this is not the first time settlers do such acts. Another Israeli settler has previously occupied “Abu Kheish cave” in the village.

Abu Luha said that the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin has been expanding through settlers’ efforts to occupy nearby areas, including agricultural land.

The settlement, which started with a tent, a settler, and sheep, has become a “city” now, according to Abu Luha. The settlers are trying to do that over and over again, creating outposts in surrounding areas then merging them all in one large settlement.

Yesterday, Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles on the road between Etzion and Jab’a. The Israeli army showed up and took the statements of native Palestinians, but they did not arrest any settlers.

The village of Jab’a has been a target for settlers’ attacks throughout the last few months. Olive crops were stolen, trees were broken and uprooted, crops were damaged, and vehicles were attacked.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Nine Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli forces in West Bank

Photos File

Photos File

Israeli occupation forces last night and yesterday detained at least nine Palestinians during raids that targeted several areas in the occupied West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

PPS said in a statement that Israeli police in Jerusalem detained three Palestinians, including the representative of Fatah movement in the city, Shadi Mutawar, and two others.

Israeli army also detained five Palestinians, including two siblings, from Hebron, in addition to a third one in Jenin, north of the West Bank, and two minors from the village of al-Judaira, north of Jerusalem.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Israel cuts power for three full hours in Ramallah

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Tens of thousands of Palestinian household, medical centers, businesses, banks and educational institutions in Ramallah were left on Sunday without power for three full hours after the Israeli Electricity Company (IEC), in a step supported by the Israeli government, cut power to main power supply points served by the Palestinian-owned Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO).

The IEC step came to pressure JDECO to pay outstanding debt for electricity bought to be used in JDECO’s concession areas that include, in addition to Ramallah, the occupied part of Jerusalem, the biblical city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and the ancient city of Jericho.

The power cut policy started two months ago with blackouts declared for two hours in different parts of JDECO’s concession areas and at different times. The hours were this month extended for three, and IEC is warning that this will be increased if JDECO does not pay its debt estimated at around $500 million.

JDECO accused IEC and the Israeli government of imposing collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people under its occupation since the people are the most hurt by this power cut.

(Source / 15.12.2019)

Israeli settlers stone Palestinian commuters in north of West Bank, cause damage

Photos File

Photos File

Israeli settlers attacked on Sunday with stones Palestinian commuters in the north of the occupied West Bank causing damage to cars but no bodily injury, according to a local official.

Ghassan Daghlas, in charge of the settlements file in the Palestinian Authority, said settlers hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles on the road linking Nablus and Qalqilya cities that goes by the illegal settlement of Yitzhar.

He said several cars sustained damage but that luckily no one was hurt.

(Source / 15.12.2019)