2 injuries in Israeli crackdown on Palestinian workers in Tulkarem

Tulkarem (QNN)- Two Palestinian young men were reportedly wounded on Saturday morning near the apartheid wall between northern Tulkarem and occupied Palestine.

An activist told QNN that Israeli soldiers tear-gassed and opened fire at Palestinian workers, who were trying to reach their jobs inside the occupied land.

An unknown number of them were arrested, while two were wounded. The wounded young men have been identified as Ahmad Hussam Kittaneh and Dirar Rasem Kittaneh.

Israeli forces carry out daily crackdown campaigns on Palestinian workers, who go to their jobs inside the occupied land through holes in the apartheid wall.

Israeli soldiers open fire at the workers to prevent them from passing through.

Approximately 100,000 Palestinian workers have to work inside the occupied land. However, they can’t reach their jobs every day due to Israeli restrictions. The occupation state prevents Palestinians from reaching their jobs inside the Green Line unless they have permissions, which pushes many of them to pass through holes in the apartheid wall.

The occupation state controls the movement of nearly 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank and 2 million in Gaza, barring them from moving for treatment, work, or any other goal through Israeli-controlled checkpoints and border-crossings unless they have permissions.

(Source / 14.12.2019)

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