Gaza (QNN)- The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) on Wednesday said that Google and Facebook removed approximately 14,000 posts, which were posted by Palestinians, under Israeli pressure.

The committee stated in a press statement that according to statistics by the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights (Adalah), the requests that were sent by the Israeli “Cyber” unit to the giant companies to remove Palestinian posts increased in 2018 by 600%. The number of the requests in 2018 was over 14,000 and both companies heeded the requests.

“90% of the content, which was asked to be removed by the [Israeli cyber] unit, was completely or partially removed”, the committee stated.

The committee also strongly condemned the compliance of the internet service providers to the Israeli pressure, explaining that the Palestinian content on the internet is being targeted, meanwhile Israeli pages and accounts are unleashed to spread hate speech, racism, and incitement to kill Palestinians and Arabs.

The statement said Facebook administration removed hundreds of pages and accounts in 2018 and 2019, “but it did nothing to remove Israeli pages, which is engaged in incitement and racism”.

(Source/ 27.11.2019) 

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