Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli forces wounded 77 Palestinians during confrontations throughout occupied Palestine on Tuesday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement that its teams have dealt with 77 injuries during confrontations in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

All cases were of minor injuries and they were caused by rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas, and grenades’ shrapnel.

The Red Crescent stated that its teams have treated 33 injuries near the northern military checkpoint of Al Bireh and 15 others at the northern entrance to Bethlehem.

Medical teams also treated 13 injuries in Abu Dis in eastern Jerusalem, two in Hebron and Tulkarem, and 14 at Huwwarah checkpoint in southern Nablus.

The Ministry of Health said in a brief statement that the Public Hospital of Hebron treated two minor injuries with rubber-coated metal bullets. Palestine Medical Complex in Ramalllah treated five minor injuries as well.

QNN reporters have documented 14 areas of confrontations at Israeli military checkpoints and entrances to cities in occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Jenin, and Nablus.

Officials of various factions and parties in addition to the PLO, syndicates, unions, and Municipal Councils had called for a Day of Anger to protest the US announcement, which considered Israeli settlements legal.

Hundreds of Palestinians went in protests, in which they raised Palestine flag and chanted slogans against the bias of the US administration and the crime of murdering Sami bu Diyak by the Israeli policy of medical negligence. The peaceful protests turned to confrontations shortly after the Israeli repression.

(Source / 26.11.2019) 

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