Israeli court convicts defender of Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Raed Salah

Palestinians and analysts referred to the conviction as ‘absolutely political’

Israeli Magistrate Court in Haifa convicted on Sunday prominent Arab-Israeli Sheikh Raed Salah over claims of inciting terror and violence during Friday speeches.

The court also convicted Sheikh Salah for backing an “illegal” group, citing the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, which was outlawed by the Israeli occupation government in 2015 over its charity activities and defending Al-Aqsa Mosque.

At the time, the Israeli occupation government claimed that the movement had for years “been waging a campaign of deceitful incitement under the banner of ‘Al-Aqsa is in Danger.”

Of course, this claim has been completely false. All what the Israeli occupation government wanted was to suppress its voice which discloses the real Israeli dangers facing Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Among others, Sheikh Salah was convicted for a 2007 speech in the Wadi Joz Neighbourhood of east Jerusalem in which he repeatedly referred to the merit of martyrs who are killed while fighting the Israeli occupation.

Sheikh Salah was arrested in 2017 and spent 11 months in prison before he was released to a house arrest under very difficult conditions.

The extremist Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz expressed his support for the Israeli occupation court.

“I hope that the verdict in his case is as long and severe as possible,” the Zionist right-wing Israeli Jewish extremist said.

He added: “The State of Israel has no place for those who support terrorism, even if they are Israeli citizens,” forgetting that the Zionist Jewish gangs killed thousands of Palestinians and established their state on their skulls and bones.

(Source / 24.11.2019) 

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