Israel Razes Palestinian Land for Settler-Only Bypass

The Israeli army, on Wednesday, began to bulldoze Palestinian land in Beit Ummar town, north of the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, in order to make way for the construction of a settler-only bypass road.

WAFA correspondent reported that Israeli bulldozers, under military protection, proceeded to raze about 400 dunams of Palestinian land belonging to the Hebron-district towns of Halhul and Beit Ummar to make room for the settler-only bypass road.

The road is planned to extend several kilometres on private Palestinian fertile lands from the Gush Etzion settlement junction, north of Hebron, to the Nabi Younes junction, at the eastern entrance of Halhul town, passing through Beit Al Baraka church compound, opposite to al-Arroub refugee camp, and Jabal al-Qarn natural reserve.

Over the last two decades, Jewish-only settlements have expanded rapidly across the occupied West Bank, severely hindering the possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state.

The Israeli government provides roads, electricity, water, and sewage systems to over 600,000 illegal settlers in the West Bank, while the same services remain inaccessible to most of the neighbouring Palestinians.

While the international community has been vocal in its condemnation of Israeli settlement activity, it has taken few steps to pressure Israel into ceasing the enterprise.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Buttigieg, Biden express support of Israel’s strikes on Gaza

Washington (QNN)- Presidential hopefuls mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden both condemned retaliation missiles launched from Gaza over the last 48 hours – each claiming that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

“I strongly condemn the rocket attacks on the citizens of southern and central Israel,” tweeted Buttigieg on Wednesday. “Israel has a right to defend itself against acts of terror that set back any progress towards peace and will only serve to inflame the humanitarian situation in Gaza.”

I strongly condemn the rocket attacks on the citizens of southern and central Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself against acts of terror that set back any progress towards peace and will only serve to inflame the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) November 13, 2019

“Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorist threats. It is intolerable that Israeli civilians live their lives under the constant fear of rocket attacks. That’s why our administration was such a strong supporter of Israel’s life-saving Iron Dome.”

Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorist threats. It is intolerable that Israeli civilians live their lives under the constant fear of rocket attacks. That’s why our administration was such a strong supporter of Israel’s life-saving Iron Dome.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 12, 2019

Both candidates did not comment on the fact that the Israelis started the aggression on Tuesday, when they struck the house of IJ leader, killing him, his wife and a bystander and wounding 18 other civilians.

The Israeli army has been targeting random locations in the Gaza strip. 24 Palestinians have been reportedly killed and over 70 wounded in the Israeli strikes. The Israeli army targeted schools, residential buildings, and all kinds of civilian structures.

The Zionist lobby in the United States has been pushing towards criminalizing any criticism against the occupation state. The occupation state has become a wedge issue of sorts in the Democratic primary as Biden and Buttigieg, while critical of occupation ans settlements, have staked out a more centrist position than their rivals Warren and Sanders.

Human rights organizations slammed the Israeli aggression on Gaza and warned of further violence against civilians in Gaza.

The death toll from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has risen to 24 Palestinians, including a 7-year-old boy, two minors and one woman.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Israeli aggression on Gaza: All the latest updates

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli forces continued for the second day their aggression against the Gaza Strip and its nearly two million caged citizens, killing 24 Palestinians and wounding at least 70 others.

The Israeli escalation started on Tuesday when Israeli forces killed a top Islamic Jihad commander and his wife in an air raid on his home in Gaza City, forcing the resistance to retaliate.

Shortly after the attack on Tuesday morning that killed Bahaa Abu al-Ata and his wife in addition to a young man who happened to be in the area, salvos of rockets were launched from Palestinian resistance groups in the besieged Gaza Strip into the occupation state.

Dozens of air raids were launched on civilian targets in Gaza. Overall, 24 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, according to health officials.

Here are the latest updates:

Wednesday, November 13

New crime… Israeli strike kills father and his 2 sons in Gaza

Israeli strikes on Gaza have killed a father and his two sons, who were at the family’s woodshop in the Tuffah neighborhood in eastern Gaza.

The father Rafat Ayyad and his two sons Islam and Ameer (under the age of 10) in addition to 4 locals were murdered in the strike, which targeted a carpentry shop and a motorbike.

Human Rights groups: ‘Israel’ commits crimes against civilians in Gaza

The International Commission for Supporting Palestinian Human Rights (ICSPR) said that the occupation state escalated its crimes against Palestinian civilians. Meanwhile, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor warned that the Israeli escalation would cause further crimes against civilians in Gaza.

In Video| “We threw a tiny weapon”, IOF describe murdering 3 Palestinians and wounding 18 others

An Israeli TV channel on Wednesday published scenes of the assassination of IJ leader Bahaa Abu Ata.

The video, published on Israeli 13 channel, says that the the Israeli cabinet had a meeting last week and approved the assassination. The Israeli army waited for the right opportunity to kill him, which was according to the video on Tuesday when he was at his house with his wife and children.

The video goes on saying that an Israeli warplane threw a “tiny weapon” that accurately hit its target, causing three to be killed and 18 others to be wounded.

Gaza death toll rises to 18 and the resistance continues to retaliate

The Ministry of Health stated that 18 Palestinians were killed, including a lady, and 50 others were injured in the Israeli strikes, which mostly hit civilian targets.

The Israeli army claimed that its warplanes targeted Islamic Jihad fighters, who were firing missiles at the occupation state this morning, which turned out to be targeting of Palestinian civilians in their houses.

The army said that the resistance fired 220 missiles at the occupied Palestinian territories, claiming that the Iron Dome intercepted dozens of them.

It also claimed that 60% of the missiles fell in open empty areas, while dozens fell in Gaza.

On the other hand, Israeli media said that 41 Israeli settlers were have been injured since the start of the Israeli escalation, 23 are moderately wounded while 18 suffer from panic attacks and 5 have serious injuries.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Netanyahu warns to expand military offensive on Gaza

Ongoing mediation efforts aiming to reach a ceasefire have not made breakthroughs yet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Wednesday that Israel would expand the military offensive on Gaza as 24 Palestinians have been killed and 69 others wounded.

The Israeli occupation launched deadly strikes against commander of the Islamic Jihad early on Tuesday, triggering a wave of tit-for-tat rocket salvoes and air strikes.

Since then, the Israeli military has been carrying out deadly strikes in Gaza which resulted in the death of 24 Palestinians, including a father on his two little children.

Abu Musaab al-Breem, spokesman of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, said: “What’s going on is retaliation for the assassination of Abul Atta [the eIslamic Jihad commander] and is coordinated by all Palestinian factions.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who ordered the assassination, on Tuesday accused Abul Atta of masterminding recent attacks against Israel and planning more in the near future.

Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Islamic Jihad must stop rocket attacks or “absorb more and more blows”.

“They have one choice: to stop these attacks or absorb more and more blows. Their choice,” Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting, adding that Israel was not seeking a further escalation.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Names of 24 Palestinian martyrs killed in Israeli strikes

Israeli occupation army threatens to flatten high-rise residential buildings over the heads of their residents like what happened in 2014 Israeli offensive on the besieged enclave

The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza announced that the number of the Palestinian martyrs who have been killed in Israeli strikes since Tuesday morning reached 24.

Meanwhile, the ministry said that the number of the wounded reached 73, including 30 children and 13 women.

Here are the names of the martyrs:

1. Asma Mohammad Hassan Abul-Ata, 39,

2. Bahaa Saleem Hassan Abul-Ata, 42,

3. Mohammad Atiyah Maslah Hamouda, 20,

4. Ibrahim Ahmad Abdul Latifa al-Dhabous, 26,

5. Zaki Adnan Mohammad Ghanameh, 25,

6. Abdallah Oudh Sakib al-Bolbeesi, 26,

7. Abdul-Salam Ramadan Ahmad Ahmad, 28,

8. Rani Fayez Rajab abu-Nasr, 35,

9. Jihad Ayman Ahmad abu-Khatir, 22,

10. Wael abdul-Aziz Abdullah abdul-Nabi, 43,

11. Khalid Maudh Saalim Farraj, 38,

12. Ibrahim Ayman Fathi abdul-Aal, 17,

13. Ismail Ayman Fathi abdul-Aal, 16,

14. Ahmad Ayman Fathi abdul-Aal, 23,

15. Rafat Mohammad Salman Ayyad, 54,

16. Islam Rafat Mohammad Ayyad, 24,

17. Ameer Rafat Mohammad Ayyad, 7,

18. Alaa Jaber Abd Shteiwi, 30,

19. Mahmoud Daham Mahmoud Hathat, 19,

20. Suhail Khidr Khalil Qaniteh, 23,

21. Yousef Rizeq Khalild abu-Komeel, 35,

22. Mu’min Mohammad Salman Qadoum, 26,

23. Mohamed Abdulla Shurrab, 28;

24. Haitham Hafez al-Bakri, 22.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Israeli drones kill a father and his two son in Gaza attack

Gaza Under Attack – the second day …

Israeli occupation drones attacked a group of Palestinian citizens in Al-Tufah neighborhood on Wednesday morning, local sources said.

The Ministry of Health reported that 3 Palestinians martyrs arrived at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, identified them as the father Raafat Mohamed Ayad and his two sons Islam and Amir.

Israel continues its aggressive attack against the Gaza Strip for the second day and the International community still keeps silent and has no action toward such crimes.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

BREAKING: Israeli warplanes kill two Palestinians in Khan Younis

Gaza Under Attack – the second day …

Israeli occupation warplanes attacked a group of Palestinian citizens southern of Khan Younis city moments ago, two Palestinians murdered, Days Of Palestine reporter said.

Ministry of Health said that two martyrs arrived at the Europian Hospital in Khan Younis city after Israeli warplanes attacked them.

Local sources said that the martyrs identified as Muhammad Shurab and Haitham Wafi.

Israel continues its aggressive attack against the Gaza Strip for the second day and the International community still keeps silent and has no action toward such crimes.

(Source / 13.11.2019)

Human Rights Group condemns Zionist’s shelling its headquarters in Gaza

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — After being targeted by Israeli missiles, the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Palestine (IHCR), issued a statement denouncing the military escalation, and calling for an international investigation at the highest level.

At approximately 09:50 AM on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, the headquarters of the Independent Commission in the Gaza Strip, which occupies the fifth, sixth and seventh floors of a multi-story building near the Palestinian Legislative Council in the center of Gaza City, was targeted by Israeli missiles.

Mr. Bahjat Al-Helu, ICHR’s Coordinator of the Awareness and Training Unit in the Gaza Strip, was slightly injured.

It was a fortunate coincidence that the colleagues on the targeted floor just left the place a few minutes prior the shelling to participate in a meeting on the seventh floor, otherwise, they would have been directly hit.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights condemns the attacks on its offices in Gaza City and calls upon the international community to take urgent action to stop the aggression carried out by the occupying power since the early morning of today, Tuesday.

The Israeli army targeted the house of Baha’ Abu Al-Ata in the neighborhood of Al-Sheja’eya in Gaza, assassinated him and his wife, and wounded his children.

Furthermore, ICHR calls for stopping Israeli war crimes and spare civilians a high humanitarian cost in light of the deterioration of the Gaza Strip in its economic and social conditions.

It also considers targeting human rights institutions requires an urgent international intervention and investigation at the highest level. (ICHR) will continue its work in the service of human rights and expose Israeli crimes and will continue to follow up on the bombing of its headquarters with the relevant international and judicial bodies.

(Source / 13.11.2019)



At least 11 people were killed in besieged Gaza and 2 in Syria’s capital Damascus on Tuesday November 12th as Israel’s occupation forces launched attacks to kill Islamic Jihad leaders, the violence soon escalating as resistance fighters responded with rocket launches.

Several commentators, including Israeli journalist Edo Konrad, see the new Israeli aggression as part of the domestic politics, a way for caretaker prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz to push through a unity government between their coalitions. For the sake of this political marriage of convenience, people must die.


The intial missile attacks targeted the house of Islamic Jihad political leader Akram al-Ajouri in Syria’s capital Damascus and the Gaza City home of Bahaa Abu al-‘Ata(42), a commander in the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, the al-Quds’ Brigades.

Both Bahaa Abu al-‘Ata and his wife Asmaa(39) were killed. Akram al-Ajouri himself survived while his son Moath and a second person, in some sources his grand-daughter and in others identified as a man named Abdullah Yousef Hasan, died. We assume that the second fatality is Abdullah Hasan, who could have been one of al-Ajouri’s bodyguards based on a single news article that mentioned death of multiple bodyguards.

The air-strike in Damascus wounded 8 people and the one in Gaza City 6. In the latter, beyond one neighbour, the wounded were members of the dead couples’ families, differently identified in the reports as their children or siblings. The former seems more likely. The victims in Gaza City suffered light to moderate injuries.


A statement by the al-Quds’ Brigades described Baha Abu al’Ata as a prominent member of its military council and the commander of its forces in northern part of Gaza Strip. Israeli occupation claimed that he would have been behind many recent attack attempts against the occupation forces.

Further Israeli occupation attacks killed at least 9 other people and wounded at least 45 in the besieged Gaza Strip. Of these victims at least 7 were members of the al-Quds Brigades. Israeli air-strikes and shelling have hit both resistance and civilian targets, from the offices of a human rights organization to apartment tower and agricultural areas, including a poultry farm.


The at least eight other people killed in the besieged Gaza Strip in Israeli occupation forces’ attacks have been identified as:
– Rani Fayez Abulnasr(31 or 35), killed east of Beit Lahia late in the evening along with 2-3 other people. He was apparently a member of al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Jihad Ayman Abu Khater(22) was killed late in the evening, apparently in the same incident east of Beit Lahia as Rani Abulnasr and Mohammed Abu Shakal. He was a member of al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Mohammed Salah Abu Shakal(31), killed east of Beit Lahia in same incident as Rani Abulnasr.
– Abdel-Salam Ramadan Ahmad(28) was a member of the al-Quds’ Brigades and killed in Beit Hanoun in attack on a group of people alongside with Abdallah al-Balbisi. He was apparently a member of al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Abdallah Awad al-Balbisi(26) was a member of al-Quds’ Brigades and killed in Beit Lahoun in attack on a group of people. He had been married for two months. Abdel-Salam Ahmad died in the same incident.
– Ibrahim al-Dabous(23 or 26), killed in the afternoon at the al-Salateen neighbourhood in Beit Lahia in attack which hit a group of people. He had been married for two months. Although we have not seen a confirmation, we assume that he was a member of the al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Zaki Mohammad Ghanameh / Ghannam(25 or 26), was a member of al-Quds’ Brigades and killed in the afternoon at al-Salateen in Beit Lahia – possibly when his car was hit according to some reports, according to others when a group of al-Quds’ Brigades’ fighters were attacked. He died in the same incident as that which killed Ibrahim al-Dabous.
– Mohammad ‘Atiya Hammouda(18 or 20), killed late in the morning east of Jabalia when he was riding a motorcycle with two other persons who were seriously wounded. He has not been identified with any resistance group to our knowledge.
– Wael Abdel Nabi. Killed late on Tuesday, possibly in the same incident as three al-Quds’ Brigades fighters as his body was taken to the morgue at the same time.


By the mid-evening the number of rockets launched from besieged Gaza Strip would have reached 160 according to the Israeli occupation, without causing serious injuries in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

 (Source / 13.11.2019)