Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli occupation army announced that the Palestinian resistance in Gaza has fired 190 retaliation missiles at the occupied Palestinian territories on Tuesday.

The resistance factions targeted the occupation state with several missile barrages, some of which targeted occupied Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as a response to the Israeli escalation, which started this morning when Israeli warplanes bombed the house of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Ata, killing him and his wife in addition to another young man, who was close to the area, and wounding 18 others.

The Israeli strikes continued, targeting civilian targets, which included houses and schools.

The resistance missiles caused dozens of injuries and panic cases among Israeli settlers in addition to material damage.

Saraya Al Quda, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, stated that it struck Israeli soldiers with a mortar shell near the Abu Mteibeq military site.

Kataeb Al Mujahidin also declared that it targeted an Israeli Merkava tank with an RPG rocket and hit it.

In last May, the Palestinian resistance and the Israelis agreed on a ceasefire after an Israeli escalation. The Israelis have violated the ceasefire several times, targeting peaceful protesters and fishermen.

(Source / 12.11.2019) 

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