Israeli Troops Abduct 4 Palestinians, Including Cancer Patient, from Bethlehem

Israeli Forces invaded the Bethlehem district before dawn on Wednesday and abducted three youth and a 45-year old man suffering from cancer.

The attacks took place in Beit Jala town, Aida refugee camp, and al-Izza refugee camp in Bethlehem.

Israeli troops invaded the region with multiple armored vehicles and soldiers, and forced their way into several family homes where the residents were sleeping.

In al-Izza camp north of Bethlehem, Israeli forces abducted a cancer patient, Nawaf Ismail al-Qaisi, 45.

From the same camp, Israeli troops abducted Mohammed Nader Jawarish, 17.

The Israeli troops also invaded the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and abducted Mohammed Hamdi al-Masa’id, Ashraf al-Sheikh from Aida camp, after the troops raided and searched their homes.

These pre-dawn raids are a nightly occurrence in various parts of the West Bank, with Israeli forces invading and abducting Palestinian homes and abducting residents they have decided are “wanted”.

(Source / 06.11.2019) 

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