On the dawn of Saturday, November 2, 2019, Quds News Network (QNN) was shocked to find that Twitter has suddenly and without any warning suspended all Network’s Twitter accounts, which include three verified accounts (QNN Arabic, QNN Breaking News, QNN English). A fourth account specialized in Palestinian prisoners’ News was suspended later on.

QNN confirms that no explanation or reasons about the suspension were provided by Twitter. However, the network followed the established technical procedures to appeal against the act and seek information on its causes. The network has been waiting ever since for a response, which it has not received yet.

QNN rejects the double-standards of social media, which are practiced when it comes to the Palestinian content. The network also rejects responding to the Israeli pressure, fighting the Palestinian content under the pretext of fighting “violence and terrorism”. Such practices are complete bias towards the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and their rights.

QNN affirms that social media’s compliance with the Israeli pressure and suspending accounts of media institutions contradicts its goals of “creating an environment for the freedom of expression”. Deliberate suspension violates as well the international instruments, which guarantee the right to press freedom. Social media platforms should commit to those international instruments and not turn into “tools of repression and silencing”, which are no different than dictatorships and repressive regimes.

QNN pledges to continue carrying out its journalistic mission, defending the rights and struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation, and against any side’s acts, which target the Palestinian content in general.

(Source / 04.11.2019) 

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