Ramallah (QNN) – A video footage that went viral online yesterday showed an Israeli Border Police officer shooting a Palestinian man who had his back turned toward the officer, his hands up and was walking away.

In the short video, released by Israeli Channel 13 and is believed to have occurred in the mid-2018, officers can be heard shouting at the man, before one of the officers shoots him.

The man, who was shot by a rubber-coated bullet, was wounded in the back but according to the Israeli occupation forces, he rose immediately afterwards and continued on his way.

Israeli media said evidence about the incident includes text messages in which members of the unit boasted about the incident and the main suspect’s admission via text messages, and that the officer who fired the rubber-coated rounds was discharged from the Border Police and returned to the army.Video Player
(Source / 03.11.2019) 

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