In its monthly report, Sada Social revealed that the violations against the Palestinian content have dramatically increased during last October without considering the specificity of the Palestinian cause.

The center stated that Facebook topped the list of social media websites, which practiced anti-Palestine violations. 145 Facebook violations were documented, including hundreds of blocks in addition to preventing Palestinian activists and journalists from using Facebook live.

Several pages and accounts were also blocked, including the following pages: Huna Obeidiyyah, Madma Net, Bethlehem Journal, News of Palestine Universal Education, Allar Today, Rabi’a News Network, Quds News Channel, Halhoul Now, and Nawras Net.

The center also documented four violations on YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The violations are: deleting a video from Huthaifa Jarrar YouTube channel, a warning to Al Quds Network on YouTube, removing the phone number of Omar Lababidi on WhatsApp, and deleting tweets of the the Palestinian Information Center.

The center cooperated with activists and journalists to carry out a campaign using the hashtag #FBblocksPalestine, which aims at demanding Facebook to stop its violations.

Meanwhile, the center recovered in October Birzeit University Students page, journalist Ghazi Murtaga’s page, and Beit Dajan Today page, increasing the total recovered pages to 25.

(Source / 02.11.2019) 

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