Qatar pays $100 to 75,000 Gaza families

Palestinian children play outside their home in the poverty-stricken quarter of Al-Zaytoon in Gaza City [Ezz Zanoun/Apaimages]

 Palestinian children play outside their home in the poverty-stricken quarter of Al-Zaytoon in Gaza City 

Head of Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza Strip, Mohammed Al-Emadi, announced that the committee has begun paying cash assistance to 75,000 families in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, he said that the beneficiaries would receive $100 cash assistance from the post offices across the coastal enclave.

This assistance is part of a monthly payment estimated to value $30 million paid to help besieged Palestinians living in the enclave five years after Israel’s devastating “Operation Protective Edge” demolished large areas of Gaza making thousands of families homeless.

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This is the ninth time families in Gaza receive cash assistance from the Qatari Emir Tamim Bin Hamad.

The Emir also paid tens of millions for building residential quarters, schools, hospitals, mosques and other facilities.

(Source / 28.10.2019) 

Election delegation arrives in Gaza

Palestinian chief of Election Commissioner, Hanna Nasser meets with members of Hamas leaders in Gaza on February 15, 2017 [Mohammed Asad/Apaimages]

Palestinian chief of Election Commissioner, Hanna Nasser meets with members of Hamas leaders in Gaza on February 15, 2017 

A delegation from the Palestinian Elections Committee entered the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening for a meeting with factional and NGO officials, Safa news agency has reported.

The delegation included the head of the Committee, Hanna Nasser, Executive Director Hisham Kuheil and his deputy, Ashraf Al-Shuaibi. On Saturday, Kuheil explained that the delegation would meet with Hamas and NGO officials in order to get to know their positions in relation to holding the elections.

In response to a factional initiative, the head of the Hamas Political Bureau, former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, announced the unconditional agreement of his movement to holding the presidential, parliamentary and Palestinian National Council elections.

Although rival faction Fatah has not responded officially, several senior officials rejected the initiative and said that they would only agree to hold parliamentary elections.

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(Source / 28.10.2019) 

Morocco insists that Palestine is one of its core principles

Palestinian flag [File photo]

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Morocco has said that King Mohammed IV, the head of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s Jerusalem Committee, considers the Palestinian issue to be one of the core principles of his country, Safa reported on Sunday.

“The Moroccan Kingdom reaffirms its strong and sustainable solidarity with the Palestine people in defence of their just cause,” Mohcine Jazouli told the 18th summit of the heads of state and government of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Morocco’s support for the Palestinians’ cause, explained Jazouli, is to work for their “legitimate rights, establishing a sovereign, independent and viable state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and based on international resolutions and the Arab Initiative.”

The Moroccan official stressed that his country rejects all unilateral strategies and measures which aim to change the legal, historical, demographic and spiritual status of East Jerusalem.

“Morocco stresses the importance of the city of Jerusalem as a common international legacy, a land for meetings and symbols for peaceful coexistence among the followers of the three monotheistic religions, as well as a centre for mutual respect and dialogue,” he added.

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Israeli Soldiers Demolish Wall Of School Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers invaded, Monday, Thaher al-Maleh village, isolated behind the illegal Annexation Wall, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and demolished a wall of a local school.

Omar al-Khatib, the mayor of Thaher al-Maleh, told the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA), that a large military force, accompanied by armored bulldozers, invaded the area surrounding the Tahadi 17 School, and declared it a closed zone.

He added that the soldiers forcibly removed the Palestinians from the area and demolished a section of one of its external walls.

It is worth mentioning that the school is subject to frequently military invasions, in addition to various violations against the children, staff, and families.

Salam Taher, the principal of the school, denounced the Israeli violations and Israel’s constant breaching of various international and human rights treaties.

She added that the ongoing Israeli invasions and violation against many schools in the area, and across the West Bank, are clearly aimed at obstructing the educational process, and are made against facilities that are supposed to provide not only education but also a safe environment for them.

(Source / 28.10.2019) 

MADA Denounces Recent Wave of Violations against Palestinian Journalists

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) has condemned the recent wave of violations against a number of Palestinian journalists. Some of these violations were committed by Israeli occupation forces, while the other violations – especially the abduction of several journalists – were carried out by Palestinian security services, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces detained five Palestinian journalists on Sunday (26/10/2019), while they were covering a peaceful protest against settlements and Israeli attacks in the area of “Al-Himma” in the northern Jordan Valley, east of Tubas. Later, the journalists were transferred to the settlement of “Ariel”, which is located in the lands of Salfit. The journalists were interrogated individually, on the pretext of “being in a closed military zone, participating in an illegal activity and obstructing the work of Israeli soldiers.” Moreover, the Israeli interrogators took the journalists’ fingerprints and photographs, and, after about 15 hours of detention, they were released. However, the equipment belonging to the journalists was not returned to them. Those detained included Hazem Nasser, a cameraman for Al-Ghad TV, Khaled Bedair, correspondent of Al-Ghad TV, freelance journalist Mahmoud Fawzi, Palestine TV reporter Amir Shaheen, and cameraman Zaher Abu Hussein from the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission.

Before this, two Palestinian journalists were injured by Israeli rubber-coated metal bullets while they were covering two separate events in Ramallah and Nablus. Also, three Palestinian journalists were assaulted by Israeli soldiers while covering a march against settlements in the town of Turmus ‘Ayya, near Ramallah.

In parallel, Palestinian security services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have recently detained and are still holding four journalists.The security services of Hamas in the Gaza Strip arrested Hani al-Agha, a reporter for Sawt al-Shabab, radio station broadcasting from the city of Dhahriain, southern West Bank. Al-Agha was arrested a month ago (on 26/9/2019), and he is still under arrest at this moment. In addition, Hamas’s internal security service in the Gaza Strip arrested journalist Bassam Mohammed DiabMuheisen (39 years old), who works for the “Palestinian Voice” – the Palestine Public Broadcasting Corporation. The Internal Security Agency in Gaza also summoned the correspondent for the Independent Arab newspaper, Ezzedin Abu Eisha, four times in a row, detained him for several hours, each time, and questioned him about a report he published entitled “How Hamas Communicates with Its Leaders in The Occupied West Bank.”

In the West Bank, Preventive Security service continues to arrest journalist Mahmoud Nazmi Abu Hassan, who contributes to the Facebook pages of “Palestine Post” and “Shahid Post” since 14/10/2019. Moreover, the Preventive Security arrested, on Monday (21/10/2019), “Palestine Post” correspondent Radwan Abdelqader Qatanani, from the library where he works, in Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus.

MADA has renewed the call to put pressure upon the Israeli authorities, to stop their attacks against journalists and media freedoms in Palestine, and to hold accountable the perpetrators of these violations, in order to end the impunity that fuels their continuation and escalation. Additionally, MADA Center calls upon the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to release the four detained journalists and end violations against media freedoms.

Photo journalist Mustafa Al-Kharouf is Free

MADA thanks the local institutions that cooperated with us to shed light on the case of photo journalist Mustafa Al-Kharouf, to international and UN institutions, especially the UN special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression Mr. David Kaye, to the representations and consulates that responded to our campaign and calls, and raised the issue with the occupation authorities. Alkharouf was released last Thursday after 9 months in prison, and failed attempt to deport him. More details about his case:

(Source / 28.10.2019) 

Soldiers Invade Stores, Force Them Shut, In Al-‘Isawiya

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday evening, the town of al-‘Isawiya, in occupied East Jerusalem, before storming many stores, and forced them to close.

Media sources said the many army jeeps invaded the town, before the soldiers stopped and harassed many Palestinians, while inspecting their ID cards and searching them.

They added that the soldiers invaded many shops in the town, and attacked several shop owners, before forcing them to close and leave.

It worth mentioning that, on Sunday at dawn, the soldiers invaded and ransacked many homes in the town and abducted nine Palestinians.

The town has been subject to constant invasions, the violent searches of homes and stores, in addition to the abduction of dozens of its residents, high fines and fees imposed on the Palestinians, and the demolition of homes and property.

(Source / 28.10.2019)

Augusta Victoria Hospital Out of Service, PA Refuses to Pay Debts

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH), in occupied Jerusalem, Sunday evening, launched a distress call entitled “The Future of AVH Hospital is in Danger,” which has reached a dead end, according to administration.

The hospital said, in a statement, that the Palestinian government did not transfer any funds to the hospital and refuses to pay its debts, which have now reached NIS 200 million. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtayah said, Sunday afternoon, that the Ministry of Finance transferred NIS 20 million.

The director general of the hospital, Walid Namour, said that there were no medicines, and that the hospital is incapable of providing treatment services, calling for immediate funds to buy medicine.

Namour added that the NIS 20 million in question had not reached the hospital, and, even if it did, only constitutes only 10% of the debt.

Dozens of patients, especially cancer patients, some of them from Gaza, complained of the hospital’s refusal to treat them because of the debt crisis, and the lack of cancer drugs in the hospital.

He noted, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that the pharmaceutical companies specializing in cancer treatment, and a number of other serious diseases, have stopped dealing with the hospital.

(Source / 28.10.2019) 


Salfit (QNN)- Amid IOF protection, dozens of Israeli settlers attacked the village of Kifl Haris in northern Salfit, yesterday after midnight.

Local sources stated that illegal settlers attacked houses in the village and tried to break its doors. They threw stones at windows as well causing damage.

The same sources also said that Israeli soldiers prevented Palestinians from reaching their houses until the settlers completed their raid.

Meanwhile, activists called on Palestinians to be careful and prepared to protect their houses from routine settlers raid.

Kifl Haris is a West Bank village, which has been always a target for settlers’ attacks, who attack the village under the pretext of performing rituals at Islamic shrines in the village.

(Source / 28.10.2019) 


Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Committee of Palestinian Prisoners and former Prisoners on Sunday warned that the medical condition of the prisoner Sami Abu Diyak (38 years old is deteriorating due to the Israeli medical negligence policy.

The committee said in a statement that Abu Diyak cannot stand up and that he was sent to Assaf Harofeh hospital three times last week, where he was given three blood units, as he suffers from severe blood shortage.

The statement said that Abu Diyak could die any moment, as he also suffers from advanced-stage cancer. He suffers from severe pain, which cannot be relieved using pain killers any more.

Sami Abu Diyak, from Jenin, has been suffering from cancer for over three years. He fell ill due to a deliberate medical mistake, when he had a rectal surgery in Soroka Israeli hospital back in September 2015. Israeli doctors removed 80 cm of his intestines, which caused severe inflammation in addition to intoxication and kidney and lung failure. After that he had three further surgeries and remained under anesthesia for one month.

Abu Diyak was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to three life sentences and 30 years. He is one of 13 sick prisoners, who are held in the clinic of Ramleh jail. They only get pain killers as they are subjected to deliberate medical negligence, which slowly kills them.

(Source / 28.10.2019) 


Cairo (QNN)- The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Egypt said today that activist Muhammad Jaber Masri, who has been forcibly disappeared for 20 days, appeared among dozens of journalists and political activists before the Egyptian Public Prosecutor, who accused him of publishing false News.

Masri was kidnapped from his workplace following anti-regime protests last month. He was forcibly hidden in violation of the Egyptian and international laws.

The BDS movement in Egypt called on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Masri and drop all the groundless charges, which were fabricated for him.

“We hold the Ministry of Interior responsible for the safety of Muhammad Masri, who has been defending the Palestinian cause and his beliefs with all his might”.

Masri is the second BDS activist to be arrested by the Sisi regime. In last June, the Egyptian authorities kidnapped Rami Shaath, BDS coordinator, from his house in Cairo without any legal document or charges.

Shaath’s wife, French national, was deported from the country while the authorities continue to hold Shaath without any charges.

(Source / 28.10.219)