Israeli military prepares to demolish rooms in south of West Bank

masafer Yatta dirt road

HEBRON, Sunday, October 27, 2019 (WAFA) – The Israeli military ordered the Palestinian dwellers of five rooms in a village in Masafer Yatta in the south of the West Bank to evacuate them in preparation to demolish them, according to a local activist.

Rateb Jabour, from the anti-wall, anti-settlements movement in the south of the West Bank, told WAFA that an army force raided Maghayer al-Abeed village and informed Shehadeh Salameh Shehadeh, his three sons and their families, as well as their mother, to evacuate their separated rooms they use as dwelling in order to demolish them.

He said the family was not handed any written order, but was informed only verbally.

Masafer Yatta is located in Area C of the occupied West Bank, which is under full Israeli military rule where the Palestinians are not allowed to develop or benefit from.

(Source / 27.10.2019) 

Settlers steal olives from Palestinian groves in Nablus

Israeli settlers damaged olive trees after storming into Palestinian olive groves [Sawsan Bastawy]

Israeli settlers damaged olive trees after storming into Palestinian olive groves

Palestinian farmers reported that Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of Itamar had stolen olives from their groves and caused damage to trees near the separation fence in the southeast of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, Palestine Information Centre reports.

Awarta town chief Saad Awwad said that several local farmers managed to enter the area behind the fence where their groves are located and were shocked to see that all the olive fruits had been removed from the trees.

Awwad added that branches of many trees had also been broken by settlers.

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Israel police kidnap 7 Palestinians

Munther Amira, head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee in the occupied West Bank, being detained by Israeli border police during a protest

Munther Amira, head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee in the occupied West Bank, being detained by Israeli border police during a protest

The Israeli occupation police on Sunday kidnaped seven Palestinian young men from their homes in Issawiya district, east of Jerusalem, Palestine Information Centre reports.

The detainees were identified as Anwar Sami Obeid, Hamed Obeid, Mahmoud Zumorod, Mohamed Khaled, Ismail Sanqarat, Malek ash-Sheikh, Mohamed Dawoud.

For nearly five months, Israeli police forces have been raiding the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya on a daily basis, ransacking homes and arresting and assaulting Palestinians.

The Israeli campaign against Issawiya is aimed at oppressing and making life miserable for all who live there as part of efforts to push the native residents out of the holy city.

Gaza Strip: Israeli army injures 77 Palestinians

(Source / 27.10.2019) 

Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian in Southern Gaza Strip

A Palestinian man was shot and injured Saturday, by Israeli forces’ fire along the borderline area, in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources told WAFA.

A Palestinian driving a sanitation vehicle, east of the town of Khaza’a, east of Khan Younis governorate, was reportedly shot and injured after forces stationed along the Israel-Gaza borders opened fire toward him.

His injuries required his transfer to hospital for medical treatment, the man’s medical condition remains unknown, at the time of reporting.

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Illegal Israeli Colonists Attack Palestinian Family, Solidarity Activists, Picking Olive Trees Near Salfit

A group of extremist Israeli colonists attacked, on Friday evening, a family and several international solidarity activists, on a Palestinian olive orchard in Kafr ed-Deek town, west of the central West Bank city of Salfit.

Palestinian farmer, Mohammad Taha, told the Maan News Agency that he, along with his wife and children and several international peace activists, were picking their olive trees in his orchard, when a number of colonists assaulted them.

Taha added that the assailants came from the illegal Bruchin colony, and assaulted him, his family and the international volunteers while shouting and cursing at them.

“This is our land, so we refused to leave, and we countered their invasion and aggression,” he said. “The Israeli assailants tried to strike us with clubs and batons, and attempted to prevent us from picking our olive trees.”

He also said that the colonists started harvesting some of the olive trees, and stole their produce, before they were stopped.

Taha stated that Israel has been trying to confiscate the remaining approximately 30 olive orchards in the area, and installed many surveillance cameras.

“Every time we enter our lands, the colonists attack or try to attack us,” he added, “But we are here to stay, steadfast on our lands and will not allow them to take them away.”

It is worth mentioning that Israel soldiers came to the lands shortly after the attack started but seemed to be there just to ensure no colonists are harmed, instead of removing them.

On Saturday, Israeli colonists chopped 25 olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers in the village of Nahhalin, east of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

On Wednesday, illegal colonists attack from Mabo Dothan outpost, which was built on Palestinian lands in Ya’bad town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, attacked many Palestinians picking olive trees in their orchards.

Several days ago, the colonists also invaded Palestinian orchards in Qaryout village, south Nablus, in northern West Bank, and forced the residents out, for the fourth consecutive day.

In addition, a group of colonists attacked Palestinian orchards near Salfit, before steeling ladders, olive picking equipment, and mattresses.

The attacks come while groups of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers continue to invade Palestinian olive orchards, cut trees and assault the villagers, in several parts of the occupied West Bank. These assaults and violations always escalate during the olive harvest season.

(Source / 27.10.2019) 

Israeli Police Attack Palestinian Demonstration in Support of Hunger Striking Prisoners

Israeli police Saturday evening, attacked Palestinians demonstrating in occupied Jerusalem city in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in protest of their administrative detention in Israeli jails, said local sources.

Sources said Israeli police attacked demonstrators with tear gas canisters and stun grenades in an attempt to disperse them, one Palestinian youth was detained after being brutally attacked by police.

Five Palestinians have been on an open-ended hunger strike demanding an end to their unending administrative detention, which Israel uses to incarcerate Palestinian activists based on secret evidence for six months at a time that could be renewed indefinitely.

The five prisoners are Ismail Ali, on strike for 95 days, Tareq Qadan, on strike for 88 days, Ahmad Zahran, for 35 days, Musab Hindi, for 33 days, and Heba Labadi, a Jordanian citizen, also for 33 days.

 (Source / 27.10.2019) 


Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli forces on Saturday arrested five journalists while they were covering an anti-settlement activity in the Jordan valley near a new settlement outpost before confiscating their equipment and releasing them today.

Hazem Naser, one of the journalists who were arrested, told QNN “we were covering an anti-settlement activity in the Jordan Valley when an Israeli officer showed up and asked us to give him our IDs and car keys, then we were asked to wait.”

Naser confirmed that he and his colleagues (Khaled Bdeir, Amir Shahin, Mahmoud Fawzi, and Zaher Hussain), waited at the site along with nine foreign activists and three drivers from 11:00 to 2:00. He also said that the Israelis confiscated three cameras and a lap top in addition to cars and two buses.

After that, they were arrested and taken on a bus to a nearby military camp. The confiscated vehicles were taken to the illegal settlement of Ariel.

“They interrogated us and accused us of entering a restricted area, hindering the work of the army, assaulting a settler, and disturbing the peace”, Naser told QNN.

After interrogation, the Israeli soldiers told them that their equipment and vehicles were confiscated and that they shall visit the Palestinian liaison office to know the procedures. They were released on Sunday before dawn.

(Source / 27.10.2019) 


Nablus (QNN)- Israeli illegal settlers on Sunday stole olive crops harvested from Palestinians lands, which are located inside the fenced area near the illegal settlement of Itamar, east of Nablus. They also cut olive trees and drowned agricultural lands with wastewater.

The head of Awarta village council, Saad Awwad, said that the Palestinian farmers, who finally got to reach their farms after five days of trials, were shocked to see that Israeli settlers stole crops and broke trees.

Awwad said that every year Israeli authorities allow Palestinian farmers to harvest crops from their lands, which are located outside the fenced area, for five days only, while it allows them to harvest crops of lands, inside the fenced area, for only one day.

The size of the village’s land, which farmers are not allowed to enter unless they get permissions is 8000 dunams outside the fenced area and 5000 dunams.

Israeli settlers also drowned agricultural lands in Deir Hatab in eastern Nablus with wastewater as soon as native Palestinian farmers got into their farms to harvest their crops.

(Source / 27.10.2019) 


[Illustrative] Palestinian elderly woman embracing an olive tree, which was cut by Israelis

Bethlehem (QNN)- Israeli settlers cut 25 old olive trees in the village of Nahhalin in Bethlehem, on Saturday.

The Deputy Mayor of Nahhalin, Hani Fannoun, said that Israeli settlers cut 25 old olive trees in the Jamjoum area in southern Nahhalin. The area is adjacent to the illegal outpost of Beit Ain, which was built on private lands owned by locals in Sourif and Beit Jab’a.

Settlers also sprayed racist slogans on the rocks, threatening farmers of not entering their lands and claiming their ownership.

Fannoun stated that this is the third time this year in which trees of the Jamjoum area get cut. Israeli forces also had installed a gate on the entrance to the farms of the area, which forced farmers to use unpaved and long roads to reach their farms.

(Source / 27.10.2019) 



On Friday October 25th Israel’s occupation forces wounded 95 people in attacks on the 80th Great Return March demonstration in the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights(PHCR), the 95 wounded persons include 43 children, 2 paramedics and one journalist.


PHCR reports that 36 people were shot with live bullets, 39 were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and 18 were directly hit with tear-gas grenades launched by the Israeli occupation forces. Earlier reports had spoken of 77 people being wounded, 31 with live ammunition. Dozens also suffered ill effects from inhaling Israeli occupation tear-gas.

Paramedics Mohammed Abdul Hamid Tawfiq Deeb(24) and Ibrahim Mazen Abu Telakh(21) were both injured when they were hit with tear-gas grenades.

Journalist Mahmoud Khalid Mohammed Khattab(26) was shot in his left shoulder with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the central part of the border with ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

 (Source / 27.10.2019)