Israeli settlers steal farmers’ olives harvest west of Nablus

UN: Olive oil industry supports the livelihoods of more than 100,000 families

Israeli settlers stole on Wednesday olive harvest of Palestinian farmers in village of Deir Sharaf, northwest of occupied West Bank City of Nablus, local sources said.

Member of Deir Saharaf village council Murad Nasser said that the Israeli settlers had destroyed olive trees and stole olive harvest from Palestinian farms near the illegal Jewish settlement of Shavei Shomron.

Every year, without fail, much of the olive harvest is characterised by attacks on Palestinian farmers by Israeli settlers and armed Israeli occupation soldiers.

Over the past two weeks, the West Bank witnessed a wave of settler attacks and agricultural terrorism as Palestinian farmers began the year’s olive harvest.

Attacks were mainly in northern villages near Nablus and Salfit, governorates with the largest concentration of illegal Israeli Jewish settlements.

With more than 12 million olive trees planted across 45 per cent of the West Bank’s agricultural land, the olive harvest constitutes one of the biggest sources of economic sustainability for thousands of Palestinian families.

According to UNOCHA, the olive oil industry supports the livelihoods of more than 100,000 families and accounts for a quarter of the gross agricultural income of the occupied territories.

(Source / 23.10.2019) 

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