Egypt medical convoy treats Palestinians in Gaza

An injured Palestinian demonstrator is receives medical treatment in Gaza City, Gaza on 12 July 2019. [Hassan Jedi/Anadolu Agency]

An injured Palestinian demonstrator is receives medical treatment in Gaza City, Gaza on 12 July 2019

A ten-member Egyptian medical convoy yesterday entered the Gaza Strip to provide medical care for Palestinians in the enclave, Quds Press reported.

Dr Hisham Farhoud, the head of the specialist medical convoy, said: “The delegation consist of senior experts in different fields who will take part in treating patients with serious illnesses.”

The convoy, which entered Gaza through the Israeli controlled Erez crossing, started working in the European Hospital in the south of Gaza yesterday and is expected to stay in the Strip for seven days.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health thanked Egypt and the Egyptian doctors “who proved the continuous popular and official Egyptian support for Palestine and the Palestinians.”

“The visit of the delegation of the Egyptian doctors comes in the frame of Egyptian-Palestinian cooperation to afford qualitative treatment for Gaza patients,” spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Gaza Ashraf Al-Qidra said.

Al-Qidra said that his ministry has been working hard to cooperation with specialist doctors from abroad in order to afford “excellent” treatment for patients in the coastal enclave who are unable to travel to access treatment abroad due to the 12-year Israeli siege.

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Palestinians are regularly denied access to much needed medical attention, and unable to leave the Gaza strip to access it.


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Campaign launched to end Facebook’s attack on Palestinian content

Palestinians said the social media giant was giving in to the Israeli government’s influence to suppress the Palestinian narrative and was adopting the occupiers’ definition of what incitement is

Journalists and activists in Palestine yesterday launched a social media campaign against Facebook’s censorship of Palestinian content.

Using the hashtag FBblocksPalestine, the drive hope to bring to light “the threat posed by Facebook against Palestinian content, and to make it public, as well as reveal the double-standard policy of Facebook management in dealing with Israeli and Palestinian incitement on its site,” says Eyad Rifai, head of Sada Social Centre which is running the drive.

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#FB blocks Palestine” calls for stop targeting the Palestinian content#FBblockspalestine #DownWithFB #Palestine #FreePalestine …

“#FB blocks Palestine” calls for stop targeting the Palestinian content – In Palestine Today

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- “Facebook Blocks Palestine” campaign declared a new step in the ongoing 19:33 – 8 Oct 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy


Mohammed pal@hamada_najar · 18h


Facebook administration prohibits my personal account because of the publication of violations of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.
Please support Palestine by commenting on this Tweet #FreePalestine .

Zaina Arekat@ZainaArekat 


#FBBlocksPalestine! 101:42 – 9 Oct 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy

Sada Social Centre said Facebook infringements have dramatically increased, reaching 139 violations, including pages and accounts that have been deleted, removal of posts, bans on comment sections, page restrictions, live streaming and removes old posts with no warning or explanation.

The group issued a statement to protest such policies that violate international laws and basic human rights of freedom of speech, belief and journalism.

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According to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, the official media agency of the Palestinian Government, Sada Social Centre insists Palestinian content is in real danger, as Facebook has developed an algorithm which enables it to delete user posts if it includes the names of Palestinian factions such as, “Hamas, Jihad or Shahid.”

Rifai pointed out that Palestinian journalists and media personnel are “unable to practice their journalistic work as a result of Facebook’s unfair policy, which doesn’t pay attention to professional work standards. This puts the Palestinian narrative on Facebook in real danger.”

In September 2016, a Facebook delegation met Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan in order to improve “cooperation against incitement to terror and murder”, according to a statement released by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office at the time.

Palestinians said the social media giant was giving in to the Israeli government’s influence to suppress the Palestinian narrative and was adopting the occupiers’ definition of what incitement is.

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A Gaza-based journalist told the American news agency the Media Line that his Facebook account was suspended in September. “I was just doing my job when I lost my account.”

“Facebook management sees using Palestinian symbols, names or political parties as incitement to violence, regardless of the nature of the work of the publisher.”

Palestinian activist Muhammad Kareem, who is an editor and translator at Palestine Trend News Agency, also had his Facebook page blocked after eight years. He took to Twitter to support the #FBblocksPalestine campaign saying Facebook’s actions were like “deleting a history of someone”.

Mohammed Kareem 



The @Facebook has blocked my account after 8 years of using it.
This is like deleting a history of someone for a weird reason.
“Something you posted”!
What is it?
Sharing my opinion??#FBblocksPalestine !!

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1212:08 – 3 Oct 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy See Mohammed Kareem 


’s other Tweets   




Facebook blocks prominent Palestinian account after 8 years. Was it the live reports from the Israeli Human Rights violations they didn’t like?#FBBlocksPalestine#FBSilencingPalestinians#PalestineLives …Mohammed Kareem 



The @Facebook has blocked my account after 8 years of using it.
This is like deleting a history of someone for a weird reason.
“Something you posted”!
What is it?
Sharing my opinion??#FBblocksPalestine !!

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218:08 – 7 Oct 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy See RB 


’s other Tweets   

The use of the hashtag is the first step in the campaign which hopes to highlight the different ways to respond to the attack on Palestinian content.

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Israel using fake charities to get security information about Gaza

Palestinian Interior and National Security Ministry in Gaza yesterday revealed that Israeli intelligence has started using new ways to get security information about Gaza, a statement said.

The change in technique is a result of the ministry’s crackdown on Israeli spies on the ground. Instead, Israeli agents are now calling Palestinians in Gaza claiming to be staff at charities which can help alleviate their financial worries in an effort to obtain detailed private information.

Hundreds of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have been setup by Israeli intelligence services in an effort to gather personal information about individuals. Some claim to offer jobs, others provide advice and food recipes.

The ministry added that the Israeli intelligence uses psychological pressure against the Palestinian resistance and Palestinian fighters as it sometimes posts false information about them to embarrass them.

It warned Palestinians against falling into the occupation’s traps, anyone who fears they have been caught up in the Israeli intelligence’s tactics should call the ministry on the free hotline 109, it added.

Working with Israeli forces, it warned, is treason and is a punishable offence.

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Hunger Striking Detainee Receives A New Administrative Detention Order

08 OCT 11:28 PM

A Palestinian political prisoner who started a hunger strike 70 days ago, protesting being held under the illegal and arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, was slapped with a new order for six additional months.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the new order was issued Tuesday, against Tareq Qa’dan, 46, and was made just one day before his current six-month order was set to expire.

The PPS stated that this order is part of Israel’s ongoing violations against the detainees, and their basic rights, and its refusal to end its illegal and escalating arbitrary policies.

It added that Qa’dan, from ‘Arraba town south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, is ongoing with the hunger strike for the seventieth consecutive day and intends to continue his protest against the illegal Administrative Detention orders.

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Soldiers Abduct A Child Near Hebron

09 OCT 12:01 PM

Israeli soldiers invaded, Wednesday, Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and abducted one child.

Local sources said the soldiers stormed and violently searched the home of Abul-Karim and Dayya, causing damage, and abducting his son, Mohammad, 16.

The soldiers drove on various streets in the town, and withdrew later, taking the child to a nearby military base.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded the southern area of Hebron city, and searched the home of one Palestinian, identified as Taleb Othman Abu Sneina.

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Nearly 3000 Israeli Jewish fanatics stormed Tuesday the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque and performed Talmudic rituals celebrating Jewish Yom Kippur. The Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rabbai Yehuda Glick were among those who stormed the holy mosque.

Large numbers of Israeli forces deployed in the holy mosque and imposed strict measure on Muslim worshipers. Worshipers were searched and some of them were threatened to be expelled if they approach the Mercy prayer room. Some worshipers were prevented from entry.

The Manager of the Al Aqsa mosque, Sheikh Omar Kiswani, told QNN that such daily provocative raids, which are carried out by settlers in their holidays will not legitimize the raids into Al Aqsa. He also held the occupation state responsible for any reaction by the worshipers.

As a part of its efforts to prevent the documentation of Israeli violations, Israeli authorities summoned journalists, Maisaa Abu Ghazaleh and Sondos Oweis, for interrogation while they were leaving the Al Aqsa mosque from Hittah gate.

Abu Ghazaleh told QNN that “there is clear targeting by the Israeli police of all News crews at the Al Aqsa mosque, especially by the Israeli inelegance, although journalists were using cell phones to record videos because they were prevented from letting cameras in. There was also an Israeli team, which was taking pictures of all journalists and activists who were documenting the Israeli raids”.

Abu Ghazaleh added that Israeli intelligence checked on her ID and took a photo for her while she was entering the mosque before they start chasing and preventing her from recording videos.

Sondos Oweis told QNN that Israeli authorities tried to prevent News crews from existing at the Al Aqsa mosque to prevent the documentation of Israeli violations against the holy mosque and worshipers.

Oweis was summoned for interrogation claiming that she caused mischief. Oweis said “we were doing our job, taking pictures and documenting. The occupation forces are the ones, which hampering out work and imposing restrictions on our freedom”.

Israeli forces had closed most entries to occupied Jerusalem for Palestinians and prevented them from moving throughout the city to secure raids by thousands of Israeli Jewish fanatics, who celebrated the “Yom Kippur”.

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Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli Shin Bet decided to send critically wounded prisoner Samer Arbid (44 years old) back to interrogation because “his health is getting better”, according to the judge, responsible for following up Arbid’s case.

Arbid has been under treatment in a critical condition at Hadasah hospital in occupied Jerusalem since September 29 after Israeli Shin Bet subjected him to brutal torture during interrogation, which left him in comma suffering from a heart attack and kidney failure.

The Shin Bet claims that Arbid led a group of PFLP fighters, which planted an explosive device among illegal settlers at an illegal settlement near Ramallah a few weeks ago, killing one settler and wounding another.

The general manager and spokesperson of the prisoners and former prisoners committee in occupied Jerusalem, Hassan Abed Rabbo, confirmed that the Shin Bet will send Arbid back for interrogation although he is unable to talk and although doctors at Hadasah hospital recommended not to send him back because he is still in critical condition.

Local Safa News Agency reported that Abed Rabbo said that all medical efforts were rejected by the Shin Bet and Israeli authorities. He also stated that Arbid is subjected to strict security control and he is denied visits by his lawyer and family members.

Abed Rabbo said that he doesn’t expect that Israeli authorities would accept any efforts related to the tortured patient prisoner, especially that it has already rejected a request by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to allow Palestinian doctors visit Arbid.

Commenting on the judge’s decision, Abed Rabbo said that “the announcement was about Arbids health condition being stable but still critical, which means that the danger remains unchanged”.

Abed Rabbo said that Arbid is still at the ICU under sedation and artificial breathing. the Israeli military court extended his arrest until next Tuesday.

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The political isolation of Palestinian prisoners

After the Oslo Accords, Israel retained the upper hand in detaining and imprisoning Palestinians, aided by the PA’s security coordination with Israeli occupation

By Ramona Wadi

Before the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle became fragmented by concessions to Israel and the international community, Palestinian prisoners were considered an integral component of the struggle for liberation.

After the Oslo Accords, Israel retained the upper hand in detaining and imprisoning Palestinians, aided by the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with the occupation authorities.

The moment that the PA discarded resistance, it also abandoned the Palestinian prisoners, isolating them politically as well as physically. Given the collusion between Israel and the PA when it comes to ensuring a perpetual supply of Palestinians upon whom human rights violations can be practiced, this comes as no surprise.

After all, the PA itself tortures Palestinian prisoners, so why should it object when Israel does the same?

Furthermore, why would the PA divert attention away from its illusions of state-building and contradict the aims of the Oslo Accords, which marginalised Palestinian prisoners to the point that their link to resistance and the Palestinian people is almost severed?

Apart from a brief statement requesting the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to allow a medical team to visit tortured Palestinian prisoner Samer Arabeed, the PA has largely kept quiet about the unfolding scandal of his situation, despite protests by Palestinian citizens.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, 73 Palestinian prisoners have died as a result of torture in Israeli jails since 1967. While Israel has obtained legal justification for torture from its own courts, the PA has alternated between weak statements, oblivion and the exploitation of Palestinian prisoners.

Have those prisoners in Israeli jails become a commodity for the PA to exploit depending on its political agenda?

In 2016, Addameer published a report which discussed the economic exploitation of Palestinian prisoners. It described the exploitation thus: “Just as the Oslo Accords have made Palestinian society responsible for guaranteeing the security of [the] occupier, so has the integration of the PA into the Israeli prison system made Palestinian society responsible for facilitating the imprisonment of those who resist the occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land.”

Samer Arabeed’s case managed to make headlines due to the fact that he was tortured, yet it is not enough to call attention to yet another example of Israel’s abuse of human rights. Palestinian prisoners who are tortured, some of whom have died as a result, are proof of the worst ramifications inflicted upon a segment of Palestinian society that is always shunned politically.

The PA’s commitment to paying stipends for Palestinian prisoners and their families is one form of political exclusion that has become convenient in terms of establishing what constitutes its duty. However, when the prisoners were in the vanguard of the struggle, Palestinian society united behind the same political aims.

What the PA has achieved is the dissolution of unity in the Palestinian struggle as well as the glorification of Palestinian prisoners, but only as far as the latter suits its own agenda, of course. In terms of political support, the PA gives nothing, while being careful to differentiate its criticism between prisoners in Israeli jails and those in PA jails when it comes to highlighting human rights violations.

Israel is making a political statement through its imprisonment and torture of Palestinian prisoners. The PA, on the other hand, acquiesces to Israel’s statement by neutralising the importance of Palestinian prisoners to the wider liberation struggle.

(Source / 09.10.2019) 

House Demolitions In Hebron And Jerusalem Leave 14 Palestinians Homeless

Over just 24 hours, Israeli occupation officials forcefully demolished three houses and several agricultural and commercial buildings in Jerusalem and Beit Ummar, leaving 14 Palestinians homeless.

One of the houses destroyed northwest of Hebron was 150 square meters and still under construction, according to Mohamed Awad, a Palestinian activist.

Seizure of Palestinian property by Israeli forces has become routine for inhabitants of Beit Ummar however this time families received no warning.

Last Wednesday the Ubaidat family arrived home to find Israeli bulldozers halfway through the demolition of three small houses and a barn on their property in Jerusalem, leaving their livestock scattering and belongings strewn under the rubble.

Ali, a Jerusalem native, lived in the main house with his wife. Ali’s son, Moatez, and his four children inhabited another house on the property, built-in 1992, and relative Walid Ubaidat and his five children in the third. Ali was allowed to collect his belongings in advance when Israeli forces destroyed his property for the first time in 1994.

Additionally, after the demolition, fences were raised surrounding the site, ensuring the family would not return.

Israeli forces routinely claim that Palestinian owned houses and businesses are illegally constructed, but these building permits are nearly impossible to obtain for locals, especially in Jerusalem.  Palestinians must first prove ownership of the land, however about 90 per cent of the land in the eastern part of the city is not listed in the Israel Land Registry.

An additional obstacle developed by Israel’s Justice Ministry is the ‘mukhtar protocol’, requiring citizens to collect signatures of consent from mukhtars, local leaders or clan heads recognised by the city hall.

In area C, home to around 300,000 Palestinians, obtaining a permit is particularly difficult; in 2014-16 only one permit was issued to a Palestinian resident.

(Source / 09.10.2019) 

Sick Prisoners In Ramla Hospital Facing Slow Death

The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs has said that sick Palestinian prisoners in the Ramla prison hospital are facing a slow death on a daily basis because of their exposure to deliberate medical neglect.  

According to the Commission, 10 prisoners are in very difficult health conditions in the Ramla hospital and most of them cannot move without using wheelchairs.

They also rely on other prisoners when taking a shower, changing clothes, eating, drinking, etc.

In addition, three hunger-striking prisoners are being held in the isolation section of the hospital and their health conditions are also very disturbing and serious because of their prolonged hunger strike.

The Commission appealed to international human rights, legal and humanitarian organizations to urgently intervene to save the lives of sick prisoners in Israeli jails and put an end to the medical neglect policy used by Israel against the Palestinian prisoners.

(Source / 09.10.2019)