Occupied West Bank (QNN)- The Israeli occupation army carried out Tuesday search and raid campaign in different areas throughout the occupied West bank, arresting 18 Palestinians. Meanwhile, groups of Israeli settlers attacked properties and farmlands owned by Palestinians in Bethlehem.

The Israeli army said in a statement that it arrested 18 Palestinians for “participating in popular resistance activities”.

Raids and arrests targeted most cities of the occupied West Bank, including Tulkarem, Ramallah, Qalqilya, and occupied Hebron.

Israeli soldiers used barbaric ways to break into Palestinians’ houses, including breaking doors and windows and damaging furniture in addition to theft. Several civilians were as well suffocated when Israeli forces showered houses in Azouneh village in Qalqilya with tear gas.

At the same time, groups of Israeli extremists attacked properties and farmlands owned by Palestinians in Beit Jala in western Bethlehem.

Settlers accompanied by bulldozers raided Makhrour area in western Beit Jala and cleared 4 donums of farmlands owned by Saba Iskandar in order to build settlement caravans.

The targeted farmland is near a restaurant and a house, which were demolished last week by Israeli authorities, which clearly signals intentions to build a new illegal settlement outpost.

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Honour killings in the spotlight after Palestinian woman is brutally killed

Israa Al-Gharib [Facebook]

By Shahd Haj Khalil

Palestinian Israa Al-Gharib was purportedly murdered last week at the hands of her brothers after she reportedly posted a picture with her fiancé, in what has been labelled an “honour killing”.

Israa was hospitalised after sustaining severe injuries to her back as a result of the beating. Her brothers returned and she died having received a fatal blow to the head.

News of Israa’s death sent shockwaves on social media with users calling for justice to be served against the perpetrators.

Using the hashtags “honorkilling”, “weareallIsraa” and “#IsraaGhrayeb”  in both Arabic and English, in solidarity with the young Palestinian, Twitter users – such as Miss Iraq Sarah Idan – expressed their concern for “millions of women like Israa Ghrayeb in the middle-east.”

Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq@RealSarahIdan  

I cried hearing her story. Why? Because I know there are millions of women like #Israa_Ghrayeb in Middle-East with no voice or media outrage.
An entire hospital heard her cry while her family beat her to death but didn’t interfere because it was #HonorKilling.#weareallisraa …Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy 

“Israa Ghrayeb, a 21-year-old Palestinian from Bethlehem, died after allegedly being beaten and tortured by her brother after she posted a video on social media with a man who she was soon to be engaged to.” …50721:33 – 1 Sep 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy

Majdoline has said “honour killing” is an existing reality threatening the lives of many Arab women and that “pursuits of democracy and ending colonialism cannot start until patriarchal societies are reformed.”

Majdoline Jayoushe, MD@mjayoushe  

#HonorKilling still a harsh reality for many Arab women living in the Middle East. Pursuits of democracy and ending colonialism can not start until patriarchal societies are reformed. The culprits of this crime were both men and women. Start by educating the women #weareallisraa …The New Arab @The_NewArab 

“Don’t send me messages telling me to be strong, I am strong” Israa Ghrayeb urged her followers before she died after being tortured by her brother #اسراء_غريب (by @SuperKnafeh) …17:24 – 1 Sep 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy See Majdoline Jayoushe, MD’s other Tweets  

US-Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib highlighted that Israa’s death illustrates an “ever present toxic masculinity and control over women’s bodies and lives.”

Rashida Tlaib @RashidaTlaib  

“Isra’s death illustrates an ever-present toxic masculinity and control over women’s bodies and lives.”

Help get #JusticeforIsraa by exposing the truth: …

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Protests have been held in the occupied West Bank cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem outside the prime minister’s offices advocating for the rights and protection of women in Palestine. Protesters used Arabic statements such as “I am not part of your honour” and “my life is more important than the honour of my family.”



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Social media users have also called for the perpetrators of her murder to be brought to justice by calling on the Canadian government to revoke the citizenship of Israa’s brother Mohammad.

Influencer Banat Zayed said: “We want justice for Isra’a”, tweeting at the Canadian government in an effort to force it to take action.

BanatZayed ﮼بنات ﮼زايد 



@Canada we want justise for #Israa_Ghrayeb , this Man helped killing his sister under the name of #honorkilling for just meeting her fiancé in a public place after she took her mom’s permission.. she didn’t deserve to die, her brother lives in#canada and he should be punished …سعاد الشمري @SouadALshammary 

This killer lives in Canada.
He hit his sister
He then followed her to the hospital & killed her
Because she met her fiancé in a restaurant
The President the Secretary of State call for the protection of girls to see what they do
Or are rights politicized?
Or perverts.#أسراء_غريب

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‘s other Tweets   

Some have used the story to advocate for women’s rights in Palestine, reinforcing the deep-rooted patriarchal system that exists globally. In an Arabic entry, Lamar wrote: “The pain of women is my pain.”

Lamar| كود ايهرب AHZ3036@iLamar_i  

“وجعُ النساءِ وجَعي” #كلنا_اسراء_غريب

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While, Arwa shared a Facebook status posted by Israa herself in Arabic saying: “A male society you complain about isn’t made by males alone.


Just gonna leave this here .. #كلنا_اسراء_الغريب #كلنا_اسراء_غريب

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1,000 Palestinians shot by Israel in Gaza have ‘severe bone infections’

Palestinian medics carry away an injured protestor during the Great March of Return in Gaza on 14 June 2019 [Mohammad Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Palestinian medics carry an injured man after Israel attacked protesters during the Great March of Return in Gaza on 14 June 2019

More than 1,000 Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip “are suffering from severe bone infections developed in the aftermath of being shot by the Israeli army”, according to a new update by global medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

MSF said it is “dealing with immense challenges” treating those shot by Israeli forces during protests in the Gaza Strip, including bone infections that add “to the already complicated path to recovery that these injured people must tread”.

More than 7,400 Palestinians have been injured by live ammunition during the protests, MSF stated, “with around half suffering from open fractures, where the bone is broken near the wound”.

“Gunshot wounds by their very nature are prone to infection,” MSF said.

With injuries such as those in Gaza, where the wounds are huge, bones are splintered, and treatment is difficult, many wounds stay open long after the injury, meaning the risk of infection is drastically higher.

Aulio Castillo, MSF’s Medical Team Leader in Gaza, explained that for many of their patients who have been shot, “the severity and complexity of their wounds – combined with the severe shortage of treatments for them in Gaza – means they have now developed chronic infections.”

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Treating these infections is made all the more difficult because of “a health system reeling from the effects of more than a decade of Israeli blockade, Palestinian political in-fighting and Egyptian restrictions on movement,” MSF stated.

“We have worked with the Ministry of Health to upgrade a laboratory so that it can analyse bone samples, a crucial part of diagnosing correctly these bone infections and knowing which antibiotics will work,” said Castillo.

According to MSF, this is “the first laboratory able to analyse bone samples in Gaza,” since “previously, each sample had to be sent to labs in Israel for testing”.

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More than 200 prisoners in Israeli jails start hunger strike

Protesters gather in support of hunger striker Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails on May 22, 2017 [Salah Malkawi/Anadolu Agency]

Protesters gather in support of hunger striker Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails on May 22, 2017 

More than 200 Palestinian prisoners in the Israel’s Rimon prison started an open-ended hunger strike yesterday protesting against cancerous signal jamming devices placed in the facility, Quds Press reported.

According to a statement issued by the PLO’s Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Committee, the hunger strikers are also calling for improving conditions of the female prisoners in Al-Damoun Prison.
The statement stated that the prisoners decided to start their hunger strike following failure talks between the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) and the representatives of the Palestinian prisoners.

In response to the hunger strike, the IPS closed departments one and four in Rimon Prison.

The Committee condemned the Israeli policy of procrastination regarding the pledges made to improve prison conditions, noting that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons suffer under very bad conditions.

Concluding its statement, the Committee called for supporting the battle of the hunger strikers and exposing Israeli crimes, which violate human rights and international treaties.

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Settlers Bulldoze Palestinian-Owned Land in Bethlehem District

03 SEP1:43 PM

A hoard of armed Jewish settlers, on Monday, appropriated and bulldozed a Palestinian-owned tract of agricultural land in Beit Jala town, west of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Local official Hasan Berijiya said that bulldozers, escorted by a group of settlers carrying weapons, stormed the agricultural area of al-Makhrour and embarked on razing four dunams of land belonging to a local resident named Saba Iskandar.

Berijiya added that the settlers threatened to place mobile homes on this piece of land, noting that the seized land is located near the Palestinian restaurant and the house that had been demolished about a week ago, by the occupation authority.

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Army Destroys Al-Araqib Village For The 157th Time

03 SEP12:49 AM

Israeli soldiers and police officers, accompanied by members of the so-called “Negev Development Authority,” invaded the Bedouin village of al-Araqib, in the Negev Desert, and demolished it for the 157th time.

The soldiers and officers confiscated the tents, and destroyed all structures installed by the villagers, displacing them for the 157th consecutive time.

The village of al-Arakib witnesses constant invasions and demolitions, and just a few days ago, it was attacked and destroyed, and the soldiers abducted and an elderly woman, in addition to an elderly man and his son.

Several days ago, the Israeli Central Court in Be’er as-Sabe’ (Beersheba), in the Negev Desert, imposed a fine of 1.600.000 Shekels fine on the villagers of al-Arakib, to pay for the costs of the ongoing demolitions of their village, the evictions and for “invading lands owned by the state.”

Al-Arakib is one of the dozens of Palestinian villages in the Negev that predate the state of Israel, but remain unrecognized and subject to constant invasions, demolitions and violations.

The village, with about 220 residents, was demolished for the first time on July 27, 2010, but the village has since been rebuilt dozens of times by its residents and activists.

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Ramallah (QNN)- The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs warned Tuesday that prisoners Bassam Sayeh and Sami Abu Dyak could die any time.

Chief of the committee, Qadri Abu Baker, said in press statement that “the conditions of Sayeh and Abu Dyak is very critical and there is no improvement in their health conditions”.

“Today, I will call on the Red Cross to visit them in order to check on their health conditions and inform us of their suffering and slow death, which the IPS practices against them”, heAbu Dyak said.

He also said that both prisoners are constantly given very strong pain killers and that they can’t stand up or eat. their bodies don’t respond to drugs anymore and they even hardly speak.

Sami Abu Dyak (35 year old) from northern occupied West Bank has been suffering from cancer in his intestine and abdomen for nearly four years. He can’t move and he needs special care.

Meanwhile, Sayeh suffers from bone cancer, acute myeloid leukaemia, cardiac insufficiency by 80%, and acute pneumonia in addition to other problems.

Israeli forces had arrested Sayeh in October 8th, 2015 when he was attending a court session of his wife, who was arrested from Beit Forik in eastern Nablus.

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Ramallah (QNN)- Facebook has threatened to block the page of Quds News Network and stop its work on Facebook for publishing news stories about the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

The threat came through a notice sent to QNN page on Facebook and its admin as part of an anti-Palestinian campaign, particularly heated by the network’s coverage of the recent tensions on the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, during which the network used of the term “Hezbollah” repeatedly.

The network has been targeted by an incitement campaign amid attempts to remove its page on Facebook, and several of its admins had their personal accounts deleted while some of the network’s posts were removed or temporarily blocked.

Commenting on the campaign, QNN said it will continue to perform its media mission and use all the available tools to deliver the voice of Palestine to all parts of the world despite the crackdown and hate campaign it has been facing.

QNN considered these threat messages as a clear bias on the side of Facebook targeting the Palestinian media and aimed at pleasing the Israeli occupation, which seeks to distort the current realities in Palestine.

“The recent threats are only a prelude to stricter measures which may include the deletion or blocking of Palestinian and Arab pages, away from the freedom of opinion and professionalism claimed by Facebook.”

Quds News Network was launched in 2011 as the first Palestinian news community on the social networking site, aimed at spreading the full picture of Palestine. It is one of the largest news pages in Palestine, with over than 6.6 million followers.

Sada Social Center, which specializes in monitoring social media violations of the Palestinian content, has monitored more than 200 violations against Palestinian content since the beginning of this year.

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Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine’s Prisoners Centre for Studies said Monday that Israeli authorities continued arbitrary arrests against Palestinians last month, arresting 450 Palestinians, including 69 children and 13 ladies.

Spokesperson of the centre, Riyadh Ashqar, said that centre has registered 10 arrests from Gaza, including a fisherman while working near Gaza’s seashore. Israeli forces also arrested 8 children from Gaza near the separation barrier.

The occupation state also arrested two photojournalists; Hasan Dabbous (30 years old) and Abdel Muhsen Shalaldeh after savagely breaking into their houses and intimidating children. A Palestinian man with special needs, identified as Jarrah Naser, was also arrested in occupied Jerusalem.

Ashqar said that Israel continued to arrest more children. 69 children were arrested including Muhammad Najeeb (10 years old), Mahmoud Hajajreh (12 years old), Ali Taweel (13 years old), and Yousef Abu Nab (13 years old).

Israeli arrests of females also continued. Jordanian citizen Hiba Libdi was arrested at the Karameh border crossing, and 13-year-old Rayyan Smeik from Qalqilya was arrested under the pretext of seizing a knife. Journalism student Mais Abu Ghoush has been also arrested after breaking into her house in occupied Jerusalem while Inas Asafreh was arrested with her husband. Mariam Abu Obeid was also arrested when she was going back home from a treatment visit in thee United Emirates. Areej Housheh, Madeline Issa, and Shifaa Abu Ghalyeh were also rearrested.

Israel also arrested elderly Palestinians. 59-year-old Siham Battat was arrested during a visit to her son Haitham Battat in Hadarim Israeli jail.

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Israeli Settlers Seize Land Near Bethlehem, Place Caravan On It

Israeli settlers seized yesterday Palestinian land and today set up a caravan on it in an area known as al-Makhrour in Beit Jala, west of the southern West Bank biblical city of Bethlehem, in preparation for building a new settlement in that area, said local sources.

They said that settlers broke yesterday into a four-dunum plot of land owned by Saba Iskandar in al-Makhrour and started to raze it before coming back today, surround the land with barbed wire and place a caravan on it. They also brought a generator and electrical equipment.

The caravan is usually a nucleus for the construction of an illegal settlement.

It is worth mentioning that a Palestinian-owned  house and a restaurant in al-Makhrour area were demolished last week by the Israeli army.

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