Israel Police agree to reduce presence in Issawiya

Israeli soldiers stand guard in Issawiya, East Jerusalem on 19 December 2012 [Mahfouz Abu Turk/Apaimages]

Israeli soldiers stand guard in Issawiya, East Jerusalem on 19 December 2012 

Israeli authorities have agreed to reduce the heavy police presence in Issawiya, occupied East Jerusalem, after a months-long operation characterised by collective punishment and violence.

According to a report in Haaretz, the agreement between the Israeli police, Jerusalem municipality, and local residents, will see a reduced presence of Israeli forces in the community and the release of two detainees, while Issawiya residents have cancelled the school strike scheduled for today.

The deal came in response to an announcement by Issawiya’s parents’ committee last week that their children would not be sent to school on the first day of the school year as a protest against the police’s collective punishment of local residents.

Following a meeting with the Israel Police commander for the Jerusalem district, however, police agreed to “partially reduce” its forces in Issawiya as well as committing to keep forces “away from school zones during school hours”, reported Haaretz.

According to residents, “in the past couple days, they can already feel a reduced police presence in the area.”

Police also released two detained members of the parents’ committee, who were arrested last week on suspicion of pressuring the heads of local schools not to start the school year.

Since early June, Israeli forces have targeted Issawiya with roadblocks, patrols, ambushes, house raids, and arrest campaigns. More than 340 residents have been arrested, but only five indictments issued, “for stone-throwing”.

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24 Palestinian journalists still held by Israel

An Israeli soldier attacks AFP'S photo journalist Jafer Eshtayah during a protest against building of illegal settlements and the separation wall at the Kafr Qaddum village of Nablus, West Bank on March 22, 2019 [Nedal Eshtayah / Anadolu Agency]

An Israeli soldier attacks AFP’S photo journalist Jafer Eshtayah during a protest against building of illegal settlements and the separation wall at the Kafr Qaddum village of Nablus, West Bank on March 22, 2019 

Israel’s military occupation authorities continue to target Palestinian journalists, the Journalist Support Committee (JSC) said on Sunday, Quds Press has reported. The JSC pointed out that the number of Palestinian journalists held in Israeli jails has risen to 24.

Information about the imprisoned journalists was included in a statement issued by the committee in the wake of Israel’s detention of Palestinian media Professor Widad Al-Barghouti. She is a media lecturer at Birzeit University.

According to the JSC, the Israelis arrested four journalists in August and extended the detention of two others. It also noted that five out of the 24 journalists in prison are being held by Israel under administrative detention with neither charges nor a trial. Seven have been sentenced and 12 are being held in custody pending prosecution.

The JSC reiterated its concern that the Israeli occupation authorities “insist on hindering the work of journalists” who carry out their national duty regarding the documentation of Israel’s crimes which amount to violations of international laws and conventions.

Report: Israel’s targeting of Palestinian photojournalists increasing

Highlighting the situation of Palestinian journalist Bassam Al-Sayeh, the committee explained that his health is deteriorating badly in prison. The JSC added that the Palestinian prisoners held by Israel face “intentional medical negligence”.

In conclusion, the Journalist Support Committee called for the international community to protect Palestinian journalists and compel Israel to adhere to the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 2222 regarding the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

UN experts: Israel must allow Palestinian journalist to call Jerusalem ‘home’

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Suspicious death of Palestinian woman stirs social media storm

Israa Al-Gharib [Facebook]

Israa Al-Gharib   

The suspicious death of Israa Al-Gharib from the occupied West Bank has stirred up a social media storm following allegations that she was killed for “staining family honour”, Arabi21.comreported on Sunday. The story of the young woman’s death went viral on social media, with campaigners using the Arabic hashtag #All of us are Israa Al-Gharib.

The 21-year-old Palestinian worked at a beautician’s salon and campaigners published her images taken in beauty spots. They claim that Al-Gharib was killed by her family members after she had appeared in a short video on Instagram alongside a youth who asked her family to get engaged to her.

Her family said in one statement that she fell to her death, and in another that she died after being harmed by “spirits”. According to campaigners, her death was a “crime” if it came about to “protect family honour”.

On Monday, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced that suspects have been detained in relation to Al-Gharib’s death. He pledged that investigations will continue into the incident.

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Ashrawi: Netanyahu’s Annexation Plan Requires International Action, Including Sanctions

02 SEP4:28 AM

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said that the Palestinian leadership views, with utmost seriousness, Netanyahu’s declaration that he would annex illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

“This is a clear announcement of intent to carry out a war crime, under the Rome statute, and a grave violation of the UN charter. It is also a practical translation of the racist so-called nation state law, adopted earlier this year by the Israeli Knesset,” she stated.

She said that Netanyahu’s pledge is an obvious attempt to score political points and secure votes from the extremist right-wing in the upcoming Israeli legislative elections while continuing the implementation of his policies to superimpose “Greater Israel” on all of historical Palestine.

“Such actions are enabled by the political, legal and financial cover from the current U.S administration, whose Ambassador, David Friedman, and envoy, Jason Greenblatt have both actively supported the illegal settlement enterprise and endorsed annexation.”

The settlement project remains the biggest blow to any chances of peace and stability. Its continuing theft of land and resources is clearly designed to prevent the Palestinian people from achieving their undeniable rights of independence, self-determination and freedom, said the statement.

In this context, the targeting of Jerusalem’s community center ‘Burj Al Luqluq’ and al-Eesawiyya neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, in addition to the continued home demolitions, land grab and other measures in the city reflect Israel’s intentions to displace the indigenous Palestinian population and to erase their presence and culture, while altering the cultural and demographic composition of the city.

“The illegality of Israeli settlements and the status of Jerusalem as an occupied city are unambiguous in international law. The International community has an obligation to translate its commitment to international law into actions that defend against these Israeli actions. We call on all responsible international actors to adopt deterrent measures, including sanctions, to compel Israeli to cease its illegal actions and pervasive violations of international law and Palestinian national rights,” the statement concluded, according to WAFA.

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Detainees and Ex Detainees Commission : Two Palestinian Prisoners Critically Ill

02 SEP5:53 PM

The Detainees and Ex Detainees Commission, Monday, warned that 2 Palestinians held in Israeli jails are critically ill and 1 of them may die.

Commission director, Qadri Abu Bakr, told WAFA that Sami Abu Diak and Bassam Sayeh suffer serious deterioration in their health and that 1 of them may die at any time.

Abu Diak, 33, from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, is serving a life sentence for ‘resisting the Israeli occupation’. Abu Diak suffers from kidney failure and has had a large part of his colon removed.

He has reportedly lost the ability to drink or eat. Patients with kidney failure often require hemodialysis to clean their blood.

Sayeh, who is also serving a life sentence, is suffering from blood cancer.

“Abu Diak and Sayeh live today on very strong painkillers and they cannot stand or eat. Their bodies do not respond to drugs and they have difficulty talking,” said Abu Bakr.

“Their situation, according to what we hear, is critical, particularly Sayeh whose situation has continued to worsen.”

Palestinians have accused the Israeli authorities of failing to provide proper medical treatment or delay treatment to ill prisoners, resulting in the deterioration of their health.

The Prisoners Commission said Israel’s inaction with regards to ill Palestinian prisoners, violates International Law, and is an assault on their natural human rights.

The Detainees and Ex Detainees Commission calls on all international and human rights organizations to pressure the Israeli authorities to transferring them to hospital to receive the medical treatment, that is urgently needed.

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Occupied Hebron (QNN)- Israeli forces demolished Monday a house and a mosque, which were under construction, in occupied Hebron in southern West Bank.

Locals sources said that Israeli forces accompanied by heavy machinery demolished Al Ummah mosque in Khillet Jabal Johar in southern Hebron. The mosque was built on 200 square meters ad was being finalized before the Israelis demolish it.

Israeli forces also demolished a house under construction in the same area, owned by Bilal Rajabi.

The Palestinian Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs slammed the Israeli demolition of the mosque and deemed it an assault on Islamic holy places and a crime, which denies Palestinian Muslims their right of practicing their religion and violates International law.

The Ministry also said that the sharp increase in Israel’s assaults on Muslim holy places in occupied Hebron and Jerusalem is a part of a racist series actions, which
signal adverse consequences.

The Ministry held the Israeli government responsible for the crime and urged international human rights organizations and UNESCO to monitor ‘Israel’s’ crimes and preventit.

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Ramallah (QNN)- Social media websites have continued their crackdown on the Palestinian content, disregarding all professional and human rights standards and ethics concerning the question of the Palestinian people who continue to live under occupation, said Palestinian watchdog group on Monday.

Sada Social Center, which monitors social media violations of the Palestinian content, documented more than 17 violations against Palestinian content on social media in August, most of them in Facebook, which presents itself as a safe and free space of personal opinions and beliefs.

For instance, the center said, Facebook committed 15 violations ranging from ban, removal, publication and deletion of publications. Restrictions were further imposed on the following Palestinian pages: Aneen Al-Qaidi, The Higher National Commission of the Great March of Return, Ramallah Mix, Jerusalem Committee – Yarmouk University, Qalandia Media Center, Palestine Media Center and Artist Qassem Al Najjar.

On the other hand, Instagram removed a number of publications posted by the Palestine Liberation Radio.

Meanwhile, YouTube deleted a video featuring the will of Palestinian martyr Raed Misk from the account of his son, Momen Misk.

As part of Sada Social Center’s ongoing efforts to protect and defend the Palestinian content, the center has managed to restore five Palestinian pages that were deleted by Facebook: Jenin Mix, Beit Fajjar Times, Beit Furik Times, Yatta Times, and Lovers of Tell Village.

In the meantime, Facebook has admitted to violating the privacy of its users by listening to all voice conversations through its Messenger application, and that it has hired hundreds of contractors to listen to the audio clips exchanged by users.

Facebook also announced its intention to use artificial intelligence algorithms in its WhatsApp application, through which it will search the content of messages before encrypting and sending them.
“This paves the way for governments to force social media companies to spy on their users’ messages,” the center said in a press release.

Sada Social Center said it is continuing its efforts to “continuously communicate with the administrations of social media sites in an attempt to protect the Palestinian digital content and access a fair and equitable mechanism towards Palestinian users.”

Launched in early September 2017, SCC is a volunteering center concerned with initiatives to enrich Palestinian content on the internet, especially on social networking websites, and monitor the violations against this content from different parties.

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israel’s state attorney and dozend of Israeli Jewish fanatics broke into Al Aqsa mosque on Monday.

Israeli Jewish fanatics carried out provocative tours in the holy mosque after breaking into its yards from the Magharbeh gate under strict IOF protection.

Director-General of the Islamic Waqf and Al Aqsa mosque Affairs Department, Shekh Azzam Khatib, said that nearly 102 Jewish fanatics broke into the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque under IOF protection.

The Israeli army radio station said that Israel’s State Attorney broke into the holy mosque under heavy guard.

Israeli raids into the holy mosque have dramatically increased, allowing Jewish fanatics and Israeli officials into the mosque while preventing and assaulting Muslim worshipers, in trials to seize the holy mosque and demolish it to build a temple on its ruins.

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Over 3,000 Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa in August

AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM — A report issued by Al Quds Centre for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs Studies revealed that the number of Israeli Jewish fanatics, who broke into the Al Aqsa mosque last month, has sharply increased.

The centre said that up to 3330 Israeli Jewish fanatics broke into the holy mosque last August. The attackers included Israeli soldiers, who broke into the mosque wearing their military uniform, in addition to students of extremist religious schools and the Israeli minister of agriculture.

Several Israeli assaults were committed against Palestinian worshipers at Al Aqsa last month as well.

The Director-General of Al Quds Centre for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs Studies said that the increasing numbers of settlers’ raids into Al Aqsa clearly shows that religious Zionism has been recently leading the Israeli government and that having Netanyahu in a religious government gives religious Zionism very important role.

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Israel Resumes Fuel Shipments To Gaza

Hebrew media sources on Sunday said that Israel has decided to allow supplies of fuel into the besieged Gaza Strip through Karam Abu Salem crossing days after they were reduced by half.

A few days ago Israel suspended fuel flow to the Gaza Strip after rockets were allegedly launched from the coastal enclave toward neighboring Israeli settlements.

Following the new move a second power generator at Gaza’s only power plant is expected to be operational and the electricity distribution schedule will return to 8-hour intervals.

Karam Abu Salem is Gaza’s sole commercial crossing through which fuel, medical supplies, food and other kinds of goods enter the blockaded territory.

The Gaza Strip has been living under crippling blockade imposed by Israel since 2006 after Hamas won the legislative elections and later completely took over the seaside area.

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