‘Israel’ Kidnaps 16 Palestinians, Including Journalist And Mother

Israeli occupation forces carried out a wide arrest campaign against locals in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

Spokesperson of the IOF said that Israeli forces arrested 16 Palestinians in different areas throughout the occupied West Bank during night raids.

In Hebron, Israeli forces rearrested journalist Amer Abu Hlayyel after raiding his house and vandalizing it, then took him to an unknown destination.

In Tubas, Israeli soldiers raided the house of Kifah Bsharat (mother of 2 children and sister of two martyrs), before arresting her.

Other arrests took place in Bethlehem and Ramallah.

In the same vein, Israeli illegal settlers attacked last night properties, which belong to Palestinians in Senjil, Ramallah, slashing tires and spraying walls with racist slogans.

(Source / 24.06.2019) 

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