‘If attacks continue,’ says Islamic Jihad official, ‘it would take just hours to bomb Israeli cities’

Israeli occupation forces targeted a number of site in the Gaza Strip on 4 May 2019 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Israeli occupation forces targeted a number of sites in the Gaza Strip on 4 May 2019

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziyad Al-Nakhaleh, has insisted that if the battle in Gaza continues, it will take resistance groups just a “few hours” to bomb all Israeli cities. In an interview with Al Mayadeen TV channel on Tuesday evening, Al-Nakhaleh pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces are targeting civilians in the besieged territory in order to put pressure on the resistance.

“What happened in Gaza is a live-fire exercise in preparation for the great battle that we think is inevitably coming,” he added. “However, there are implicit agreements between the Palestinian resistance forces to counterattack immediately when Israel attacks us.”

The Islamic Jihad official explained that the organisation met with Hamas in Cairo and took the decision to activate the joint operations room for resistance counterattacks. “We will not accept Israel’s imposition of an equation that enables it to bomb our citizens’ homes while preventing us from responding,” he stressed.

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The Palestinians’ main demand at this stage is to end the siege on Gaza and stop the attacks on the March of Return protests. Adding that the Great March of Return protests will not stop, he said that, “Israel must abide by the commitments it made in the understandings with Cairo.” It was these understandings which led to the acceptance of a ceasefire.

According to Al-Nakhaleh, the resistance groups in Gaza expect another Israeli offensive during the summer as part of an attempt to disarm them. He suggested that efforts are now being made to contain the Gaza Strip with this objective in mind. “Nevertheless, as a resistance organisation, we will fight in any war launched against us with due diligence, readiness and preparation.”

He revealed that Egypt will not sponsor Palestinian reconciliation for several reasons and that, although the resistance “did not” communicate with Iran during the recent attacks against Gaza, there will always be communication. “We are also in constant communication with [Lebanon’s] Hezbollah. We always meet, and we might meet after this interview,” because “all resistance axes” must be mobilised to defend Gaza. “Israel’s actions against the March of Return protests,” he noted, “will determine our reaction against the occupation.”

Ziad Al-Nakhaleh. Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement

Despite the fact that Israel is always trying to damage the relationship between Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, he insisted that it will not succeed. “We have high level coordination with Hamas and there is no disagreement. Indeed, we agree with our brothers in Hamas on the upcoming programme for facing Israel and counterattacking its aggression. We actually agree with Hamas on all matters, especially its leadership of the Gaza Strip, which we are very satisfied with because it is a resistance movement.”

In conclusion, Al-Nakhaleh expressed his disappointment that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “has directed an Arab message whose content is to disarm Gaza and to consider resistance groups as militias.”

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UN: Health funding gap means 1,700 in Gaza may face amputations

Two Palestinian amputee men sit in the waiting room at the ICRC for Artificial limbs and Polio Center (ALPC) in Gaza City on 25 October, 2018 [THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images]

Two Palestinian amputee men sit in the waiting room at the ICRC for Artificial limbs and Polio Center (ALPC) in Gaza City on 25 October, 2018

A lack of health funding in Gaza means 1,700 people shot by Israeli security forces may have to have amputations in the next two years, Jamie McGoldrick, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for occupied Palestinian territory, told reporters on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

McGoldrick said 29,000 Palestinians had been wounded in protests in the past year, and 7,000 of them had gunshot wounds, mostly in the lower legs.

“You’ve got 1,700 people who are in need of serious, complicated surgeries for them to be able to walk again,” McGoldrick said.

“These are people who have been shot during the demonstrations and who are in need of rehabilitation, and very, very serious and complex bone reconstruction surgery over a two year period before they start to rehabilitate themselves.”

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Without those procedures, all these people are at risk of needing an amputation, he said.

The UN is seeking $20 million to fill the gap in health spending.

A lack of funding to the World Food Programme and UNRWA, the UN humanitarian agency that supports Palestinians displaced by the 1948 war of Israel’s founding, also meant there could be an interruption of food supplies for 1 million people.

“If that stops, there is no alternative for people to bring food in from any other sources, because they don’t have purchasing power,” McGoldrick said.

WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel said a severe lack of funds meant WFP had cut aid for 193,000 people this year in the West Bank and Gaza, with 27,000 getting nothing and the rest getting only $8 per month instead of the usual $10.

Some 2 million Palestinians live in Gaza, the economy of which has suffered years of Israeli and Egyptian blockades as well as recent foreign aid cuts and sanctions by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas’ West Bank-based rival.

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People’s prospects were “precarious”, McGoldrick said. Gaza families averaged $4,000 of debt, while salaries averaged $400 per month, but 54 per cent of the population was unemployed.

The health system was impoverished, with unpaid salaries and dilapidated equipment, and many medical professionals had left if they could find opportunities elsewhere.

One teaching hospital was now only teaching trauma medicine, McGoldrick said, but the doctors on the ground did not have the technical ability to carry out the treatment required for the people at risk of amputation.

There have already been 120 amputations, 20 of them in children, in the past year, he said.

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Zeven zaken die het vasten verbreken!

De gelovige dient kennis te hebben van een aanbidding voordat hij deze uitvoert. Dit om er zeker van te zijn dat de aanbidding op de juiste manier wordt verricht en dat er niet onbewust iets wordt begaan wat de aanbidding nietig verklaart.

Zo ook met deze grote aanbidding en vierde zuil van ons geloof; het vasten van de maand Ramadan. We dienen op de hoogte te zijn van haar regelgevingen en met name wat betreft de zaken die het vasten verbreken en ongeldig maken.

In dit bericht treft u een uiteenzetting van de zaken die het vasten verbreken. Ontleend aan het Fatawaboek van de nobele geleerde Shaych al-‘Uthaimeen – moge Allah hem genadig zijn en met het beste belonen.
Er zijn zeven zaken die het vasten verbreken:
1. Het hebben van gemeenschap. Wanneer iemand overdag in Ramadan gemeenschap heeft, is hij verplicht de dag verder te vasten, deze in te halen en een boetedoening te doen. Deze houdt in het bevrijden van een slaaf; als dit niet mogelijk is dient hij twee maanden achtereenvolgend te vasten! Als dit niet mogelijk is (vanwege bijvoorbeeld zwakte of ziekte) dient hij zestig armen te voeden.
2. Het hebben van een zaadlozing door middel van zelfbevrediging (wat overigens niet toegestaan is) of door omhelzing, zoenen, e.d. met de echtgenote.
3. Het eten en drinken; dit geldt voor zowel het nuttige als het schadelijke. Onder het schadelijke valt het roken bijvoorbeeld.
4. Vaccinaties/injecties die het eten en drinken vervangen, de vaccinaties die dat niet doen verbreken het vasten dus niet, ongeacht of ze in de spieren of in een ader worden toegediend en ongeacht of de smaak ervan wordt geproefd in de keel.
5. Het vloeien van menstruatiebloed of kraambloeding (ook al is het slechts een ogenblik vóór zonsondergang, het vasten is dan ongeldig en er moet een andere dag worden ingehaald).
6. Het laten verwijderen van bloed middels al-Hidjaamah of een andere vorm van bloedafname waarbij veel bloed wordt verloren en het lichaam verzwakt raakt. Het bloed dat onopzettelijk ontstaat, zoals een bloedneus of dat gering is, zoals bij het trekken van een tand (en zo ook het beetje bloed dat je afstaat voor onderzoek) verbreekt het vasten niet.
7. Het opzettelijk overgeven. Wanneer je onopzettelijk overgeeft, is het vasten geldig.
De zeven bovengenoemde zaken verbreken het vasten niet wanneer zij worden begaan uit:

Vergeetachtigheid; zoals degene die eet en vergeet dat hij aan het vasten is.

Onwetendheid; zoals degene die eet en denkt dat de zon al onder is gegaan.

En ook niet als het zonder wil plaatsvindt; zoals degene die een zaadlozing heeft tijdens het slapen (of zijn mond spoelt met water en het onopzettelijk doorslikt).

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Israeli Soldiers Abduct Ten Palestinians In The West Bank

08 May 1:51 PM

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, ten Palestinians, including a young woman and two children, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

The PPS said the soldiers abducted Fatima Yahia Suleiman, 19, from her home in Beit Safafa town, near occupied Jerusalem, in addition to one child, who remained unidentified at the time of this report, from Jerusalem.

The soldiers also invaded and searched many homes in the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, and abducted two Palestinians, identified as Baha’ Thabet Najjar, from Yatta town, and Zakariya Fayeq Nassar, 15, from the al-Fawwar refugee camp.

A third Palestinian, Islam Bassam D’eis, 19, from Hebron, was taken prisoner in nearby Bethlehem.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded a home, owned by members of Abu Es’eifan family, in Wad al-Hasseen area, in Hebron city, and assaulted the family, causing them to suffer various cuts and bruises.

The soldiers also assaulted Jamal Abu Es’eifan while trying to document the invasion and violation on video, and held the entire family in one room for more than an hour.

In addition, the soldiers invaded Osarin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and fired a barrage of gas bombs, many striking homes, during protests the erupted following the invasion.

The soldiers also closed Madama village gate, which links between many villages and towns, south of Nablus.

In Azzoun town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, the soldiers searched many homes and abducted Mohammad Monir Mashal, 25, and four former political prisoners, identified as Odai Samir Aby Haniyya, 28, Ja’far Abdul-Karim Salim, 24, Mohammad Nidal Mashal, 24, and Luay Anwar Mashal, 26.

On Tuesday afternoon, the soldiers abducted Salim Ahmad Walad Ali, a former political prisoner from Sanour town, southwest of Jenin, in northern West Bank.

(Source / 08.05.2019)

Army To Displace 15 Bedouin Families For Military Training

08 May 10:46 AM

Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, Hamsa al-Foqa area, in the West Bank’s Northern Plains, and ordered fifteen Bedouin Palestinian families to leave their community as the military conducts live fire training.

Mo’taz Bisharat, an official in charge of Israeli colonies’ file at the Palestinian Authority in central West Bank, said the soldiers handed the orders to fifteen families of 98 Palestinians, including dozens of women and children.

The army said the Palestinians must leave their communities three days a week for the coming four weeks.

The days scheduled for training for three weeks are Sunday, Starting at noon, Monday starting a 4 PM until 10 AM the next day, and Wednesday from 7 AM until 2 PM.

The Israeli military drills are frequently carried out in the occupied West Bank, and the near Bedouin communities in the Negev, resulting in displacing the families in addition to the dozens of casualties, including fatalities, due to explosives dropped by the army during training.

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The Real Solution For Palestine

By: Andi Annisa Nur Dzakiyyah

Today Muslims are rejoicing to welcome Ramadhan 1440 H, but Palestinians are not.  For the umpteenth time, tense atmosphere re-shrouded Palestine. Palestinians are now grieving because the Zionist, Israel, has launched 150 airstrikes. The attack was a response to rocket attack launched by Hamas fighters.

Furthermore, at least 25 Palestinians were killed. The Israeli army has also killed a pregnant Palestinian mother, identified as Falasteen Saleh Abu Arar, 37, and her baby girl, Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, 14 months, after firing a missile at their home in Gaza city.

When looking at history, the grief of Palestinians were begun when the United Nations declared the state of Israel officially standing on Palestinian land in 1948. Israel got 55% of Palestinian territories. The neighboring countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria declared war on Israel. This war occurred in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. The war that was full of deception finally made Israel carried out brutal attacks, annexed, and invaded the Palestinian territories called the ‘1967 boundary’. Israel controlled around 78% of the Palestinian territories and finally Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

No Place For Israel

There is no Palestine on Google Maps. If you search Palestine on Google Maps, you surely won’t find it. Moreover, Trump has ever declared that Yerusalem is the Capital of Israel. It shows that how easy it is for Israel to take the palestine region.

In fact, The Zionists don’t have nation and even Israel is not theirs. Based on the history, when Sultan Hamid II became the chaliphate, Theodor Herzl wanted to buy the land of Palestine. Sultan Hamid II was offered a lot of money. But he said “‘I will not sell a single inch of the country, because it is not mine, it belongs to all the Muslims. They paid for this empire with their blood. And we will redeem it with our blood. Let the Jews keep their millions.”

Unfortunately, On November 2, 1917, the British government approved the establishment of the Israeli state on Palestinian land through the Balfour declaration. On the other hand, Indeed, Palestine belongs to Palestinians. So, it is fair when they demanded to return home.

No Glory For Muslims Except With Islam

The tragedies that befell Muslims in Gaza show that nowadays their self-esteems are poor for the enemies. Whereas Rasulullah said that the honour and the sanctity of muslims are grater than the destruction of world as Rasulullah said in hadith:

“The destruction of the world is lighter on Allah than the killing of one Muslim man”, (Tirmidhi)

Moreover, the bulkhead of nationalism and apathy make us ignore the oppressions that other muslims experience. Whereas Rasulullah said that muslims are like one body. It is written in hadith below:

“Believers are like one body in their mutual love and mercy. When one part of a body is in bad health, the rest of the entire body joins it in restlessness and lack of sleep and is busy with its treatment. Likewise, Muslims should run to helping each other” (Bukhari)

This hadith should be contemplation for every muslim. Today we can see hundreds or even thousands muslims being slaughtered and humiliated. It is totally different from what was done by Rasulullah. When a muslim woman came to the market and her aurat was exposed by Bani Qainuqa’ ,Jews, who lived around the market. They laughed. Suddenly, a muslim youth came against them. But he was killed. When Rasulullah knew about it. He suddenly expelled and alienated Bani Qainuqa’ to the border area of Syam.

In line with what Rasulullah had done, a chaliphate namely Mu’tashim Billah sent an army, in the year 837 AD, when a Muslim sister was attacked by the Romans in the Roman city. She was abused and locked up for no reason. Frightened and alone she called out the name of the Caliph ‘Oh Mu’tasim’.

Both stories above are totally different from the condition today Who will we hope to? to the UN? It was the United Nations that approved the establishment of Israel. The UN Security Council, which always becomes the mainstay of the peace mission, has not succeeded in actualizing peace for Palestine.

The saddest thing is when you see Palestinians injured and even dead, theneighbouring countries and other countries only criticize and send medicine and food. Even if it helps them but it’s not solutive because the madicine and food will run out but Israel’s occupation will not stop.

The thing we have to do is to urge the authorities to send army forces to attack the enemy in Palestine as what Rasulullah and Mu’tashim did. Unfortunately, the presidents of many countries just give comments and critize eventhough Palestinians are actually crying for help.

Related to this, our prophet, Rasulullah, said :

“Indeed the Imam (the Leader/Sultan) is a shield. You fight behind him, and you protect yourself with him.” (Muslim).

This hadith shows that to protect muslims, they need Imam who leads in accordance with sharia completely. He is like a protection, because he prevents the enemy from harming the Muslims, and enemies fear him and fear his power. In doing this, The main solution to solve the problems of the people is the existence of chaliphate which will protect and defend the entire territory and land of the Muslims by mobilizing troops to do jihad and against the enemies. This is the one and only solution that God and Rasulullah gave to us. So, Muslims also will be re-glorified and they will get the title as Khoiru Ummah once more as they used to be in the heyday of islam.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala said in Holy qur’an:

“Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment.”(At-Taubah Verse 111)

Wallahu A’lam Bish Shawab

(Source /08.05.2019)

830 residential units destroyed in Zionist latest brutal aggression against Gaza

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — Israeli aerial and artillery strikes on Gaza completely destroyed 130 residential units and partially destroyed 700 others, displacing hundreds of Palestinian families during the latest aggression on the besieged enclave.

The Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing issued on Monday a report, which mentioned that all teams are still working to remove the rubble of the destroyed buildings ad houses and open roads.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza said that Israel’s machinery targeted over 300 structures, which included houses, buildings, security headquarters, civilian institutions, agricultural lands, and infrastructure.

27 Palestinians were murdered in the Israeli airstrikes on the enclave. The victims included a fetus, two babies, children, and women. Meanwhile, 156 others were wounded in two days of the Israeli aggression.

(Source / 08.05.2019)

Israel releases settler charged with killing Palestinian mother


An Israeli court on Tuesday decided to release to house arrest an Israeli settler accused of killing the Palestinian woman Aisha al-Rabi in October in the West Bank.

The settler’s lawyer claimed that the court’s decision indicates the weakness of the evidence used against his client.

Aisha al-Rabi, a mother of eight children, suffered a fatal head wound from a rock thrown at her car by an Israeli settler near Nablus on 12 October. Her 9-year-old daughter and husband were in the scene and survived the attack.

(Source / 08.05.2019)

Gaza: 13 schools sustained damage in recent attacks


The Palestinian ministry of education said that 13 schools sustained considerable damage as a result of the recent Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

According to a statement by the ministry, the Israeli attacks caused widespread damage to windows, doors and walls of 13 schools.

The ministry strongly denounced Israel’s attacks on civilian areas in Gaza and appealed to the international community to hold Israel accountable for its crimes and violations in Gaza.

(Source / 08.05.2019)


“In intelligence, you can’t work only by rules.”

– Rami Efrati, Israeli businessman and former member of Unit 8200.

Israel is marketed in the ‘West’ as a ‘start-up nation’ and technology developed by Israeli companies are used in propaganda against boycott of Israeli occupation.

The idea in the latter is that somehow the development of technology both negates the occupation while making its users de facto participants in the occupation who should not oppose it, because it benefits them. What is left unsaid how close the ties between Israeli tech companies, Israeli-led Silicon Valley companies and Wall Street to the occupation are – and how methods used to keep up the occupation are used to support other authoritarian regimes.

The connections are Israeli occupation forces’ Unit 81 and the signals intelligence’s branch, Unit 8200. We will concentrate on Unit 8200 in this article. Unit 8200, based on Zionist group Shin Mem 2 spying on Palestinians during the British Mandate, has a staff of 5000 and spies on Palestinians who have no legal protection against the spying – living under Israeli occupation or in occupation, they are not protected by law in Israel. Unit 8200 can hack and crack their devices and personal communication, files and accounts without any negative consequences.

This feeds a feeling of impunity in those who serve in the Unit 8200. When they leave the occupation forces, they have learned to spy but they have not been taught moral or legal limits to spying. Instead they have been taught that everything is permissible and are told that they should not care about how their work is used. If people are killed as a result, it’s a decision made by those who use the information they have gathered, and they should not burden themselves with a bad conscience.

This inter-unit ethos got rare public appearance when 43 reserve members of Unit 8200 refused to participate in the 2014 attack on besieged Gaza Strip, which killed around 2200 Palestinians, and the Unit 8200 needed justification and positive publicity in Israel and the ‘West’. This led to a lot of positive, clearly propaganda-oriented media attention to Unit 8200 and it ties to tech companies.

When these people move to private business, they have contact networks of their fellow unit members to mine and prestige in the eyes of Israeli and ‘Western’ companies and investors as a result of their connection to Unit 8200. ‘350 Israeli-controlled high-tech firms’ operate in New York City alone, employing hundreds of former Unit 8200 members.

According to Haaretz, 700 former members of Unit 8200 are working in United States in New York City, Silicon Valley and Boston alone. These members help each other to advance in the US’ corporate world according to the same source – and quite successfully, as in 2017 Israeli or Israeli-founded cyber-security firms alone raised one billion United States dollars in outside funding.

When the former Unit 8200 go found ‘start-up’ tech companies, these companies ethos is that which they learned in serving the occupation: Everything is permissible and how their services are used by their customers is solely an issue for those customers. In 2016 there were 27 Israeli surveillance companies, highest per capita in the world. As comparison, United States had 122 surveillance companies and the world overall had 528.

Unsavoury customers like Hungary’s far-right government are as acceptable as any other, and when a customer like it wants to target non-governmental organizations critical of the government, this is as non-existent as a moral quondary as whether the information collected by Unit 8200 will lead to a family home full of people being blown up.

But there is also another problem: Many former Unit 8200 members are now in leading roles, sometimes as founders and/or CEOs, in cyber-security companies and in Wall Street, firms which finance cyber-security companies. Israeli companies have 7 % of the world-market, compared to United States’ 69 %. The question is, are people whose former job involved breaking cyber-security and spying on people without care of their privacy (or survival) reliable when it comes to protecting people from cyber-criminals, intelligence agencies – or their own former employer, Unit 8200  and other branches of Israeli regime it works with?

Are former spies the right people to protect individuals, companies and governments from spying – or are they foxes guarding hen-houses? Will a spy ever really stop being a spy?

Can it be trusted that the cyber-security companies led by former Unit 8200 members don’t work with Unit 8200 and its allied intelligence services against their clients? Can it be trusted that no backdoors are built into their products and services, especially as Silicon Valley tech companies have been under pressure from the US government to do so? Former spies might see it an easy decision to make, especially if doing so will open more doors for their companies.

This is not idle speculation – the ties of Silicon Valley companies to United States intelligence agencies like NSA have been proven to be very close, to the point that many companies actively aid the spying on their customers. Why should we expect companies founded and/or lead by former members of Unit 8200 to behave any different when it comes to Israeli and US intelligence services?

Tech companies who have been founded by members of Unit 8200:

Adallom, founded by Ami Luttwak, Assaf Rappaport and Roy Reznik.
Argus Cyber Security, founded by Ofer Ben-Noon, Yaron Galula and Oron Lavi.
Check Point Software Technologies, founder Shlomo Kramer, Marius Nacht and Gil Shwed.
CyberArk, founded by Udi Mokady.
CybeReason with Lior Div, Yossi Nar and Yonatan Striem-Amit.
FST Biometrics, founder IDF / IOF Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash.
Hyperwise Security, founders Aviv Gavni and Ben Omelchenko.
Imperwa, co-founder Shlomo Kramer.
Logz.io with Tomer Levy.
Narus, now owned by Boeing.
NSO, founder Shalev Hulio.
Palo Alto Networks, founder Nir Zuk.
Wix with co-founder Avishai Abrahami.

Other companies with Unit 8200 members:

Avaya Israel with Gad Gadnir.
Blumberg Capital with IDF / IOF Brigadier General Ehud Schneorson.
Bio Catch with Lev Kadyshevitch.
C. Mer Industries with Nir Lempert.
Julius Baer bank with Yariv Nornberg.
Sequioa Capital with Gili Raanan.

Companies which had Unit 8200 members in the past:

Apple Israel with Aharon Aharon, now leading Israel Innovation Authority.

PHOTO by Israel’s occupation forces via Nikkei Asian Review.

Via Tech Crunch.

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