Zionist warplanes targeted Anadolu Agency’s office in Gaza

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — Israeli warplanes hit the building on Saturday where Anadolu Agency’s office is located.

Israeli warplanes hit the building with at least 5 rockets after warning shots, Anadolu Agency’s correspondent in Jerusalem reported.

No injuries or death were reported.

Turkish and Palestinian officials strongly condemned.

“Targeting of @AnadoluAgency #Gaza office is new example of Israel’s unrestrained aggression,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Twitter and added: “#Israeli violence against innocent people w/out distinction is a crime against humanity. Those who encourage Israel are also guilty.

“Will keep defending #Palestinian cause, even if alone.”

“We strongly condemn Israeli attack on Anadolu Agency office in Gaza that intends to cover up its new crimes,” Turkey’s Presidential aide Ibrahim Kalin said on twitter.

“We condemn Israel in the strongest possible terms for targeting a building in the West Bank, in which the @anadoluagency office was located,” Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun also said on Twitter.

“We urge all governments that claim to defend press freedom, including @USEmbassyTurkey, to join us in condemning the Israeli government,” Altun added.

“Israel’s hitting Anadolu Agency’s office [in Gaza] is an attempt to get rid of the witnesses, a preparation of massacres in Gaza,” Palestinian government said in a statement.

Turkish Technology and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank gave a phone call to Anadolu Agency’s Director General Senol Kazanci and wished for quick recovery.

The strikes occurred following reports that two Israeli soldiers had been injured by gunfire near the Gaza-Israel buffer zone on Friday.

At least two Palestinians were killed when Israeli warplanes struck Hamas positions in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

(Source / 05.05.2019) 

Palestinian factions vow retaliation to Israeli attacks

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes on the blockaded Gaza strip, on 5 May 2019 [Mohammad Asad - Middle East Monitor]

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes on the blockaded Gaza strip, on 5 May 2019

Palestinian factions in the blockaded Gaza Strip vowed early Sunday to carry out an unprecedented retaliation to Israeli attacks, Anadolu reports.

The factions “decided to respond to the occupation’s crimes in Gaza Strip in an unprecedented way,” the Joint Chamber of Military Operations said in a statement.

“Given the insistence of the enemy to target civilians homes, the resistance decided to respond in an unprecedented manner to the crimes of the occupation,” the chamber said without disclosing further details.

Israeli warplanes continued to raid several areas in the Gaza Strip after midnight.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli warplanes targeted two positions of Palestinian resistance factions in the northern part of the enclave, a plastic products factory in northern Gaza Strip, a naval police building in the Gaza seaport and two civilian houses in Khan Yunis city.

Live: Gaza Under Attack 

The raids completely destroyed the targeted two homes and severely damaged a number of houses surrounding the other targeted sites.

On Saturday, a building where Anadolu Agency’s office in Gaza is located was totally destroyed by Israeli warplanes.

No deaths or injuries were reported in the attack.

The strikes occurred following reports that two Israeli soldiers had been injured by gunfire near the Gaza-Israel buffer zone on Friday.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

Netanyahu orders army to launch ‘more strikes’ on Gaza

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes on the blockaded Gaza strip, on 5 May 2019 [Mohammad Asad - Middle East Monitor]

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes on the blockaded Gaza strip, on 5 May 2019

Pressing ahead with Israeli aggression, Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he had ordered his army to continue striking Palestine’s blockaded Gaza strip, Israeli media reported, Anadolu reports.

At a Security Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said he had ordered the Israeli army “to continue their strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip,” adding that the Israeli army “is beefing up its armored forces, artillery batteries and infantry troops in the Gaza border area,” Yediot Aharonot daily reported.

The Security Cabinet decided to continue the military attacks on Gaza, Israel’s Channel 13 reported.

A source from the Cabinet told the channel that it will not accept a proposal of calm in exchange for calm, saying that any pause will come with Israeli conditions.

READ: Pregnant mother and 14-month-old daughter among Gaza dead

Since Saturday, 12 Palestinians, including a pregnant woman and her infant child, have been martyred and 83 others wounded by Israeli air strikes.

Two Israelis have been killed since Saturday by Palestinian resistance factions’ rocket attacks in response to Israeli raids Friday which left four Palestinians martyred. Another 84 Israelis have received medical treatment, including 62 for panic attacks.

At least 200 civilian targets have been hit in Israeli raids in the Gaza Strip since Saturday, including seven residential houses.

The escalation in the Gaza Strip started when four Palestinians were martyred, including a teenager, and 51 wounded on Friday in Israeli attacks on Hamas-affiliated sites and a separate attack on a Palestinian rally against the decade-long occupation and siege of the Gaza Strip.

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Updated: Israel Continues To Bomb Gaza After Killing Pregnant Mother And Her Baby

05 May 3:22 AM

The Israeli army continued, on Sunday at dawn, the bombardment and shelling of several parts of the Gaza Strip, inflicting more injuries among the Palestinians, and serious property damage, just hours after the army killed four Palestinians, including a baby, and her mother who was also pregnant.

Media sources said the army fired missiles into many structures, homes and apartment buildings in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli missiles and shells targeted many areas in several parts of Gaza city, including the Shati’ refugee camp, in addition to Beit Lahia and Jabalia, in northern Gaza, Rafah and Khan Younis, in the southern part.

The Israeli missile also struck an apartment building in the Rimal neighborhood, in the center of Gaza Strip, and leveled it.

Furthermore, at least one Palestinian was injured at dawn, when the army fired missiles at homes and buildings in the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza, injuring one Palestinian.

This attack came just short hours after the army fired missiles into two others residential buildings in the same neighborhood.

The army is still firing missiles and shells into several parts of the besieged Gaza Strip, while armed and surveillance drones are ongoing with their flights over the coastal region.

Palestinian armed resistance factions in Gaza threatened to expand the firing of shells into Israeli areas if the army does not halt its military escalation on Gaza, and said that their missiles will be fired into areas that are even more than 40 kilometers away from the coastal region.

Israeli media sources said three persons, including an elderly woman, were injured, Saturday, by a Palestinian shell, and added that armed groups in Gaza fired dozens of shells into several Israeli areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army has killed a pregnant Palestinian mother, identified as Falasteen Saleh Abu Arar, 37, and her baby girl, Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, 14 months, after firing a missile at their home in Gaza city.

Furthermore, the soldiers killed another Palestinian, identified as Khaled Mohammad Abu Qleiq, 25, after the army fired several missiles into areas in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza.

Among the targeting buildings was “Abdullah al-Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation” which is run by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), located in a residential building in Gaza city.

The Israeli bombardment also caused damage to several shops and stores, in addition to media agencies, including the Turkish Anadolu News Agency.

In addition, the Israeli missiles caused a power blackout after its missiles caused damage to power lines in the Industrial Area, east of Gaza city.

The Electric Company said it managed to restore the power in the Industrial Area, however, Israel bombed the area again, causing another blackout.

It added that its technicians are trying to enter the area, but are facing numerous obstacles and safety risks due to ongoing Israeli bombing.

Armed resistance factions in Gaza said they retaliated to the Israeli escalation by firing shells into several Israeli areas, including Ofakim, Asqalan (Ashkelon), Be’er as-Sabe’ (Beersheba) and Keryat Gat.

Israeli sources said that two Israelis were injured, including one who suffered serious wounds, after a shell which was fired from Gaza struck a building in Asqalan (Ashkelon).

Earlier Saturday, the soldiers killed one Palestinian, identified as Emad Mohammad Nosseir, 22, from Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, the soldiers killed two Palestinians during the Great Return March processions, and later killed two members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

Besides killing the four Palestinians, the soldiers also injured 82 Palestinians, including 34 children, two journalists and three medics.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

Israeli Missiles Kill Three Palestinians East Of Gaza

05 May 3:55 PM

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has confirmed that Israeli missiles killed, Sunday, three young Palestinian men, east of Gaza city, amidst ongoing Israeli bombardment and shelling targeting several parts of the coastal region. Two Israelis kills by Palestinian shells.

The Ministry said the Israeli missiles killed Bilal Mohammad al-Banna, 23, and Abdullah Nofal Abu al-‘Ata, 21, in the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city.

It added that the soldiers also killed one Palestinian, identified as Hamed Ahmad al-Khodary, 34, and injured three others, after the army fired missiles targeting al-Khodary’s car in the ad-Daraj neighborhood in Gaza city.

They were among many Palestinians targeted by the Israeli missiles, leading to several injuries, and serious property damage.

His death was a targeted assassination as Israel claims he was in charge of funneling money from Iran to Hamas movement in Gaza.

In addition, Israeli sources said one Israeli man, 50, suffered a critical injury when a Palestinian shell directly struck his car near Kibbutz Erez, and added that a house was directly hit with a shell in Be’er as-Sabe’ (Beersheba).

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, has reported that two Israelis s

uffered critical wounds, and two others were seriously injured, on Saturday afternoon, by Palestinian shells in Ashkelon (Asqalan).

According Haaretz, the army spokesperson since the military has struck 260 “targets” in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

In addition, Israeli Channel 7 News said Palestinian shells struck a factory in Ashkelon (Asqalan), killing two Israelis, 49 and 22 years of age, who remained unidentified at the time of this report, and one man was moderately injured.

An Israel man, identified as Moshe Adadi, 58, was also killed by a shell fired from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli missiles and shells continue to strike Palestinian homes, residential buildings, infrastructure, farmlands, roads and public facilities, in addition to a few media agencies, in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

Earlier Sunday, the Health Ministry said the soldiers killed Mahmoud Sobhi Issa, 26, and Fawzi Abdul-Halim Bawadi, 24, in the al-Boreij refugee camp. Both are members of the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad.

In addition, an Israeli man, identified as Moshe Adadi, 58, was killed by shrapnel from a shell fired from Gaza into Ashkelon. He is the first Israeli to be killed by a Palestinian shell since the deadly massive Israeli war on Gaza in the summer of 2014.

It is worth mentioning that, as confirmed by Haaretz at the time of this report, nine Israelis were injured by shrapnel from Palestinian shells, among them a woman, 80, who suffered serious wounds, and a man, 50, who suffered moderate wounds.

Although the total number of injured Israelis, in the part 24 hours, was set at 115 at the time of this report, and three were killed.  Among the injured many who were “hurt while running to shelters” and 60 were treated for “panic attacks.”

Haaretz said three of the wounded Israelis suffered serious wounds, and one was moderately injured, 53 lightly wounded, and 55 “treated for shock,” and twenty-eight are in the emergency room and nine are hospitalized.

In addition, Israeli Ynet News has reported that the army has ordered the deployment of a brigade of the Armored Corps along the perimeter with Gaza, in anticipation of further military escalation.

On Saturday, the Israeli army killed a pregnant Palestinian mother, identified as Falasteen Saleh Abu Arar, 37, and her baby girl, Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, 14 months, after firing a missile at their home in Gaza city.

Furthermore, the soldiers killed another Palestinian, identified as Khaled Mohammad Abu Qleiq, 25, after the army fired several missiles into areas in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza.

More than ninety Palestinians, including many women and children, have been injured by Israeli missiles and shells in Gaza.

Among the targeted buildings was “Abdullah al-Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation” which is run by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), located in a residential building in Gaza city

The Israeli bombardment also caused damage to several shops and stores, in addition to media agencies, including the Turkish Anadolu News Agency.

Earlier Saturday, the soldiers killed one Palestinian, identified as Emad Mohammad Nosseir, 22, from Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, the soldiers killed two Palestinians during the Great Return March processions, and later killed two members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

Three Israelis killed in Gaza rocket attacks

Palestinian resistance groups expanded circle of their targets after Israeli army was ordered to intensify its strikes in the densely populated Gaza Strip

Israeli media said three Israelis had been killed in rocket attacks launched from Gaza Strip since the start of current Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave on Saturday.

Palestinians military sources said that Al-Qassam Brigades had targeted Israeli military vehicle near Erez Crossing. The vehicle as almost completely damaged.

The sources also said that Al-Qassam and Al-Quds Brigades had targeted another Israeli military vehicle east of Gaza’s middle area with a cornet device.

Israeli military sources reports tens of Israelis wounded as hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza towards Israel.

This came as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have issued his orders for the Israeli army to intensify its attacks on Gaza, which has been under a strict Israeli siege since mid-2007.

Meanwhile, continuous Israeli strikes in Gaza killed ten Palestinians, including a 14-month-old baby and her pregnant mother and wounded over 70 others.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

Two cousins killed in fresh Israeli strike in Gaza

Death toll of Israeli strikes since Saturday morning reached 12 and wounded 105

Mohamad abu-Aramana, 30, and his cousin Mahmoud abu-Aramana, 27, were the last two Palestinians killed in Israeli strike in east of Al-Burij Refugee Camp, the middle area of Gaza Strip.

According to the ministry of health, killing these two citizens brings the death toll since Saturday morning to 12.

This came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered “massive” and “deadly” strikes in Gaza, which has been under a strict Israeli siege for more than 12 years.

“This morning, I instructed the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] to continue with their attacks on terrorists in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

“I also instructed that forces around the Gaza Strip be stepped up with tank, artillery and infantry forces,” he added.

The Israeli strikes also wounded around 105 Palestinians during the two days of Israeli offensive on the coastal enclave.

It is worthnoting that the Israeli aircrasts, artilleries and tanks as well as the gunships are pounding Gaza with more and more strikes.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

During the Ongoing Israeli Offensive on Gaza Strip: Israel Targets Press Offices and Cultural Institutions

On Saturday, 04 May 2019, during the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes targeted a press office and a cultural institution with several missiles.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), at approximately 20:00, Israeli warplanes targeted a 6-story-residential building in eastern Gaza City, where Anadolu News Agency is located, and completely destroyed it. The building owner, Iyad Yaser Iqtifan (45), said that he received a phone call at 19:30 and the caller asked him about the Anadolu News Agency, which is located in his building. The caller ordered Iyad and the residents of the building to evacuate within half an hour. Half an hour later, an Israeli drone targeted the abovementioned building with five missiles and then an Israeli warplane targeted the building with 2 more missiles. As a result, the building was completely destroyed and no casualties were reported. It should be noted that the building was also home to the Prisoners Information Office .

In a separate incident, at approximately 21:05, Israeli warplanes targeted al-Khuzundar residential building which was comprised of 5 stories, in Al-Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza City, and completely destroyed it. It should be noted that the abovementioned building included the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Abdullah Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation as well as the Turkish charity Yardimeli Dernegi.

It seems that press offices and cultural institutions have become a target for the Israeli occupation forces during their recent offensives on the Gaza Strip. It should be noted that on 09 August 2018, Israeli warplanes destroyed Sa’ed al-Mishal Cultural Centre in western Gaza City.

PCHR affirms that the Israeli policy of targeting civilian buildings, which include press offices and cultural institutions, constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law, in particular Article 52 of Additional Protocol I of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which stipulates that civilian objects shall not be the object of attack and that attacks shall be limited strictly to military objectives. Moreover, in case of doubt whether an object, which is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed not be so used and therefore be considered as a civilian building. Moreover, direct and deliberate targeting of civilian objects is a war crime in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 2 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

(Source / 05.05.2019)

Zo start je het vasten van de Ramadan!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ramadan 2019

De maan is zojuist aanschouwd. Dit betekent dat morgen, 6 mei, de eerste dag van de gezegende maand Ramadan is! En dit houdt in dat de intentie voor het vasten van Ramadan vóór aanvang van fajr (ochtendgebed) moet zijn genomen, vanwege de volgende overlevering:
Wie geen intentie voor het vasten heeft vóór fajr, zijn vasten is niet correct. [Bayhaqi]

Het nemen van de intentie is geen ingewikkelde handeling. De intentie houdt in dat jij vastberaden bent om de volgende dag te vasten. En dat ben je. Want wanneer iemand jou zou vragen of je morgen vast, dan zou je direct antwoorden: ‘natuurlijk!’ Dit duidt erop dat jouw intentie gewoon aanwezig is. 
Moet deze intentie dagelijks voor iedere dag afzonderlijk worden genomen of volstaat de intentie, om de hele maand te vasten, aan het begin van de maand?
De geleerden verschillen hierover in mening. Meerdere grote geleerden neigen naar de mening dat de intentie aan het begin van de maand volstaat. Wellicht dat deze de sterkste mening is.
Wel moet daarbij in acht worden genomen dat degene die het vasten heeft verbroken, vanwege bijvoorbeeld ziekte, reis of menstruatie, zijn intentie moet vernieuwen indien hij of zij de volgende dag weer van plan is om te vasten.
De sahoer
Het valt onder de manieren van het vasten om de vastende dag met sahoer (ochtendmaaltijd) te starten. Dit was de gewoonte van onze nobele profeet vrede zij met hem en zijn metgezellen. De profeet vrede zij met hem zei: 

“Nuttig de sahoer, want de sahoer is gezegend.” [Bukhari] 

En hij zei: 

“Nuttig de sahoer, ook al is het slechts een beetje water.” [ibn Hibbaan]
De profeet heeft in een overlevering het eten van dadels als sahoer geprezen, het is daarom aanbevolen om ook dadels te nuttigen met de sahoer.

Degene die de sahoer nuttigt, dient dit te doen met de intentie van het navolgen van de sunnah van de profeet vrede zij met hem, zodat dit een aanbidding is en hij hiervoor wordt beloond.

De sunnah van sahoer is om deze uit te stellen tot aan het einde van de nacht, vlak vóór fajr aanbreekt. Dus als je bijvoorbeeld aan een kwartier genoeg hebt voor de sahoer, nuttig je deze een kwartier vóór fajr.
Van de voordelen van het nuttigen van sahoer kort vóór fajr, is dat je het fajrgebed tijdig verricht, vóór zonsopgang. Beter kan je de dag niet beginnen!
Ook is de tijd van sahoer een gezegende tijd voor smeekbede en het vragen van vergiffenis. Allah heeft zijn vrome dienaren geprezen in de Koran voor het feit dat zij Hem op dat tijdstip vergiffenis vragen. Allah zegt:
“En in de ashaar (tijd vóór fajr) vragen zij om vergiffenis.” [51:18]
Het kwartier of langer voor tijd stoppen met eten, ook wel aangeduid op sommige gebedskalenders met imsak, wordt door de geleerden als een innovatie (bid’ah) beschouwd en als overdrijven in het geloof. Je mag eten totdat fajr aanbreekt.

Beste broeders en zusters

Weet dat het bereiken van deze gezegende maand op zich een grote gunst is. Hoeveel van onze jonge broeders en zusters dachten er deze maand gewoon bij te zullen zijn, maar is de dood tussenbeide gekomen? Hoeveel van onze broeders en zusters genoten tot voor kort nog van een goede gezondheid totdat zij plotseling met een ziekte zijn getroffen? Maak gebruik van jouw leven en goede gezondheid door altijd bezig te zijn met datgene waar Allah van houdt en tevreden mee is. 

Beste broeders en zusters

Allah zegt:

“O jullie die geloven, het vasten is jullie verplicht gesteld zoals het ook degenen vóór jullie verplicht is gesteld opdat jullie Allah zullen vrezen. (het vasten is slechts) Een beperkt aantal dagen.” [2:184]

We vasten een maand, maar in werkelijkheid zijn het slechts een beperkt aantal dagen, voor je het weet is deze mooie maand weer voorbij!
Moge Allah de meest Verhevene ons helpen bij het nuttig besteden van deze gezegende maand en ons vergeven voor onze tekortkomingen.

(Kennisviamail.nl / 05.05.2019)

Around 70 Airstrikes within 12 Hours… Israel Violates the Gaza Strip: Pregnant Woman and her Baby Girl Killed ,,, Residential Buildings Targeted … and Israeli Attacks Continue

The Israeli forces escalated their attacks against the Gaza Strip and continued to carry out intense airstrikes and shelling throughout the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli warplanes continue until the moment to target residential buildings in central Gaza neighborhoods in a serious escalation forewarning of more casualties.

This wave of escalation came after a bloody day in which the Israeli forces killed four Palestinians.  Two of them were civilians, including a person with a disability, who were targeted with live ammunition during their participation in the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege, east of Khan Younis and al-Bureij refugee camp.  Meanwhile, the other two were members of the Palestinian armed groups who were in a military site that was targeted in eastern Maghazi refugee camp shortly after the Israeli forces announced that two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a Palestinian shooting, east of al-Bureij.

According to PCHR’s fieldworkers, the Israeli airstrikes began at 09:45 on Saturday, 04 May 2019, in an airstrike on Al-Qarman Street in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, under the pretext of responding to a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip and fell on an open area in the Israeli”Shaar HaNegev” compound adjacent to the Gaza Strip, According to the Israeli forces’ Statement.

The Israeli airstrikes and artillery shelling then continued across the Gaza Strip. According to our fieldworkers (until 21:30), the Israeli forces fired 50 artillery shells and 78 missiles at 76 targets, including two residential buildings, 11 agricultural plots, and the Palestinian armed groups’ military sites and checkpoints that were previously targeted more than once.

At approximately 17:55 on the same day, an explosion of still-undetermined origin occurred in al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in eastern Gaza City.  As a result, a 14-month-old toddler, Saba Mahmoud Hamdan Abu ‘Arar , and a 5-month pregnant woman, Falastine Saleh Abu ‘Arar (37) as well as her fetus were killed.  Moreover, Ma’azouzah Mohammed Abu ‘Arar (72) and Hussam Adnan Abu ‘Arar (2 years) were wounded.  Meanwhile, PCHR’s staff is still investigating the circumstances of the explosion.

The airstrikes also resulted in the killing of a member of the Palestinian armed groups in the northern Gaza Strip while 12 other Palestinians were wounded, including a woman.

Simultaneously with the preparation of this press release, the Israeli forces destroyed two buildings, which included residential apartments, offices and media offices in Al-Remal neighborhood in Gaza City.  As a result, the building was completely destroyed and the residents were displaced.

In addition to the destruction caused by the Israeli airstrikes against the targeted locations and the damage to nearby houses and facilities, the explosions caused widespread panic and fear among the Gaza population, especially women and children, recalling their harsh experiences in the 3 last offensives on Gaza (2008-2009, 2012 and 2014.)

While preparing this press release, the Israeli airstrikes and shelling continued to target residential buildings in densely-populated neighborhoods, inflicting more casualties and destruction.  All of this has been followed up by PCHR’s staff spread all over the Gaza Strip to document and investigate the circumstances of those crimes.

As part of their ongoing policy of collective punishment, the Israeli forces declared the closure of the Kerem Abu Salem Crossing, east of Rafah, the only commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, and Beit Hanoun “Erez” Crossing for individuals in the northern Gaza Strip. It also announced completely closing the Sea, and prevented fishermen from sailing and fishing, starting at 16:30 today, depriving thousands of fishermen of their livelihoods.

In light of the continued strikes and indicators of escalating the aggression, PCHR warns that civilians are paying dearly and the successive airstrikes have turned more than two million Palestinians into hostages to aggression, fear, anxiety and direct targeting.

PCHR condemns the ongoing wave of escalation and fears the possibility of further deterioration. PCHR emphasizes that the Israeli ongoing airstrikes against the densely-populated areas and use of weapons on the basis of collective reprisal constitute grave violations of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949,and amount to war crimes.

 (Source / 05.05.2019)