Israel Seizes Palestinian Lands For New Settler Plan

The Israeli occupation army has ordered the confiscation of privately-owned Palestinian lands in al-Khalil in preparation for the construction of a new settler road.

Palestinian activist and researcher Jamal al-Omla said Israel will seize 401 dunums of farmland located in Beit Ummar, Halhul, Khirbet Beit Kharaf, Ras al-Qadi, and Khirbet al-Daraji.

Al-Omla described the new move as dangerous and said that it would impose a real threat to the Palestinians living in the targeted area.

According to al-Omla, the new settler road is planned to penetrate some Palestinian homes and farmlands, which means house demolition is an inevitable part of the project.

(Source / 29.04.2019) 

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