On April 4th Israeli occupation claimed that its occupation forces’ soldiers had shot two youths and arrested them along with a third on the preceding evening after they had crossed the border fence from the besieged Gaza Strip. Israeli occupation also alleged that one of three youths had consecutively died of his wounds in a hospital in the city of Beersheba in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

Two of the youths were released back to the tiny littoral enclave on April 5th, but the identity of the youth Israel said it’s troops had killed was not revealed by either Israeli or Palestinian authorities. The two youths released were both shown to be underage.

Then, on April 15th Israeli occupation announced the death of 16-year-old Ishaq Abdul Muti Suwailm Eshteiwi – and revealed that he was the youth Israel had already once reported to have died on April 4th. (In some reports the original Israeli occupation claim has led to the mistaken claim that there would be two dead victims, Eshteiwi and unknown second one reported on April 4th.)

The teenager had lived week-and-a-half after his death had been announced by Israel’s regime. This has raised some suspicions of what actually happened to him – and a likely futile hope that some of the dozen people whose bodies Israel claims to be hoarding after killing them on the Gaza border during the Great Return March, could in fact be alive as their relatives have not been given more than the Israeli regime’s word as evidence that they are dead.

(Source / 21.04.2019) 

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