Israel’s occupation forces killed a teenage volunteer paramedic near Bethlehem on the occupied West Bank on the morning of Wednesday March 27th. SHOT WHILE TRYING TO REACH WOUNDED The shooting took place after Israel’s occupation forces’ troops had invaded the al-Deheisha refugee camp and had clashed with local youths, wounding 3-4 of them and abducting three people. Sajed Abed al-Hakim Mezher, aged 17 or 18, was shot in his abdomen with a live bullet by Israeli occupation soldier at 06:00 am while he was running to reach a wounded person. Metzher was wearing his medic’s uniform and a reflective vest when he was hit. A fellow paramedic witnessed Mezher’s shooting: “There were clashes, people were throwing stones, and four had been wounded. He ran to help someone and got shot. I was right behind him. He thought he had been hit in the leg. But there was no blood because it was the abdomen.” Mezher was evacuated to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. He was still conscious near the end and was able to raise his hand and made a victory sign with his fingers. His funeral took place in the afternoon in Bethlehem. MARTYR OF THE INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN MOVEMENT According to his family, he is “martyr of the international humanitarian movement”. The Mezhers lost his 15-year-old cousin Arkan Tha’er Mizhir on July 22nd 2018, when he was shot in chest by Israeli occupation soldier in the al-Deheisha camp. Sajed’s father said that he ‘begged’ his son not to go, but Sajed had answered that he was trained to help in situations like the one they had and that his medical uniform would protect him: “I begged him not to leave, I told him that the soldiers wouldn’t care if he was wearing a medical vest or not, but he insisted on going. He thought they wouldn’t shoot someone wearing a medical vest. He told me that he cannot abandon the wounded at this moment, saying he was trained to provide humanitarian aid at times like this. He told me not to worry and that he was protected under international law wearing his official uniform… but he was still shot and killed.” The local head of WHO in the occupied Palestinian territories, Dr Gerald Rockenschaub lamented Sajed Mezher’s killing: “We are saddened by this tragic loss. Health workers provide critical care and save lives. Their protection must be ensured. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Sajed’s family and our colleagues at PMRS.”    

  (Source / 29.03.2019) 

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