10 people, including 2 children, were wounded in Israel’s occupation forces attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip on Monday and early on Tuesday. Israeli occupation fired and dropped over 100 bombs and missiles to the small coastal enclave of two million people in the attacks. Among the targets were nine sites belonging to Hamas, the office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, various office and business sites including a driving school and al-Multazem insurance company; Israeli occupation claimed that the latter would’ve been ‘secret headquarters’ for Hamas operatives, which was denied by Palestinian sources. Civilian residential buildings, including four-story one belonging to the Ghazali family in Gaza City, were also git and in that particular case, completely destroyed. Israeli bombing overall left 70 people, including 44 children and 13 women, homeless. Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz mosque in Beit Hanoun caught fire after being hit by an Israeli bomb and was mostly destroyed. The mosque was built to replace a previous one which Israel destroyed in an air-strike on January 4th 2009. 20 agricultural sites were also hit in the Israeli occupation attacks, while resistance groups launched up to 50 rockets (and possibly mortars), none of which caused injuries or damage to infrastructure. The attacks came after a rocket hit a building in the town of Mishmeret in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948, injuring 8 persons, including 3 children. Israel’s occupation forces claimed that the rocket would have been launched from a Hamas site in Gaza, which Hamas denied, with an official of the movement commenting: “No one from the resistance movements, including Hamas, has an interest in firing rockets from the Gaza Strip towards the enemy.” Palestinian Authority’s caretaker government released a comment condemning the Israeli occupation forces’ attacks and pleaded for intervention from the world: “The international community cannot remain silent to the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza…” The reaction was expected; for example United Nations’ special envoy Nickolay Mladenov condemned the rocket launch but not Israeli occupation forces’ attacks and after thus neutralizing the weight of his other comments, made the usual warnings about the possibility of a war and that there was no alternative for a two-state solution. Currently a truce negotiated by Egypt seems to be largely holding beyond Israel’s occupation forces shooting 18-year-old teenager at his foot east of al-Bureij refugee camp with a rubber-coated steel bullet. Whether the truce will be continued is unclear. Approaching Knesset elections mean that Israel’s government will be even more prone than usual to military action instead of de-esclation. #Gaza #GazaStrip #Palestine

  (Source / 27.03.2019) 

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