Israel’s occupation forces have killed a fourth young man in the span of two days in the occupied West Bank.

Ahmad Jamal Mahmoud Manasra, aged 22 or 26, was killed by Israel’s occupation forces at a checkpoint at the entrance to the town of al-Khader – situated near the city of Bethlehem on the occupied West Bank – on the evening of Wednesday March 20th.

Manasra was shot in arm, chest and shoulder in the incident, which started as Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at a car driving before his own vehicle. The male driver of that car was hit in his abdomen and was seriously wounded; Manasra is claimed to have stopped to help him.

When Manasra was running back to his own car to move it from the road he was shot several times by occupation soldiers and died on the scene according to a Palestinian source. His body was recovered by Palestinian first responders and taken to hospital in near by Beit Jala.

Either Manasra or the man who was seriously wounded had his wife and children in a car with them; exactly which of them it was is unclear in sources.

Before Ahmad Manasra’s death Israel’s occupation troops had killed Omar Abu Leila(19), Raed Hashem Muhammad Hamdan(21) and Zaid Imad Muhammad Nuri(20) on Tuesday. According to PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi, these killings:

“…are illegal under international law and expose criminal intent on the part of Israeli forces, who continue to act with impunity and abject disregard for the Palestinian people’s basic right to live.”

Palestinian government condemns Israeli killing of 3 Palestinians

PLO condemns Israel’s summary execution of Palestinians

Updated: “Army Kills A Palestinian Trying To Provide Aid To Wounded Man In Bethlehem”

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(Source / 24.03.2019) 

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