The number of Nazis, Neo-Nazis and other antisemitic Fascists killed by the state of Israel since 1948 is one(1).

That one fascist that Israel has killed was the major Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, hanged after a trial in 1962.

When Israeli politicians speak to the ‘West’ about antisemitism, remember that Israel’s Mossad has killed over 2300 people in political assassinations and that none of them was a Nazi or an other antisemitic Fascist

The truth is that a very few states in the ‘Western’ sphere have done so little to combat antisemitic Far-Right since 1948 as Israel has.

Yet Israel uses threat of antisemitism, especially violent antisemitism, in its foreign propaganda while posing no actual threat to today’s Neo-Nazis spouting hate and making threats against Jews.

Mossad’s recent victims include people like a Palestinian scientist in Malaysia, Lebanese businessman in Angola, Tunisian aviation engineer and so forth, but no ‘Western’ Neo-Nazi or other Fascist threatening Jews with violence need to be scared about Mossad, because Israel simply doesn’t care.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban is leading what is the most antisemitic gov in Europe since Poland’s antisemitic purge of Jews in 1968; does Orban have to fear Mossad?

Of course not; he is embraced as an ally an friend by Israel’s regime – love affair cemented with the opening of a Hungarian ‘diplomatic office’ in divided Jerusalem.

When Israel’s regime and the apologists for the Israeli occupation accuse critics of Israeli occupation and Apartheid of ‘antisemitism’, remind them that actual antisemites have nothing to fear from Israel’s regime.

(Source / 23.02.2019)

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