Palestinian woman rushed to hospital as Israeli troops ravage homes

A Palestinian lady was transferred to a hospital for urgent treatment shortly after heavily-armed Israeli forces cordoned off the southern occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil and wreaked havoc on Palestinian homes.

Local sources said Israeli soldiers ransacked civilian homes in al-Khalil, including the home of Palestinian citizen Mutassem al-Natsha. The latter’s wife was rushed to a local hospital as a result of the panic wrought by the arbitrary assault.

At the same time, Israeli troops rolled into Dura town, to the south of al-Khalil, and ravaged Palestinian ex-prisoners’ homes.

Ex-prisoner Bassam al-Zeir said a full-armed patrol broke into his family home in Wad Abu al-Kamra neighborhood and forced the residents out, before they smashed the property and entrance gates.

The occupation forces further sealed off the access roads to the city with a set of flying military checkpoints, where Palestinian drivers and civilians have been made to endure exhaustive inspection.

(Source / 22.02.2019)

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