Israeli Occupation Forces Murder 4 Palestinians In West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feels proud of murdering the Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces have murdered four Palestinians in West Bank since dawn, prompting massive wave of protests among the Palestinians.

In the city of Ramallah, in the centre of the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation forces stormed a house, where Ashraf Naalwa, whom Israel claim carried out an attack on an Israeli settlement two months ago, and liquidated him.

Meanwhile, in Nablus, the Israeli occupation forces stormed a house and liquidated the Palestinian youth Saleh al-Barghouti.

Al-Barghouti, according to Israeli occupation sources, opened fire early this week at an Israeli settlement and wounded seven illegal settlers from the illegal settlement of Ofra.

Several hours late, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the Palestinian youth Majd Muteer from a zero distance, claiming he attempted to kill two policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City.

At the southern entrance of Al-Bira, Israeli occupation killed a fourth Palestinian and the Israeli coordination committee informed the Palestinian Authority about the murder, but did not give more details.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feels cheered that the Israeli occupation forces murdered the Palestinians, saying “we settled the score with them… and their life is forfeit.”

(Source / 13.12.2018) 

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