Ashraf Waleed Naalwa(23) was killed by Israel’s occupation forces in the Askar refugee camp near the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on the early hours of Thursday December 13th. Israeli occupation forces besieged him in the apartment where he was hiding and after a gunfight killed Naalwa, who had been evading the occupation troops for two months. Photographs taken after his death show the apartment riddled with bullet holes and several walls covered with blood, with bullets laying scattered on the floor. He was accused of killing two and wounding one illegal Israeli settler in the illegal industrial colony of Birkan near the illegal mega-colony of Ariel in the northern Salfit district of the occupied West Bank. Naalwa had beenworking in the illegal colony earlier and was recorded on security camera footage entering and leaving the illegal colony at the time of the shooting. Although Israeli occupation claimed the attack as ‘terrorism’ and several resistance group as resistance to the occupation, it must be mentioned that Naalwa had been fired from his job just before the shooting took place and that it could have been motivated by this. Israel’s occupation forces kinapped two young men from the Askar refugee camp, Amjad and Raed Bashkar, in connection of the raid that killed Naalwa. (Source / 13.12.2018) 

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