Illegal Israeli settlers have attacked with impunity villages and traffic in many parts of the occupied West Bank after 7 illegal Israeli settlers were injured in a drive by shooting late on Sunday December 9th. In this they are again acting as the militia arm of Israel’s occupation forces, which have raided towns and villages largely in the same areas.

The attacks have taken place mainly along main traffic routes around Nablus and Ramallah, but have included attacks in the Salfit district and in the Ramallah-area villages and the city of Hebron also. Illegal settlers have done the attacks mainly from the safety of Israel’s occupation forces’ protection, like at the Huwwara checkpoint in the Nablus district, where they damaged property at a scrap yard and also besieged a house belonging to Ahmad Lufti, throwing stones at it. Mainly the settlers have blocked roads and thrown stones at passing cars.

The shooting took place on a highway near the illegal colony outpost of Ofra when a group of illegal settlers were standing at bus stop. They were shot at from a passing car. According to @ShehabAgency the gunfire lasted only six seconds. 4 teenagers all aged 16 suffered light injuries, 2 adult men suffered moderate injuries and a 21-year-old pregnant woman suffered serious-to-critical injuries. Her baby was delivered via Caesarean section and survived unharmed and is in a good condition.

Unconfirmed early claim in social media was that occupation soldiers would have been with the illegal settlers on the bus stop and would have survived unharmed. This seems to have been wrong, as were claims in the immediate aftermath that up to 11 illegal settlers would have been injured.

The town of Silwad was blocked and invaded by Israeli occupation troops in the aftermath, which raided outskirts of the city of Ramallah and the nearby village of Abu Qash and Surda taking footage from security cameras with them. The entrace to the town of al-Bireh was also closed by occupation forces. These raids led to confrontations with local youths and in Ramallah vast tear gas clouds drifted not only in the streets but atop the city itself.

The illegal colony outpost of Ofra have been established by illegal Israeli settlers themselves without approval from Israel’s regime, which then provided it with services it doesn’t provide to occupied Palestinians in the area, from electricity to water and sewage – and occupation forces’ protection. Now Israeli regime is expected to wave it’s Zionist magic wand and to ‘legalize’ Ofra to placate the illegal settler movement.

Israeli occupation has revealed a video of the shooting which can be seen online. In our sources, follow the link to Maan News article and roll down to watch it. Although most news articles assume there were several people in the car, based on how the driver seem to have some trouble with controlling the vehicle it could be that there was only one person who steered with one hand and used a gun with the other.

Meanwhile 4 Palestinians were shot and wounded with rubber-coated steel bullets by occupation forces when they escorted illegal Israeli settlers to the so-called ‘Joseph’s tomb’ near the city of Nablus. The illegal Israeli settlers and Israel’s regime claim the site is a tomb of Old Testament figure Joseph, although the first record of it is as a Samaritan shrine in the early middle-ages and the current building is only from the year 1868.

(Source / 11.12.2018) 

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