Jewish settlers slash tires of 30 Palestinian cars in Kafr Qasim

Slash tires

A horde of extremist Jewish settlers at dawn Sunday sabotaged the tires of some 30 Palestinian vehicles in the central Israeli-controlled Arab town of Kafr Qasim and spray-painted threats and slurs on property.

One truck was spray-painted with the slogan, “Jews will not be silent.” A wall was also prayed in Hebrew with “Death to Arabs.”

The Israeli police claimed they launched an investigation into the incident.

On Friday, the police said they were investigating the vandalism of a building and vehicles in a Palestinian village near Bethlehem.

Residents of the West Bank village of Jab’a, southwest of Bethlehem, said they discovered Hebrew graffiti spray-painted on homes and cars in the morning, and the tires of nine vehicles had been punctured. The graffiti included Stars of David and the words “Bat Ayin evacuation — revenge.” The previous day, the Israeli authorities had demolished an illegally constructed toilet facility near a synagogue in the nearby settlement of Bat Ayin.

Last Sunday, a number of vehicles were damaged and graffiti was spray-painted on walls and cars in the Palestinian village of al-Mughayir in the central West Bank.

Last month, Aisha Rabi, a Palestinian mother of eight, was killed when a big rock, thrown by a settler, flew through the windshield of the car her husband was driving and struck her head.

Such settlers’ attacks have increased in frequency in recent months.

However, Israeli law enforcement authorities exhibit extreme incompetence in addressing such widespread occurrence of settlers’ crimes.

The vast majority of investigation files regarding harm to Palestinians and their property are closed due to deliberate police failure to investigate properly. The deficiencies and flaws in the work of the Israeli police are clearly noticed at every stage of an investigation when the victim is a Palestinian citizen.

(Source / 02.12.2018)

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