Palestinian hunger striker free from Israel jails

Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan has been freed after 11 months in Israeli jails [Twitter]

Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan has been freed after 11 months in Israeli jails

Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan has been freed after 11 months in Israeli jails.

Adnan had undertaken a hunger strike for two months in protest against his administrative detention. This ended when an Israeli court sentenced him on the grounds that he is affiliated to a banned organisation in reference to Islamic Jihad.

Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan has been freed after 11 months in Israeli jails [Twitter]

The 40-year-old has become an icon of Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strikes since his first strike of 66 days in 2011. He undertook another hunger strike which lasted 55 days in 2014. Adnan has repeatedly been detained by occupation forces with no charges brought against him. He has spent a total of eight years in Israeli jails.

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There are currently some 6,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails, of which 465 are detained under administrative detention. Following Adnan’s hunger strike, an estimate of 2,000 prisoners went on hunger strike in 2012, demanding an end to the policy of administrative detention, isolation and other punitive measures they faced.

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Yousef: Patients in Gaza must be saved urgently

Head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, Essam Yousef

Head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, Essam Yousef

Dr Essam Yousef, head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, said that the health sector in Gaza has deteriorated to an unprecedented level as a result of the continued siege and attacks by the Israeli war machine against the Palestinian people in the Strip.

In a statement issued today, Yousef said that the health sector has reached a level of depletion that cannot be ignored, as the institutions are unable to provide adequate and appropriate services to citizens.

He noted that the health sector, including the medical institutions and staff, are suffering and have been experiencing a gradual decline since the imposition of the Israeli blockade of Gaza more than 11 years ago. In addition to this, the wars waged by the occupation on Gaza in 2008, 2012 and 2014 have drained the health sector significantly.

Gaza hospital suspends services due to fuel shortages - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Yousef added that the attack by the occupation army against Gaza earlier this week, which deliberately targeted the homes of civilians, and its attacks on peaceful demonstrators participating in the “Great March of Return” have exacerbated the suffering of the health sector and reduced its functionality.

Hospitals and health centres in the Gaza Strip are no longer able to absorb the sick and the wounded, especially as the number of wounded civilians participating in the return marches reached more than 20,000, Yousef warned. This led to hospitals postponing surgeries for thousands of patients, including cancer and cardiac patients.

Yousef urged the international community to immediately save the lives of thousands of patients at risk of death by providing urgent support to the health sector in Gaza. This includes the provision of medications, basic equipment, and medical supplies.

He also called for providing support to medical staff by means of providing salaries, financial allocations and training opportunities.

2 out of 5 patients in #Gaza who apply for medical care outside the strip are rejected by #israel



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US offers $5m bounty for Hamas official

U.S Ambassador Tim Sales (right) and Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Michael Evanoff (left)

The US Department of State yesterday announced that it is offering a reward up to $5 million for or information leading to the identification or location of Hamas’ deputy leader Saleh Al-Arouri.

Al-Arouri has been the deputy chief of the political bureau of Hamas since 2017. He was charged by Israel of founding the movement’s armed wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, and was imprisoned for 18 years in Israeli occupation prisons, he was last released in 2010 when he was deported to the Turkish capital Ankara. In 2014, Israel accused Al-Arouri of involvement in the kidnapping of three Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.

Rewards for Justice


WANTED: Hamas key leader, Salih al-Aruri. Lebanese Hizballah key leaders Khalil Yusif Mahmoud Harb and Haytham ‘Ali Tabataba’i. REWARD OFFERS– up to $5 million each. Provide information, get paid. 100% confidential. 

Hamas said the decision “serves the interests of Israel and its racist and aggressive policies against the Palestinian people”. It also reflects Washington’s bias “in favour of the [Israeli] enemy”, Hamas said.

The State Department also issued rewards for information on two Hezbollah leaders, Khalil Yusif Harb and Haytham Ali Tabtaba’i. The three are designated as Specially Designated Global Terrorists by the US Department of the Treasury.

This designation is part of the US’ “Rewards for Justice Program” through which “the Secretary of State may authorize rewards for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of anyone who plans, commits, aids, or attempts international terrorist acts against US persons or property, that prevents such acts from occurring in the first place”.

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The statement noted Al-Arouri’s involvement in founding Al-Qassam Brigades, adding he is collaborating with Qasem Soleimani, the chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The statement noted that “Harb has commanded and supervised Lebanese Hezbollah’s military operations in the Palestinian territories and in several countries throughout the Middle East”. Tabtaba’i was also claimed to be involved in “a larger Hezballah effort to provide training, material, and personnel in support of its destabilising regional activities”.

Lebanonese Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah’s son was also named a terrorist by the US yesterday. Jawad was accused of carrying out attacks against Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. The department also blacklisted Al-Mujahidin Brigades (AMB), which it said had links to the Lebanese group and had plotted a number of attacks against Israeli targets from a base in the Palestinian Territories.

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PA holds Israel responsible for escalation in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza deal with the aftermath of Israel’s deadly strikes

The Palestinian Authority (PA) yesterday placed full responsibility for the escalation in Gaza on the Israeli occupation, Quds Press reported.

“The Israeli occupation government drags our country and the whole region in to more dangers and tensions through its aggressive policies,” spokesman Yousef Al-Mahmoud said.

He also warned the Israeli occupation against committing crimes against the Palestinian people and their property, as well as from carrying out “crimes against the steadfast people in Gaza”.

The international community must “afford international protection” for the Palestinian people, he added.

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After three day of attacks on Gaza, the Israeli occupation agreed to a ceasefire last night. Fourteen Palestinians were killed during the Israeli attack on  the Strip and more than 35 were wounded. Eighty flats were completely destroyed and 800 were damaged, while the Al-Aqsa satellite channel was targeted and had its building completely destroyed.

According to the housing ministry in Gaza, the Israeli occupation fully destroyed 80 apartments, and caused severe damage to 50 apartments and light damage to 750 others.

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Illegal Colonists Burn A Palestinian Car In Nablus (Video)

14 NOV
9:20 AM

A group of fanatic illegal Israeli paramilitary settlers infiltrated, on Wednesday at dawn, into Orif village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, burnt a Palestinian car, and wrote racist graffiti.

Media sources in Nablus said the assailants burnt a car, owned by Mahmoud Mahfouth Shehada, after causing damage to it.

They added that the colonists also wrote racist anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab graffiti, before fleeing the area.

The attack is part of ongoing violation against the Palestinians, their homes, lands and property in several parts of the West Bank.

On October 12th, a Palestinian woman, identified as Aisha Mohammed Talal al-Rabi, 47, was killed by a group of Israeli paramilitary settlers, who used large rocks to attack the car she was riding in with her husband.

Aisha was killed, and her husband injured in the attack, which took place south of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank.

(Source / 14.11.2018)

Undercover Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians In Jerusalem

14 NOV
5:12 AM

Undercover Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at night, the al-‘Isawiya town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and abducted two teenage boys.

Media sources in Jerusalem said the undercover soldiers infiltrated into the town, before kidnapping Abed al-‘Oweiwi, 16, and Mohammad Mousa Hamdan, 19.

The undercover soldiers then drove away, taking the two Palestinians to an unknown destination, before regular army units invaded the town, and started firing flares, in addition to live rounds, gas bombs and concussion grenades, at Palestinians who protested the attack, and the abduction of the two teens.

The soldiers also invaded many neighborhoods and alleys in the town, and chased several Palestinians in an attempt to abduct them.

In related news, an Israeli court in occupied Jerusalem ordered six young Palestinian men, who were abducted on Tuesday at dawn, under further interrogation.

They have been identified as Mahmoud Abdul-Latif, Rami al-Fakhouri, Rawhi al-Kalghassi, Jihad Nasser Qous, Mahmoud Mo’nes and Jamil al-Abbassi.

(Source / 14.11.2018)

Israeli Navy Kills A Palestinian Fisherman In Gaza

14 NOV8:33 PM Israeli navy ships opened fire, Wednesday, at Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters, in northern Gaza, killing a young fisherman, the Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed. Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza, said the navy fired many live rounds at the fishing boats, killing Nawwaf Ahmad al-Attar, 20. The slain fisherman was killed in Palestinian waters, west of Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza. Al-Attar was from al-Atatra area in Beit Lahia. His death brings the number of Palestinians, killed by Israeli army fire and shells, since last Saturday, to fourteen. One of them, identified as Akram Yousef Ma’rouf, 29, was killed on Tuesday evening, by a missile fired from an Israeli drone, into the Shaima’ area, in Beit Lahia.
It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mofeed al-Hasayneh, has reported that the Israeli shelling and bombardment in the Gaza Strip, since Sunday, has caused destruction and damage to hundreds of buildings and structures. He said that eight residential units were destroyed, 50 were partially but seriously damaged, and 750 sustained light to moderate damage, and added that most of the targeted buildings are in the Gaza governorate. The Israeli shells and missiles struck homes, the headquarters of Al-Aqsa TV, Ar-Rahma residential building, Al-Amal Hostel, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, Ansar Governmental Center, a building owned by al-Yaziji family, in addition to many other buildings, structures and infrastructure sites. (Source / 14.11.2018)

Soldiers Storm Red Crescent In Jerusalem, Abducts Two Medics

14 NOV10:31 AM Israeli soldiers and intelligence officers invaded, on Wednesday morning, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) building in the Suwwana neighborhood, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and abducted two medics. The PRCS in Jerusalem said the soldiers abducted the two medics, identified as Rajeh Hawarin and Mohammad Odah from its building, and took them to an interrogation facility in the city. It denounced the invasion and abduction of the medics, especially since the military has been frequently invading and searching medical facilities and institutions in Jerusalem, and various parts of the occupied West Bank. In related news, many army jeeps invaded, late at night Tuesday, several neighborhoods in Jabal al-Mokabber neighborhood, in Jerusalem, especially the Schools Street. In Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded two areas in the city, searched homes, and abducted two young men, identified as Mohammad Hasan Nawawra and Jamal Shallash. (Source / 14.11.2018)

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman quits over Gaza truce

Avigdor Lieberman announces resignation in protest against Gaza ceasefire with Hamas, making early elections likely

Lieberman delivered a statement after his party, Yisrael Beiteinu, faction meeting at the Knesset [Ammar Awad/Reuters]

Lieberman delivered a statement after his party, Yisrael Beiteinu, faction meeting at the Knesset

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman has announced he is resigning from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in protest against a truce in Gaza.

Addressing reporters in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Lieberman said he deemed Tuesday’s Egyptian-mediated ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza “a capitulation to terror”.

“Despite the difference in opinion, I tried to stay a faithful member of the government for as long as possible … but it has failed,” Lieberman said.

He said he also fiercely objected to Israel’s allowing Qatar to deliver $15m in aid to Gaza last week.

“From my point of view there are two critical points that made it impossible for me to carry on; the $15m that went into the Gaza Strip taken in suitcases from Qatar … what would happen with the money after it has gone across the border,” the minister said.

“It went to the families of the terrorists who fought on the border with Israeli soldiers throwing grenades. These families are the first who are going to receive part of this $15m – in other words we are … giving terrorists money,” Lieberman added.

“The second point is regarding the ceasefire … I understand all of the reasons and all of the information [behind the decision], but I would not be able to look in the eyes of the people who are within the range of Hamas, who are taken prisoner by Hamas. Hamas has to understand that nobody should go close to the frontier.”

‘Political victory’

In a reaction on Wednesday, Hamas called Lieberman’s resignation a “political victory for Gaza”.

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said it marked “recognition of defeat and failure to confront the Palestinian resistance”, adding that “Gaza’s steadfastness sent a political shockwave” through Israel.

The resignation, which comes into effect 48 hours after Lieberman puts it in writing, significantly weakens Netanyahu’s coalition government and could bring about early elections.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu will take over as defence minister on an interim basis.

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Tel Aviv, Akiva Eldar, senior columnist at Al-Monitor, said Lieberman’s resignation did not come as a surprise.

“It was a matter of timing. The Israeli army, the chief of staff and the Shin Bet … they all strongly supported the ceasefire and ending the closure on Gaza and allowing more goods in,” Eldar said.

“[Lieberman] doesn’t have partners in the military establishment … they don’t think that cracking down on Hamas will put Israel in a better position … it will give Israel more problems in the international arena.

“Netanyahu just visited Oman, and we were playing in Abu Dhabi, so he [Netanyahu] is looking at the region and has to be careful not to cross certain red lines. Lieberman was a part of this … so it is cheap politics,” Eldar added.

(Source / 14.11.2018)

‘Everything is a target’: Gaza residents decry Israeli strikes

Civilians in besieged enclave express anger at ferocious Israeli attacks that targeted their homes and businesses.

The escalation came after at least seven Palestinians were killed on Sunday in a covert Israeli operation [Anadolu]

The escalation came after at least seven Palestinians were killed on Sunday in a covert Israeli operation

Gaza City – Ahmed Abu Saif struggles to maintain a straight face as he looks at the amorphous pile of rubble of what used to be a five-storey building he owned.

The structure is one of the several civilian sites that have been flattened over the past 24 hours in Gaza as Israeli jets pounded the besieged and densely-populated coastal enclave amid rising tensions.

“I expected to see my building burned to the ground one day, simply because I live in Gaza,” the 64-year-old owner of the al-Rahma building, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

“Everything in Gaza is a target, regardless of who it belongs to,” he said.

“The occupation does not differentiate. To them, a Palestinian is a Palestinian.”

At least seven Palestinians lost their lives in Israeli attacks since late on Monday

On Tuesday, the armed wing of Hamas, the group that administers the Gaza Strip, warned it would increase attacks and fire rockets at the Israeli towns of Ashdod and Beersheba if Israel continues to carry out air raids on civilian buildings.

The statement by al-Qassam Brigades was released hours after a rocket from Gaza killed an Israeli man in the coastal town of Ashkelon.

At least seven Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since late on Monday, in the worst flare-up of violence between the two sides since the 2014 Israeli assault on the Strip.

The escalation came after at least seven other Palestinians were killed on Sunday in a covert Israeli operation, to which Hamas responded with rocket fire from Gaza. One Israeli soldier was also killed in the undercover raid near Khan Younis.

‘I feel numb’

Abu Saif’s now-collapsed building served as office space to several non-governmental organisations and media outlets.

It also had a kitchen leased by Nayef al-Madhoun, a 45-year-old father of six who ran a catering business.

“Some people rang me [on Monday night] and told me that the building had been hit by an F-16 fighter jet,” al-Madhoun told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

“I came running from my home, which isn’t too far from here, and found that the building had been bombed to the ground,” he said, standing before the mass of twisted metals, cement blocks and scraps of wood.

Al-Madhoun said there was “nothing” in the building that would have posed as a threat to the Israeli army.

Abu Saif, the owner, does not think he will ever manage to rebuild al-Rahma.

Ahmed Abu Saif: ‘I expected to see my building burned to the ground one day’

“I feel numb,” he said.

Following the first round of warning sirens, he was contacted by people in the area who informed him of the looming attack.

But he refused to rush over.

“Whether I showed up or not last night, the outcome would have been the same,” Abu Saif said, his voice breaking.

He had hoped this building would help him live his last days as a retired man.

“I used to live and work in Saudi Arabia for 40 years. I had spent all my savings and invested in building this place so that I could have a sustained income to see me through my retirement years,” he said.

‘Indiscriminate attacks’

The Israeli army has over the past few days enhanced its deployment along the fortified fence bordering Gaza, which has been under a crippling Israeli and Egyptian-imposed blockade, now in its 12th year.

The latest round of fighting comes in a period where both Hamas and Israel seemed to have moved closer to a truce amid mediation efforts by Egypt, the United Nations and Qatar.

Ahmed Nasser: ‘We had no idea this building would ever become a target’

As air raids continued on Tuesday, residents of bombarded sites in Gaza said they were targets of “indiscriminate attacks”.

“We had no idea this building would ever become a target,” Ahmed Nasser, a resident in a seven-storey residential structure, told Al Jazeera.

He said doctors, pharmacists and engineers, all stripped of “political affiliations”, were residing in the building in central Gaza.

Among those who had to immediately evacuate, Nasser said, were a mother with a newborn baby and an elderly woman on a wheelchair, screaming in terror as they ran out with just the “clothes on their back”.

“They all started evacuating the building after hearing the sirens, but halfway through Israeli jets started firing towards the area,” the father-of-two said from the scene of the attack.

Nasser, a father of two, said he had lost more than the walls sheltering his family.

“I couldn’t save my college and Master’s certificates, even my passport and official documents are now gone,” Nasser said.

Like many in the besieged enclave, home to more than two million people, Nasser is unemployed due to Gaza’s dire economic conditions.

The siege has devastated the local economy, severely restricting food entry and access to basic services. It has also stopped the flow of construction materials needed to rebuild much of the enclave’s damaged infrastructure.

Since March 30, Palestinians in the Strip have been protesting along the fence with Israel, demanding their right to return to the homes and land their families were expelled from 70 years ago.

The protesters are also demanding an end to Israel’s blockade.

Back in al-Rahma, al-Madhoun, the catering business owner, turned his gaze to the rubble as he started thinking about the future.

“This was my family’s source of income for the past three years,” he lamented.

“Up until last night, I had 15 people working with me and this was also their source of income … We all just lost our livelihood.”

(Source / 14.11.2018)