PA forcibly evicts Palestinian families from homes in Ramallah

PA forcibly evicts Palestinian families from homes in Ramallah [Maannews]

PA forcibly evicts Palestinian families from homes in Ramallah

Three Palestinian families were forcibly evicted from their homes in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah by Palestinian Security Forces on Wednesday, on the grounds of a rental lease dispute with the Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

Palestinian human rights NGO Al-Haq condemned the eviction, saying it amounts to a forced and unlawful eviction. Al-Haq added that: “The forcible eviction included the removal of their belongings from their homes, without regard for the bad weather conditions, or for the safety and dignity of the residents, including children, women and the elderly”.

The eviction came after an order was issued by the Ministry of Finance against five Ramallah families. The families rented their houses from their Kuwaiti owners in the 1960s but following the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967 they were made to pay rent to Israel’s Custodian of Absentees’ Property.

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After the 1993 Oslo Accords, the ownership of these houses was transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Property Tax Department in the Ministry of Finance, to which residents continued to make their rental payments until today.

However, the Ministry of Finance requested its property from the tenants earlier this year through the Public Prosecution, without sufficient judicial grounds. The families appealed against the notice at the Conciliation Court of Ramallah, where the court judge ruled against the eviction. Despite this ruling, the Public Prosecution and PA police forces forcibly evacuated three of the houses.

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UNRWA stops rent payments for 1,612 families in Gaza

Palestinian children stand next to bags of food aid provided by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees at their family home in the Gaza Strip on 24 January 2018 [Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images]

Palestinian children stand next to bags of food aid provided by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees at their family home in the Gaza Strip on 24 January 2018

UNRWA has taken the “painful” decision to stop paying the rent for 1,612 Palestinian families in Gaza whose homes were demolished during Israel’s 2014 assault on the Strip, the organisation’s head of operations said.

“We need between $300-400 million to provide our services in 2019,” Matthias Schmale said, pointing out that the current year has been difficult for UNRWA at the political and financial levels, especially after the United States cut off its support to the agency.

He added that despite the financial crisis, UNRWA continues to provide services to Palestinian refugees.

According to Schmale, the measures also include dismissing 116 UNRWA staff.

Schmale said the school year would not be affected by the cuts, adding that there is “a strong sign of a collective effort to safeguard its [UNRWA’s] programmes”.

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UNRWA and Palestinian refugees are being treated unfairly - Cartoon [AlArabi21News/Twitter]

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UNRWA classrooms to stay open despite funding crisis, agency reports

Palestinian schoolgirls attend a class at a school belonging to UNRWA in Gaza City on 22 January 2018 [Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images]

Palestinian schoolgirls attend a class at a school belonging to UNRWA in Gaza City on 22 January 2018

The Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) “looks set to keep its classrooms open for the rest of the school year, despite earlier fears that they would have to close within the next few weeks, due to steep funding cuts”, the organisation said in a statement yesterday.

The agency’s 711 schools in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, “opened in September for the start of the year, not knowing if they would be able to keep them open until even the end of this month”, UNRWA noted.

Yesterday, however, Matthias Schmale, the head of UNRWA operations in Gaza, said that while the agency still has a deficit in its core programme budget, “we are one and a half months away from the end of the year”.

“If we get to the end of December, we know that there are Member States who committed money for next year. So, I can say now that this school year is basically safe”.

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At the beginning of the year, the United States cut back its funding of UNRNWA by some $300 million, “leading to a severe financial crisis which threatened the existence of many of its critical assistance programmes”, the statement added.

“Although the gap is now reduced to $64 million, a strong sign of a collective effort to safeguard its programmes, the difficulties in the region continue”.

UNRWA's lifeline is decreasing due to the cuts made by the Trump administration [AlArabi21News/Twitter]

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International Union of Muslim scholars ‘rejects normalisation with Israel and calls for release of prisoners of conscience’

International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Secretary General Ali Al-Qaradaghi

International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Secretary General Ali Al-Qaradaghi

The International Union of Muslim Scholars called on Thursday to reject the normalisation categorically with the Israeli entity.

This came in the concluding statement of the fifth session of the General Assembly in Istanbul that more than 1,500 scholars from more than 80 countries attended throughout six days. The meeting is the largest in the history of the Union regarding the number of participants.

The Union also called for the release of prisoners of conscience and advice, especially scholars in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and for a comprehensive reconciliation within the Islamic Ummah which suffers from a severe division among all its components.

The statement, read by the Secretary-General of the Union, Ali al-Qaradaghi, stressed that “the sanctity of blood must be preserved against murder and fighting among Muslims, and assaults on the lives, money and honour should be criminalised.”

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It stressed the need to uphold unity, peaceful coexistence and civilised communication, and warned of the danger of separation and division.

According to the statement, the present scholars emphasised the belief in cultural and religious pluralism, away from all disputes of hegemony and the use of force in resolving international disputes, and called for civilisational dialogue instead of conflict.

They also emphasised the right to difference, responsible freedom and justice in rights and duties. The statement stressed the call for disciplined freedom, justice, eliminating injustice and tyranny by legitimate peaceful means, and the right of peoples to their freedom, dignity, and self-determination. They also stressed the importance of resistance to all forms of tyranny and exploitation, and the means of injustice and arrogance, and claimed that resistance should abide by the legitimate peaceful methods and find support from all liberation forces, according to the statement.

In its statement, the International Union of Muslim Scholars urged states which have prisoners of conscience and advice to release them, especially “Union scholars in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”  The Union believed that the Ummah should move towards comprehensive transformation by reforming its political system to be rational, based on justice and freedom, and improving its educational system in a manner that keeps up with the time and eliminates underdevelopment, addition to the need to reform its jurisprudential system to achieve renewal, its economic system to achieve comprehensive development, eliminate poverty and unemployment, and its social system.

The statement referred to the Palestinian cause saying that it is and will remain the first issue of Muslims all over the world, and it is going today through a critical historical phase and a dangerous crossroads.

It added that Al-Quds Al-Sharif is exposed to Judaization, and Zionists are constantly storming and threatening Al-Aqsa Mosque, and trying to divide it temporally and spatially. We stress that Jerusalem and its cause have a religious, historical and civilisational status. It is the heart of the Islamic Ummah and its dignity. All the projects of the Jewish occupation will not change the fact that Jerusalem is for the Islamic and Arab Ummah.

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The Union called on “Arab and Islamic governments, and scientific and civil institutions to bear the entrusted responsibility towards the sanctities of the nation and its major issues, and to categorically reject normalisation.” It considered that “resisting the occupier is a legitimate right in all heavenly laws and international covenants.”Al-Qaradaghi considered that “the legendary steadfastness is the beginning of the liberation of the Palestinian land and holy sites.” He appealed to “the Islamic Ummah in all its components to support this great struggling person.” He called for “the importance of making efforts and the need to confront injustice against our brothers in Myanmar, China and other areas.”As for minorities, the Union praised “states that protect their rights in Europe and elsewhere.” It condemned violence, segregation and terrorism wherever it was, and denounced “inciting nationalistic feelings, racism, racial discrimination and Islamophobia.”

The Union called on “the Muslim minority to abide by the requirements of citizenship, the performance of duties, the respect of laws, and the orientation towards useful sciences and influential actions.”

On Thursday, the Union’s Board of Trustees re-elected Ali Mohieddin Al-Qaradaghi, Secretary-General of the Union, according to Anadolu sources. On Wednesday, the Union elected the Moroccan Ahmad Al-Raysuni as a President of the Union, successor to Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, according to sources in the Union.

More than 1,500 scholars from more than 80 countries participated in the General Assembly, the largest meeting of participants since the founding of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in 2004. The International Union of Muslim Scholars is a famous Islamic institution, founded in 2004 in Dublin, Ireland, and includes members from countries of the Muslim world, minorities and Islamic groups abroad.

It is a non-governmental institution with a legal personality and a private budget. In 2011, the headquarters of the Union was moved to the Qatari capital of Doha, by a decision of the Executive Council of the Union. The Union manages the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees, the Executive Office, the Presidency of the Union and the Secretariat. It aims to be a fundamental reference to the theory and rationalisation of the civilised project of the Muslim Ummah in the context of its peaceful coexistence with the rest of humanity.

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Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Child Near Jenin

09 NOV
2:18 AM

Israeli soldiers abducted, Thursday, a Palestinian child in Ya’bad child, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Media sources said the soldiers abducted Mohammad Abdul-Hakim Abu Bakr, 15, while he was in the southern area of the town, and took him to an unknown destination.

On Wednesday, the soldiers abducted Ahmad Tareq Abu Bakr, 19, and Ahmad Jalal Abu Bakr, 18, from their homes in Ya’bad.

Earlier Thursday, dozens of soldiers invaded Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, injured four young men, and caused many to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, in addition to abducting one Palestinian.

(Source / 09.11.2018)

Soldiers Abduct A Child Near Hebron

09 NOV
2:00 PM

Israeli soldiers abducted, Friday, eight-year-old child, at the entrance of Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media activist Mohammad Awad said the soldiers chased the child, identified as Omar Rabea’ Abu Ayyash, 8, and abducted him.

The soldiers claimed they were chasing Palestinian youngsters, who reportedly hurled stones at the armored military jeeps.

The child’s father said the army constantly targets children, the future generation of Palestine, in an attempt to crush the will and determination of the Palestinian people, living under the illegal Israeli occupation of their lands.

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Soldiers Attack Students During School Celebration

09 NOV
2:58 PM

Israeli soldiers invaded Thursday, Beit Ta’mar Palestinian village, east of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and started firing live rounds at students, teachers and officials of the Ministry of Education, during a school celebration.

Media sources said the soldiers, and many illegal colonialist settlers, surrounded the area, before the army attacked the children, staffers and families, who were celebrating, singing and performing Dabka, in the Tahadi Basic School in the village.

The very presence of the soldiers and the settlers caused fear in many children, who started crying before the soldiers fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades at the school, resulting in injuries, while many children suffered anxiety attacks.

Palestinian Education Minister Sabri Saidam denounced the serious Israeli violations and attacks against the children.

“The children were just celebrating, there are no words to describe the serious assault,” he said, “the army hurt those children, and replaced their songs with cries, tears and terror.”

The head of the Bethlehem branch of the Minister of Education, Sami Marwa, said education ministry officials, and representatives of the UNESCO in Palestine, were visiting the school, before the soldiers opened fire.

He added that many soldiers and illegal colonialist settlers also gathered near the main gate of al-Khansa’ School for Girls, in Teqoua town east of Bethlehem, while a UNESCO delegation was visiting it.

(Source / 09.11.2018)

Minister Among Those Injured at Kafr Qaddoum

09 NOV
6:27 PM

At least four Palestinians, including Minister Waleed Assaf, were injured by rubber-coated rounds, on Friday, while several others suffocated from teargas, when Israeli forces attacked the weekly protest in the village of Kafr Qaddoum, in the northern occupied West Bank, according to local WAFA sources.

Morad Shtewi, coordinator of the popular resistance in the village, said that Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated rounds and teargas canisters towards the protesters, injuring Minister Waleed Assaf, chairman of the Commission Against Settlements and the Wall, in addition to three others.

Other protesters also suffocated from teargas inhalation.

Almost every Friday, Palestinians have been organizing weekly protests, in the village of Kafr Qaddoum, to demonstrate against Israel’s continuing closure of the village’s main street, as well against the increasing Israeli settlement activities.

(Source / 09.11.2018)

Detentions, injuries reported during Ras Karkar clashes

Clashes Ras Karkar

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained three Palestinians and injured dozens of others, on Friday afternoon, during protests on the outskirts of the Ras Karkar village, in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah.

Locals confirmed that Israeli forces attacked and detained three Palestinians, identifying them as Firas Nasser, head of the popular action department at The Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, Najeh Taamallah, a preacher at the local mosque and Muhammad Manthum.
Palestinian protesters and activists were performing Friday prayers on lands outside of the Ras Karkar village, which Israel has been planning on confiscating in order to build a new illegal Israeli settlement.Israeli forces attacked protesters during prayers, causing clashes to break out.Sources said that Israeli forces were deployed in Jabal al-Risan, Kafr Nimeh, Ras Karkar and Kharbatha and fired rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear-gas bombs to suppress protesters.
Dozens of Palestinian protesters suffered from tear-gas inhalation.
Protesters called for revoking Israeli plans to confiscate lands belonging to Palestinians from Ras Karkar and surrounding villages for settlement expansion.
Sources also confirmed that among the injured was a paramedic of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), who sustained injuries after Israeli forces targeted the ambulance and fired rubber-coated steel bullets towards it.
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Israeli forces repeatedly assault al-Bireh Municipality employee

Abdullah Hamayel

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces assaulted and injured a Palestinian staff member of the al-Bireh Municipality, late Thursday, while passing by on the road leading to the illegal Israeli settlement of Maale Mikhmas, built on the lands of Mikhmas Palestinian village, in the central occupied Ramallah district.

Israeli forces forced Abdullah Hamayel out of his vehicle, as he was dropping off workers, near the illegal Maale Mikhmas settlement, and assaulted him.
Israeli forces held Hamayel for several hours, during which he was repeatedly beaten for about 15 minutes, however, after he sustained visible injuries, Israeli forces threw him in the street and forced him to return to al-Bireh.
Medical sources reported that Hamayel sustained fractures and bruises in various areas of his body due to the violent assault by Israeli forces.
The reason for the assault remained unknown.
In the video below, Hamayel mentions details of his assault:

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