Mohammed Mahmoud Saad Bisharat, aged 21 or 23, was killed in Israel’s occupation forces’ attack in the small town of Tammoun in the Tubas district of the occupied West Bank on Wednesday October 24th.

Israeli occupation forces’ armoured jeeps rolled into Tammoun about 02:00 am, for no apparent other reason than to terrorize the local population. Israel’s occupation forces role is not to ‘keep Israel safe’ but to keep Palestinians unsafe and make normal life as hard as possible.

It appears that on Wednesday Israeli occupation forces were not ready ‘just’ to disturb people at Tammoun. The arrival of the occupation forces appears to have been planned to draw people out to confront them and as they prepared to do so, Israel’s occupation forces attacked from several directions and started to fire live bullets and rubber-coated steel bullets indiscriminately. Tear gas was also used by the occupation troops at their usual liberal quantities.

Mohammed Bisharat was shot either in chest or back, according to different sources. According to his brother, he was with a group of friends when they were ambushed by Israeli occupation soldiers. Witness who held bleeding Bisharat in his arms say that he was shot before confrontation even began, as people were just assembling:

“It took only one minute. There weren’t any clashes. The soldiers came from many directions.”

The university student expired soon of his wounds, according to one source at dawn.

Six other people were wounded, three shot with live ammunition and three with rubber-coated steel bullets. According to different sources, either one or two of the wounded suffered life-threatening injuries. Five other people suffered from effects of inhaling tear gas.

Bisharat is, according to our count, 259th Palestinian killed this year by Israel’s occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlers.

(Source / 25.10.2018)

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