Israeli warplanes launch airstrikes on Gaza

Airstrikes Rafah Gaza

Israeli warplanes on Wednesday bombed a Palestinian resistance site east of Rafah city in the southern area of the Gaza Strip.

The PIC reporter said that the warplanes fired two missiles at a resistance site east of Rafah with no injuries reported.

The Israeli occupation army has recently carried out dozens of attacks on Palestinian sites near the border fence separating the Gaza Strip from the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories in response to fire balloons launched from the enclave toward neighboring Israeli settlements.

The Israeli airstrike came in conjunction with meetings held in Gaza between Palestinian factions and an Egyptian Intelligence delegation to discuss the ceasefire agreement with Israel and the humanitarian situation in besieged Gaza.

(Source  / 24.10.2018)

Zionist navy attacked Gaza boats, kidnapped four fishermen

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a statement strongly condemning the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian fishermen, and the illegal confiscation of their boats, and called for the release of four fishermen, who were taken prisoner by the navy, on Tuesday, in two separate attacks.

Al-Mezan said its field investigations have revealed that, at 6:30 on Tuesday morning, Israeli navy ships opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats, nearly two nautical in Gaza territorial waters in the al-Waha sea in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the coastal region, before surrounding a small boat with two fishermen onboard, and abducted them.

The two fishermen have been identified as Awad Nafeth Sultan, 21, from Beit Lahia, and Ahmad Emad Siyam, 20, from the Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza city. They were taken to an unknown destination, and their boat was confiscated.

Al-Mezan added that, approximately at one in the afternoon of the same day, the navy fired many live rounds at Palestinian fishing boats, less than four nautical miles from the shore, in Sheikh Ejleen Beach, southwest of Gaza city, and surrounded them, before abducting two fishermen, and confiscated their boat.

The two fishermen have been identified as Mahmoud Mohammad Miqdad, 35, and Hasan Soheil Miqdad, 26, from the Shati’ refugee camp.

Field research and documentation by the al-Mezan Center revealed that the Israeli navy carried 270 violations against Palestinian fishermen and their boats, since the beginning of this year, and that the navy fired live rounds at the boats 267 times, killing one fisherman, in addition to wounding sixteen others, and abducting 59, in addition to confiscating 18 boats.

It is worth mentioning that the slain fisherman, identified as Ismael Saleh Abu Ryala, 18, was killed when the Israeli navy opened fire on his fishing boat while he was fishing near the shore of Gaza.
It added that Israel continues to ban the entry of equipment and tools needed for fishing, as part of its ongoing and deadly siege on Gaza.

Al-Mezan called for the release of all abducted fishermen, and their boats, and demanded the international community to act on lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza, and ending the seriously escalating violations of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and all related United Nations and human rights treaties.

It said that Israel continues to abduct, humiliate and harm the fishermen, in addition to the destruction of their boats and equipment, as part of its illegal siege on Gaza, and its deliberate violation against the civilian population.

Meanwhile, Israeli news outlets reported that Israel expanded the allowed fishing zone from the current three nautical miles, however, Israeli naval forces opened fire at several fishing boats, as they were working within the permitted fishing zone, forcing them to sail back to shore.

Following the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip in 2014, a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian armed groups was brokered by the Egyptian government, which allowed fishermen to sail up to 6 nautical miles, but Israel continued to violate the agreement.

Under the Oslo Accord, signed between Israel  and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1994, Israel is supposed to allow the Palestinian to fish and sail within 20 nautical miles.

(Source / 24.10.2018)

Israeli occupation killed two Palestinian in 6 hours

Palestinian medical sources said that the Israeli occupation forces shot the unarmed Palestinian protesters with live ammunition

Israeli occupation forces killed one Palestinian protester in Gaza Strip and another protester in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday night, Palestinian medical sources said.

The Palestinian ministry f health in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded six Palestinian protesters in the east of Al-Burij Refugee Camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

One of the wounded, the ministry said, suffered serious injuries and received life-saving treatment. Later on he was announced dead. He was identified as Montaser al-Baz, 17.

Meanwhile, in the Israeli occupation forces shot and killed the Palestinian youth Mohammad Bsharat, 23, while protesting against the Israeli night raids of the Palestinian homes in the neighbourhood of Tammoun, east of the West Bank city of Tubas.

Eyewitnesses said that Bsharat was one of six Palestinian protestors who were wounded in the same incident.

Palestinian medical sources said that all of them were shot with live ammunition.

(Source / 24.10.2018)


17-year-old Muntaser Ismail al-Baz was fatally shot in the head by Israel’s occupation forces’ sniper east of Deir al-Balah in the besieged Gaza Strip on the evening of Tuesday October 23rd.

The teenager was taking part in a protest at the border with ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 and was at a barbed-wire fence, that Israeli occupation had put up inside the small coastal enclave, when he suffered the mortal head-wound.

Muntaser was first taken to the al-Aqsa hospital, from which he was transported to the al-Shifa hospital, which had better equipment to treat his critical injuries. But there the efforts to save his young life failed and he passed away.

According to one report Muntaser died soon after arrival at al-Shifa. Overall he is reported to have fought for his life for ‘a few hours’ after being wounded before perishing.

At least 5 and up to 7 other protesters were wounded in the same incident.

Muntaser al-Baz is the 47th Palestinian minor killed this year by Israel’s occupation forces. Israel has killed more Palestinian children this year than all its own combined casualties for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

(Source / 24.10.2018)


The murder of 42-year-old Moammar Arif Refa’ey al-Atrash in the occupied city of Hebron on Monday October 22nd by Israel’s occupation forces reveals the horrors of the Israeli occupation and the utter moral bankruptcy of the Israel regime in their fullest.

At the scene was once again notorious illegal Israeli settler Ofer Ohanna, whose role in the killings of Palestinians in occupied Hebron by Israel’ occupation forces is carefully hidden from their audiences both by Israeli and ‘Western’ media – with the exception of the murder of Abdelfattah al-Sharif, where they had to acknowledge his role while downplaying it.


Moammar al-Atrash, a recently separated father of seven children including a son which is imprisoned by Israeli occupation, was walking near the Ibrahimi mosque when Israel’s occupation soldiers shot him and left him to bleed to death.

Palestinian medics were not allowed to reach him, while illegal Israeli settler medics didn’t deign to do anything when they arrived.

Other illegal Israeli settlers, on the other hand, were both allowed to reach him and did something – by taking photographs of themselves with the body, spitting it and shouting it should be thrown in to a dumpster. Among them was notorious illegal Israeli settler and ‘medic’ Ofer Ohanna, who incited Ezor Alaria to murder wounded Abdelfattah al-Sharif(21) on March 24th 2016 and was captured on video kicking a knife close to al-Sharif’s body afterwards in an attempt to excuse the murder.

This was Israeli regime’s idea of ‘crime scene investigation’ – a racist joke, repeated throughout the occupied territories again and again, with illegal settlers mocking a dead or dying victim with the occupation forces allowing them to act on the scene of the incident as they wish.

Afterwards Israeli occupation forces invaded the family home of al-Atrash, declaring that they will destroy it as a punishment – for al-Atrash being killed by Israel’s occupation forces themselves.

Israeli occupation also refuses to hand Moammar al-Atrash’s body to his family.


As an excuse for his killing Israeli occupation claims that Moammar al-Atrash he would have ‘tried to stab a soldier’ near a checkpoint without showing any evidence that he did – beyond the cliché knife thrown well away from his body.

An ccupation soldier was supposedly ‘slightly injured’, but in the past this has for example meant a torn shirt, as in the killing of 16-year-old Bayan Abdul-Wahab al-‘Oseyli also in Hebron on October 17th 2015, and Israeli occupation’s ‘evidence’ for ‘slight injury’ itself is a video of the notorious illegal Israeli settler Ofer Ohanna ‘treating’ an occupation soldier who appears unarmed.

Beyond his role in the murder of Abdelfattah al-Sharif and his alleged attempt to drive over its main witness with his car this year, Ohanna was – among other killings – at the scene when Wael Abdelfattah Abdelghani Jabari(28) was killed by Israeli occupation forces in Hebron on September 3rd.

The killing didn’t even take place at a close vicinity to an occupation forces checkpoint, as Israel’s regime claims.


A Palestinian family will be collectively punished because a father of seven children was shot by occupation forces soldiers and left to bleed to death while illegal Israeli spat on him and took trophy selfies with his cadaver.

This is the reality of the Israeli occupation and this is the truth about Israel – and a knife planted two meters from a victim’s body and a notorious illegal Israeli settler Ohanna (who shouted ‘Won’t someone kill this dog’ before Azaria shot al-Sharif in the head) ‘treating’ an occupation soldier isn’t enough to hide it.

‘Western’ governments like to declare how they ‘share values’ with Israel. Here are Israel’s values at full display.

(Source / 24.10.2018)

Bennett: Jerusalem will not be ‘shared capital’

Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett [HNM News/Facebook]

Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett yesterday reiterated his rejection of having occupied Jerusalem as the “shared capital” of Israel and a Palestinian state.

Israeli Army Radio reported Bennett, who heads the right-wing Jewish Home party, as saying that “it will not be possible to divide Jerusalem even after a thousand years”.

“Israel will not allow any concessions over its sovereignty. It took years to get rid of Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert and their proposals to give the Palestinians privileges; including control over the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he added.

The Israeli minister claimed that he is not against any political negotiations, or regional settlement with the Arabs, but “not at the expense of Israeli territory. We are a small country and we will not give the Arabs even a centimeter.”

Bennett: Truce turns Hamas in to ‘an even bigger enemy’ 

Bennett’s remarks came after Israel’s Channel 10 reported on Monday that US President Donald Trump said that he was ready to put pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the US peace plan, expected to be announced in a few months.

The Israeli channel quoted diplomatic sources as saying that Trump has explained to his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last month that he could be firm in dealing with Netanyahu, as he was with the Palestinians.

According to the same sources, the French president said that his impression is that Netanyahu does not really want to advance the peace process, but seeks only to maintain the status quo.

The sources added that the US president responded by saying that he was coming to the same conclusion.

(Source / 24.10.2018)

Report: 32 Palestinians died from electricity cuts in Gaza since 2010

Two Palestinian children playing games on the device at their familiy's home during an electricity power cut in the Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza Strip on 7 February 2012 [Ali Jadallah]

Palestinian children playing games in the dark during an electricity power cut in the Gaza Strip

At least 32 Palestinians in Gaza, 25 of whom were children, have died in the Gaza Strip since 2010 due to the enclave’s electricity crisis, according to the Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights.

The Strip has witnessed blackouts and power shortages since the Israeli blockade began in 2006, prompting residents to use fires or fuel generators to stay warm and provide light. However harsh conditions, particularly in the winter when temperatures at night drop below freezing, have prompted several deaths.

At least 36 people, including 20 children, have also experienced injuries due to fires caused by candles that they were forced to light, or generators exploding, within the same time period.

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Al-Mezan also highlights that such crude ways of staying warm and lit have had negative impacts on the environment, particularly with the spread of large and high yield generators in shops and institutions that pollute the air with emissions.

Power outages in Gaza inhibit many aspects of life for Palestinians, with outages experienced during the school day and often preventing families from cooking in the evenings.

The continued siege, now in its twelfth year, has particularly impacted medical treatment, with hospitals regularly being forced to stop treating patients due to electricity cuts.

Last month, Medhat Abbas, director general of Gaza’s largest hospital, warned of the danger of power outages for many departments such as dialysis, intensive care, surgery rooms, outpatient clinics and sections of radiation.

“The lack of electricity poses a direct threat to the lives of civilians inside the besieged Gaza Strip,” he said. “[In a few days] there will be no fuel to run generators used to provide power needed to operate departments and organs of the hospital.”

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Abbas added that the donors the Ministry of Health relied on to provide fuel to their hospitals were no longer available.

Whilst the Strip’s Electricity Distribution Company signed a deal earlier this month to carry out the largest solar energy project in the coastal enclave, worth $2.5 million and funded by the International Bank, such projects remain rare.

Gaza, which continues to groan under Israeli siege, has been declared “unliveable” by the UN, three years ahead of the original prediction.

2 million people are deprived of electricity, vital medical care, and clean water in #Gaza


MEMO Infographic by QUAD Business House

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Family of 11 homeless, as Israel settlers take Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Israeli settlers took over a Palestinian house in Silwan after Israeli occupation officers forced the Palestinian inhabitants out using gunfire

Israeli settlers took over a Palestinian house this noon in Silwan after Israeli occupation officers forced the Palestinian inhabitants out using gunfire.

Occupation forces emptied the house before handing it to the settlers’ organisation Ateret Cohanim.

The property is part of a building of five floors located in the Batn Al-Hawa neighbourhood of Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the rest of the building has been occupied by settlers since 2015.

Jawad Abu Snaineh had rented the house and lived there for years with his family which is made up of 11 members, they have been left homeless as a result.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, the Abu Snaineh family has been protecting the house from being transferred to settlers for years. This area of East Jerusalem has been a target of the Ateret Cohanim right-wing Israeli organisation that aims to handover Palestinian-owned properties in Jerusalem to Israeli settlers.

Earlier this month, Israeli settlers took control of three Palestinian properties in occupied East Jerusalem. Such events are justified by Israeli courts. According to recent report by the Israeli human rights NGO Peace Now:

Settler organisations, equipped with vast sums of money from anonymous sources through offshore companies, are trying to fundamentally change the character of East Jerusalem.

Since 2002, 700 Palestinians have been evicted from their homes in Batn Al-Ahawa. Their properties have been transferred to the Benvenisti Trust that claims it purchased the land in the late 1800s to settle Jews arriving to Palestine from Yemen. Last June, Israel admitted that the decision to evict Palestinian families from Batn Al-Ahawa was “flawed”, and the nature of the trust had not been examined before the land was transferred to the settlers.

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Despite the admission, hundreds of Palestinians remain unable to access their properties and are enduring lengthy and costly legal battles in Israeli courts where hearings are conducted as if the matter were a land ownership dispute between two equal parties.

(Source / 24.10.2018)

Israel forces assault Coptic Christian priest during protest in Jerusalem

Prior to the assault, the Coptic Orthodox Church organized a peaceful protest near Deir al-Sultan Monastery, located on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, against an Israeli decision denying the church the right to conduct the needed renovation work inside the holy site

Tensions between Coptic Christians of Jerusalem and Israeli occupation forces poured into the streets today during a protest against the Israeli government’s decision to deny the church the right to conduct needed renovation work inside the holy site.

Local sources reported the incident saying Israeli forces and police assaulted several Coptic Orthodox priests in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, and forcefully detained one of them.

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The assault by Israeli occupation forces started after the Church organised a peaceful protest near Deir Al-Sultan Monastery, located on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, against an Israeli decision denying the church the right to conduct essential repair work and renovation.

Israeli official’s sparked angered after aggravating the already sensitive issue by conducting unauthorised renovation work for the Ethiopian Coptic Church section without the approval of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Palestine News Network citing local sources reported that the occupation forces suppressed the protest and attacked a number of priests and participants before arresting one of the priests.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli soldiers and police officers surrounded the priests who were protesting, before assaulting and pushing them with excessive use of force, causing them several injuries, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Witnesses added that the Israeli police forcibly removed the priests and detained one of them, before allowing the Israeli municipality workers into the holy site.

The Islamic Christian Committee to Defend Jerusalem and Holy Sites condemned the assault on the Coptic Orthodox priests and denounced the intervention of Israeli authorities in the renovation works of the holy site. They pointed to East Jerusalem’s status as an occupied territory and that the area is subjected to the rules of international humanitarian law (IHL).

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The committee called upon the Egyptian government and the Christian world to immediately intervene to stop these attacks and prevent occupation forces entering the holy site under the pretext of restoration since the Coptic Orthodox Church is the only authorised body to do so.

The committee further called on the world to stand by the Palestinian right to sovereignty over its land in the holy city and the rest of its occupied territories and to stop the measures carried out by the Israeli occupation in violation of the resolutions of international law and international humanitarian law.

The attack on Coptic Christians over this renovation project is likely to be viewed as another sign of Israeli attempt to expropriate Christian sites. Relations between leaders of the three main churches in Jerusalem and Israel soured last summer after a draft bill was presented to the government that proposed to expropriate church land in the Holy City.

(Source / 24.10.2018)

Israel cuts hot water, family visits for female Palestinian prisoners

Women demonstrate in solidarity for the Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons 8 March 2012 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Women demonstrate in solidarity for the Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons 8 March 2012

Israel Prison Service (IPS) has banned female Palestinian prisoners from family visits and cut hot water supplies after they launched protests against the installation of CCTV cameras in their courtyards.

The prisoners in the HaSharon prison have refused to leave their rooms for 49 days in protest of Israel’s tightening of surveillance.

Many have since complained of harsh treatments in the prison’s medical clinic leading to them deciding to refusing to access care there.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association, the IPS refuses to meet the demands of the female inmates who view the cameras as a violation of their privacy.

The IPS installed the cameras years ago but after prisoners protested they were forced to cover them. They have no been brought back in to operation in an effort to tighten restrictions of Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoners play sports in the courtyard and many remove their hijabs in an effort to allow greater exposure to the sun.

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(Source / 24.10.2018)