IOF kidnaps ex-detainee south of Bethlehem

Rizq Salah 54

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday evening kidnapped ex-detainee Rizq Salah, 54, from an area in al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

A local official said that Israeli soldiers rounded up Salah during his presence on his land in Absiya area to the west of Khader town.

Salah had spent about 21 years in Israeli jails and obtained his freedom in 2012.

Earlier on the same day, about 16 Palestinian citizens were kidnapped by the IOF during raids on homes and at checkpoints in different areas of the West Bank.

(Source / 18.10.2018)

Israel renews detention of Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar

Khalida Jarrar 4th time

An Israeli court on Thursday renewed the administrative detention of leading member of the PFLP Khalida Jarrar for the fourth consecutive time.

The military court approved the renewal order that would keep Jarrar in detention for three more months.

Israeli forces had detained Jarrar on July 2nd, 2017,a year after her release. Since then, her detention was renewed three times.

Jarrar, a leading member of the PFLP, deputy at the PLC (Palestinian Legislative Council), heads the PLC’s prisoners’ committee and acts as the Palestinian representative in the Council of Europe, an international organization promoting human rights and democracy around the world, was previously detained in 2015 and had spent 14 months in Israeli jails.

(Source / 18.10.2018)


(article from 13 september 2018)

Israel’s occupation forces are destroying and ethnically cleansing the Jahalin Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar on the occupied West Bank as we write this.
Hundreds of Israeli occupation forces members have surrounded the village and brought seven bulldozers, which have already demolished four building put up by activists earlier this week in an act of resistance.
Israeli occupation has declared the village ‘closed military zone’ until the evening.
Israel’s regime is counting that warning from European states against the destruction and ethnic cleansing of the village will lead nothing more than the usual ‘deploring’.
United States and its obedient vassal states like Australia have, naturally, not opposed the destruction of the village.
The Jahalin Bedouin were already once ethnically cleansed by Israel from their villages in the Negev in 1951. Israel plans to ethnically cleanse all existing Jahalin villages near East Jerusalem, with a population up to 1300 people.


On Wednesday October 17th Israel’s occupation forces assaulted local people and activists in the threatened West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar ‘for no apparent reason’ and kidnapped 18-year-old Palestinian activist Ranin Amira, who was put in chokehold as she was assaulted and taken away.

Four people suffered injuries in what appears to have been a deliberate attempt to harass and lower the spirit of the villagers and their supporters, just like the pouring of sewage from a tanker which has now taken place twice.

On Monday and Tuesday Israeli occupation bulldozers leveled land near and inside the village in what was both apparently a preparation for demolition of the Jahalin Bedouin village and another ploy to lower moral.

(Source / 18.10.2018)

Abbas meets with liberal Zionist lobby group J Street

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on 12 October 2018 [Thaer Ganaim/Apaimages]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on 12 October 2018

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday met with the leadership of liberal Zionist advocacy group J Street at his headquarters in Ramallah, reported the Times of Israel.

Abbas welcomed the delegation, led by J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben Ami, expressing his “appreciation for their efforts to support the peace process within American society”, including the organisation’s letter to the White House urging a reversal of the decision to end funding for UNRWA.

“We distinguish between America and the current American administration that has brought the peace process to a dead end,” Abbas told the group.

The meeting was attended by PLO Executive Committee members Ziad Abu Amr and Ahmad Majdalani, PA General Intelligence Services chief Majid Faraj, Fatah Central Committee member Hussein Al-Sheikh and Fatah spokesman Osama Qawasma, according to reports.

J Street’s Ben Ami affirmed that his organisation is committed to “supporting peace and continuing to work in American Jewish circles and with American society to achieve peace”.

The members of the J Street delegation also “affirmed their readiness to continue efforts to resume the peace process on the basis of a two-state solution”.

The two-state solution: Decline or death?

(Source / 18.10.2018)

Israel working to spy on private social media messages

Social Media apps [Wall Boat/Flickr]

Social Media apps

The Israeli occupation army has bid to obtain spying systems that monitor the private messages of social media users, Haaretz has revealed.

Haaretz said it had obtained a document showing that the Israeli army asked the cyber companies to present proposals for the spying system in 2016.

The newspaper also said that the system being sought was expected to trace and monitor all information posted or exchanged through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The system would also monitor posts and information exchanged in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

The targeted keywords, the document showed, were terror, resistance, nationality and religion.

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Israel pass Facebook Bill which will authorise deleting content considered incitement - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Israel pass Facebook Bill which will authorise deleting content considered incitement – Cartoon

(Source / 18.10.2018)

Israel limits Palestinian access to farmland

Image of barbed wires around Palestinian farmland [Abed Rahim Khatib/Apaimages]

File photo of a wiremesh around Palestinian farmland

West Bank farmers seeking access to their farmland located behind Israel’s illegal Separation Wall are facing intimidation and further access restrictions by Israeli occupation forces.

“When you go to that gate, there is a group of Israeli soldiers and the settlement guards. They keep people’s ID cards when they enter and hand it back to them on their way out,” one eyewitness said of the treatment farmers get in Salfit.

Farmers are forced in the system of so-called “prior coordination” ahead of the olive harvest, meaning that they seek approval from the Israeli occupation authorities in order to access their farmland which is surrounded by illegal settlements or which is located behind the illegal Separation Wall.

As a result of restrictions to access, farmers arrive at the Wall’s gates in the early hours of the morning and wait until occupation forces come to open them. The situation is worse when farmers try to return to their homes, the eyewitness told MEMO, “farmers wait there at 4pm to leave, tired after a long walk and a long day working, when I was there the army opened the gate for them at 5:30pm”.

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Salfit is surrounded by one of the largest illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Ariel, which is home to 41,000 settlers. The Palestinian town is home to 74,000 people.

The olive harvest season runs from mid-October to mid-November, some 100,000 families are said to rely on olives and olive oil as main sources of income.

Earlier this month settlers were filmed stealing olives from Palestinian trees near the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

According to Israeli human rights NGO Yesh Din incidents like these are repeated every year. Last year thousands of kilogrammes of olive crops were stolen by settlers in the Nablus area, the  group said.

Since 1967, #Palestine has had over 800,000 olive trees uprooted by Israeli forces in the #WestBank

Also read about the “Tree of Resistance” in #Bethlehem, which is nearly 2,000 years old…/22981-bethlehems-resist…

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Israel demolishes 9 Palestinian structures in West Bank

Israeli forces demolished Palestinian owned buildings in three different locations of the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces demolished nine Palestinian owned buildings in three different locations of the West Bank.

In Al-Birah city occupation forces demolished a residential building which was under construction. The house which is three storeys was to be inhabited by the family of Khamees Matariya. The family had received not prior warning of the planned demolition.

The house is located east of Al-Birah city in the central area of the West Bank, adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Psagot, which is a residence of nearly 2,000 illegal settlers living on Palestinian land.

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Seven structures belonging to Khaled Sawafta from Bardala village of the Jordan Valley were also destroyed by the occupation forces earlier today. Bardala, a herding community, has faced the demolition of 48 of its structures since 2009 according to OCHA.

One Palestinian family was also made homeless in the herding community of Khirbet Al-Marajem in Duma village north of the West Bank after their building was demolished in the early morning.

Occupation forces regularly demolish Palestinian homes and structures on the occupied West Bank under the pretext that they were built without the impossible to obtain building permits in an effort to expand settlements and force Palestinians from their homes and lands.

The Jordan Valley village of Khan Al-Ahmar is currently threatened with demolition to make way for the expansion of nearby settlements under the Israeli E1 plan on the Jerusalem–Jericho road.

Read: Khan Al-Ahmar resident: ‘We are imprisoned here’

Israeli forces displaced 1,347 Palestinians in the occupied #WestBank last year… all from home demolitions!

#HomeDemolitions #Palestine #ZionistState #OccupiedPalestine

MEMO infographic by QUAD Business House –…/

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Britain should re-interpret the Balfour Declaration

Londoners mark 100 years since Balfour Declaration in a protest to recognise the on-going oppression of Palestinians and calling for an apology from the British government, in London on 4 November, 2017

Dr Mustafa Fetouri

The UN General Assembly voted on Tuesday by an overwhelming majority to grant the State of Palestine enhanced rights and privileges, allowing it to take over the chair of the Group of 77+China. This important diplomatic victory for Palestinians comes at a time when the majority of UN members not only recognise Palestine as a State but also recognise that the Palestinian people, just like any other people, have every right to a fully independent state of their own.

The G77+ China is a coalition of developing nations whose 134 member states voted, in March last year, for Palestine to be its chair in 2019 for one year. Once in position, the State of Palestine will speak for the entire G77+China in every UN event, be it about human rights, development or global justice. Despite this, the Palestinian State is still not on the world map as it should be.

The latest General Assembly resolution was supported by 146 countries and opposed by just three, namely the United States, Israel and Australia. This is a further indication that the US and Israel are increasingly isolated on the world stage, even with the US enjoying a veto which it uses shamelessly to protect Israel at the UN Security Council.

Symbolically, the vote to enhance Palestine’s UN status from observer to near fully participating member coincides with the 101st anniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration on 2 November. In 1918, Britain’s then Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, sent a letter to Lord Rothschild, a senior member of the Jewish community, pledging the government’s support for the creation of a “national home for the Jewish people“ in Palestine. That pledge became the basis for the Palestinian Nakba (disaster) of 1948 when around 700,000 Palestinians were driven by force out of their homes by Zionist militias in order to create the State of Israel on stolen land.

OPINION: As centenary commemorations draw to a close, WWI still affects the Middle East

The Balfour Declaration was the first serious crime against humanity committed against the Palestinian people, not least because it helped to create the occupation and refugee crisis which is ongoing, reinforced by brutal measures imposed by the Israeli authorities.

Balfour has to shoulder the blame for condemning Palestinians to decades of forced exile around the world and displacement in other parts of their occupied homeland, such as the Gaza Strip – where most of the population are refugees – and the West Bank. By giving his backing to the Zionist cause in 1918, as if he owned the land (which Britain did not even control at the time of his declaration), Balfour basically defined Britain’s policy towards Palestine for generations to come.

It is interesting to note that the term “national home” used in the declaration has no basis in international law and was never used to refer to a state. There is no country today that calls itself a “national home”; it is as if the term has been twisted by the Zionists – Jews and non-Jews alike –  in order to grant some “legitimacy” to their future occupation of Palestine.

The Balfour Declaration is actually explicit about Britain’s support being conditional that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.” In other words, the rights of other people living in Palestine – the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians alike – had to be protected. Such rights include freedom of religion, the protection of civil rights and, above all, the protection of their national identity in its different manifestations.

However, the British government went on to cherry-pick what it would allow to happen in Palestine once it had been given the League of Nations Mandate to govern the territory. It ended up helping the Jewish State to come into being; it is a state that does not provide any sort of recognition or protection to the “non-Jewish” inhabitants of the land.

Britain should be held responsible for the way that the Balfour Declaration was interpreted and implemented. That short letter to Lord Rothschild did not say that a “Jewish State” was to be created regardless of the effect on the indigenous population. It was certainly not a green light for the Zionists to carry out the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, nor for the destruction of their homes and towns and for the refugees to be replaced by Jews from around the world. And yet, that is what happened.

OPINION: 100 years since the Balfour Declaration: Symbolic humiliation and the creation of tragedy

When Israel was created in 1948 the Jews were a minority in Palestine but they were allocated a majority of the land by the UN Partition Plan. Israel’s colonisation of the land has expanded ever since, so that today it welcomes Jews from around the world but prevents Palestinians from returning, quite legitimately, to the land from which they and their families were driven. Indeed, Israel believes that the Palestinian refugees should be given citizenship in their host countries and does nothing to help them, despite the state’s obligations as the occupying power.

It is unlikely that the British government will ever ask, never mind force, Israel to withdraw from occupied Palestinian land, or even ease the siege of the Gaza Strip and restrictions on the Palestinians in the West Bank. Nevertheless, it is perfectly reasonable to ask Britain to look again at the Balfour Declaration and re-interpret it in the way that its author intended.

Sadly, neither Britain nor the US will ever make such a move because Israel, in their eyes, has to be defended at all costs and must be allowed to act with impunity. Even so, relatively small political and diplomatic steps, such as the latest vote at the UN General Assembly, signify not only that the Western powers are out of step with the rest of the world, but also that the refusal of the Palestinians to surrender their inalienable rights will, one day, bring about justice.

Israel demolishes Al-Araqeeb Village - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

(Source / 18.10.2018)

IOF demolished Palestinian house in Hebron, left them homeless

HEBRON, PALESTINOW.COM — The Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday demolished a Palestinian tent in Musafer Yatta, in the southern West Bank.

A Palestinian news correspondent said Israeli border cops raided Sosiya village, in Yatta, before they knocked down a tent owned by the Palestinian instructor Khader Nawaj’a and seized his furniture.

Nawaj’a said: “I set up the tent to take shelter in with my family in winter after the occupation forces demolished our homes and structures. Now we have been left without a roof over our head after the occupation forces demolished our tent and stole our blankets, foodstuff, gas cylinder, and cattle feed”, he stated.

“The Israeli occupation authorities do not allow us to construct homes to take cover in”, he added. “They just seek to force us out of our lands.”

(Source / 18.10.2018)