Palestinian refugees in northern Syria launch cry for help

Pal refugees Syria

Dozens of displaced Palestinian families north of Syria continue to rally in Deir Ballout Camp, protesting their tragic living conditions in the poorly-equipped camp.

The refugees urged UNRWA to live up to its responsibilities as regards dozens of hopeless families and to provide them with much-needed cash aids, medical items, and relief services.

The refugees also appealed to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Turkish authorities, and the international human rights institutions to take urgent action in order to tone down the abject situation endured by Palestinian families north of Syria.

Palestinian refugees sheltered north of Syria have been enduring a tragic situation. Most of them have been crammed in underequipped tents and denied their rights to vital services and much-needed items, including heating kit.

Rodents and insects have swamped the camp as a result of the poor hygiene. An acute dearth in bread has added bad to worse.

The refugees’ stressed their commitment to their right to return to their motherland—Palestine—and retrieve their inalienable rights.

They further lashed out at the sanctions imposed by the US President Donald Trump on the Palestinians as part of the notorious “deal of the century”.

At least 320 Palestinian have sought shelter in Deir Ballout Camp.

75 other families who were displaced from Yarmouk and have taken refuge in al-Shabiba refugee camp, in Izaz, in Aleppo’s outskirts, have been struggling for survival in the poverty-stricken area.

At least 200 Palestinian refugees have been pronounced dead in war-torn Syria as a result the tough blockade imposed on Yarmouk Camp.

(Source / 14.10.2018)

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