Hamas seeks ceasefire with Israel without ‘political prices’

Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh makes a speech during a conference on 18 September, 2018 in Gaza City, Gaza

The leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh said on Friday that his movement is working with regional and international players to reach a ceasefire with Israel.

In a speech delivered at the Visitors of the Holy City of Jerusalem Conference held in Istanbul, Haniyeh explained: “Currently, we work with different parties such as Qatar, Egypt and the UN to put forward some understandings in a bid to reach a ceasefire with the Israeli occupation”.

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Haniyeh also reiterated that his movement would not pay any “political prices” for the ceasefire, stressing that any deal would not be at the expense of Palestinian unity. He added that Hamas would never make any concessions at the expense of Palestinian rights, including the right of the Palestinian people to resist the illegal Israeli occupation.

The Hamas leader also emphasised the movement’s rejection to the so-called “Deal of the Century,” urging free people around the world to fight this deal which aims to liquidate the Palestinian issue and deprive the Palestinians of their legitimate rights.

He added that one of the objectives of the Great March of Return, which has been ongoing in the besieged Gaza Strip since 30 March, is fighting the Israeli occupation’s targeting of the Palestinian people, especially in Jerusalem.

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Concluding his speech, Haniyeh stressed that Hamas spares no effort in its attempts to break the crippling Israeli blockade which has been imposed on the Gaza Strip for twelve years, one of which is working towards a ceasefire.

112 Palestinians were killed in #Gaza by Israeli forces from 30th March to 15 May 2018

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(Source / 13.10.2018)

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