Child Hospitalized After Illegal Colonialist Settler Pepper-Sprayed Him In Hebron

13 SEP
6:23 AM

Palestinian medical sources in Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, have reported that a child was hospitalized, on Wednesday at night, after an illegal Israeli colonialist settler pepper-sprayed him in Jaber neighborhood.

The sources said the child, identified as Ahmad Mohammad Jaber, 11, was attacked by the colonialist settler in his neighborhood, before being rushed to a local hospital.

His father filed an official complaint with the Israeli police, but numerous similar assaults and violations have gone investigated by the army and the police.

The attack is part of seriously-escalating violations against the Palestinians, especially the children, in Hebron city, and have also targeted many homes and buildings.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Including Two Children, Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians In Hebron

13 SEP
9:29 AM

Israeli soldiers abducted, earlier Thursday, five Palestinians from their homes, in addition to two children at a military roadblock, in several parts of Hebron governorate, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said the soldiers invaded many homes in Beit Ummar town, north of the city, and abducted Ahmad Khader Abu Hashem, 52, and Mousa Hasan Za’aqeeq, 25.

It added that the soldiers also invaded and searched homes in Yatta, Ethna, ath-Thaheriyya and Halhoul towns, and installed roadblocks at the entrance of the Sammoa’ town, the al-Fawwar refugee camp junction, and Abu Sneina neighborhood in Hebron city.

The soldiers then abducted Abdul-Hamid al-Battat, Wisam Gheith and Hazem Ahmad Zama’ra, before moving them to Etzion military base and security center, north of Hebron.

In related news, the soldiers stationed at a military roadblock in the Old City of Hebron, abducted two children, identified as Qussai Shehada Gheith, 12, and Odai Abu Hitta, 9, while they were heading to their UNRWA-run school.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Army Carries Out A Limited Invasion Into Rafah

13 SEP
1:11 PM

Several armored Israeli military vehicles carried out, on Thursday morning, a limited invasion into Palestinian lands near the perimeter fence, east of Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Media sources in Gaza said at least two armored bulldozers, accompanied military vehicles, advanced dozens of meters into the Palestinian lands, near the Sofa Crossing, east of Rafah.

The sources added that the army bulldozed and leveled Palestinian lands, in addition to installing sand hills near the fence.

The invasion was carried out a few hours after the Israeli army said it detonated an explosive object close to the fence, near Rafah.

The army issued a statement regarding the incident, and held Hamas responsible by claiming that the movement “wants to maintain continuation of protests, and tension, in the border area,” and added that it is “ready to act against these threats targeting the soldiers and the military infrastructures.”

In related news, Israeli navy ships attacked a Palestinians fishing boat in Gaza territorial waters, abducted three fishermen, and confiscated their boat.

On Wednesday evening, the soldiers shot a young Palestinian man near Beit Hanoun (Erez) Terminal, in northern Gaza, during a protest in the area.

On Monday evening, September 10th, the soldiers fired dozens of live ammunition and gas bombs at Palestinians, and fishing boats, in the al-Waha Beach area, northwest of the Gaza Strip, wounding 49 Palestinians, including one journalist, during a nonviolent activity calling for lifting the illegal Israeli siege on Gaza.

On Sunday, September 9th, the army killed Attaf Abed-Rabbo Saleh, 32, near the border fence between Gaza and Israel, in the Abu Safiyya area east of Jabalia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

On September 8th, the Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that the number of Palestinians, who were killed by Israeli army fire since the beginning of the Great Return March processions in the Gaza Strip on March 30th, has arrived to 173, while around 19600 have been injured.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Two young Palestinian men abducted by IOF in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, PALESTINOW.COM — Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday evening, two young Palestinian men during a nonviolent procession against a conference held by colonialist settlers in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in the center of occupied East Jerusalem.

Media sources said several Palestinians managed to enter the area of the gathering, before the conference started, and chanted against the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and its illegal colonialist activities, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

They added that dozens of soldiers surrounded the area, and chased many activists, before abducting two young men, identified as Amer Balbeesi and Ehab Shalabi.

The soldiers also closed the main street in the Palestinian neighborhood, before stopping and searching dozens of residents while inspecting their ID cards.

Despite the violent Israeli attack against the nonviolent protesters, the Palestinians managed to prevent the conference from taking place.

In related news, Israeli sources said the army has detained three young Palestinian men from Jerusalem, reportedly after they hurled Molotov cocktails at soldiers and a gas station near Maali Adumim colony.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Israel denies entry to US Jewish activist as she had visited West Bank

When Israeli investigator knew she had visited Khan al-Ahmar, he stood up and said: “You cannot enter. You are here to make trouble”

An American Jewish woman was temporarily detained at Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport on Wednesday and initially denied entry as she had visited Palestinians facing home demolitions in West Bank.

Julie Shayna Weinberg-Connors, 23, who arrived on a flight from the United States in order to start studying at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, was finally “informed that she could enter Israel on condition that she did not go into the West Bank without a permit”.

On arrival at the airport, Weinberg-Connors had already obtained a temporary resident’s visa and a potential immigrant’s visa.

According to Weinberg-Connors, she was told by the investigator at the airport that she “can’t go” to the West Bank; when she responded that with the visa she had, visiting the West Bank was not illegal, the investigator replied, “No, it’s not [illegal] but we told you that you cannot go there”.

In addition, when she acknowledged having visited Khan Al-Ahmar, a Palestinian community slated for demolition in the West Bank, the investigator got up and said, “You cannot enter. You are here to make trouble”.

Only some two hours later, after the direct intervention of her lawyer, MKs Tamar Zandberg and Mossi Raz of Meretz, and Haaretz newspaper, Weinberg-Connors was told she would be allowed entry – but only after signing a form entitled “Declaration by a tourist of non-entry to [Palestinian] Authority areas without the approval of the Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories”.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Hanna: Palestinians will not surrender to Trump

Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem (C), Atalla Hanna

Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem Atalla Hanna said yesterday that US pressure on Palestinians, which reached its peak in the latest “oppressive” series of decisions aimed to “liquidate” the Palestinian cause will not achieve Israel’s hopes.

Safa news agency reported Hanna saying: “The American President Donald Trump has made an incorrect evaluation when he thought that the Palestinian cause is up for sale in an auction and that it is possible to erase the right of return. This is crazy.”

Hanna added: “The deal of the century will not pass at the expense of the Palestinians. After 25 years of the absurd so-called peacef negotiations, the Palestinians have become more aware of the danger of the conspiracies being plotted to liquidate their cause.”

Palestinians will not raise the white flag for the dwellers of the White House and will not surrender to any oppressive power in this world that wants us to concede out rights and principles.

“It is not the US president or his allies who decide the fate of the Palestinians. There is no political power in the world that is able to abolish our existence or erase Palestine from the map. The Palestinians have never authorised anyone to concede or sell their rights.”

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He stressed that the Palestinians are sticking to their rights and principles, as well as Jerusalem as their capital and the right of return.

“The Palestinians,” he added, “must unite under these complicated circumstances and must be wiser and more credible and adherent to this blessed land.”

Hanna called for the Arabs to recognise that their “real enemy” is the one who “resides in the White House” and they have to recognise that “oppressive Zionism” is a tool being used to spread the colonial project in the Arab world.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Israel minister hints at US resettlement plan for Palestine refugees

Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz [Twitter]

Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz on Tuesday hinted that US President Donald Trump plans to resettle Palestine refugees in Arab states, Arab48 reported.

This came amidst reports that the US administration has been laying down an initiative to change the status of Palestinian refugees.

On Twitter, Katz wrote: “I welcome the initiative of the US President [Donald] Trump to resettle the Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.”

He did not give details about this initiative or whether it was discussed or proposed for discussions.

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“The refugee problem was perpetuated by Arab and Palestinian leaders as a lever for the unjust demand for the ‘right of return’ and an attempt to bring about the destruction of Israel,” he said, adding: “It is good that it disappears from the world.”

On Wednesday, Katz hailed Trump’s decision to close the PLO’s office in Washington.

“This decision joins the decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to stop funding UNRWA, which is an organisation that perpetuates the refugees’ pretend right of return,” Katz said.

“All these steps reach the roots of the conflict and tell Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that he cannot continue his double-talk.”

(Source / 13.09.2018)

Number of Arabs in Israel up 1,000% since 1948

A Palestinian boy holds a Palestinian flag

Data revealed last week by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) showed that the number of Arab residents in Israel rose by 1,000 per cent since the Nakba in 1948, Arab48reported yesterday.

In 1948 armed Zionist militias attacked Palestinian villages and cities, killed and wounded thousands of Palestinians, as well as expelled more than 800,000 others from their homes to make way for the creation of the state of Israel.

About 156,000 Palestinians remained in their homes and were subsequently granted Israeli citizenship, they are known as Arab citizens in Israel.

Today, the number of Israelis, including Arabs, is 8,891,800. According to the Israeli CBS, the number includes 1,860,300 Arabs; 400,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem and more than 20,000 Syrian Arabs in the occupied Golan Heights.

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If Palestinians in Jerusalem, who only have temporary citizenship, are excluded, Arabs in Israel would make up 17 per cent of the Israeli population.

The data issued by the CBS also showed that the monthly income of the Jewish family in Israel is 15,000 shekels ($4,188), compared to only 10,000 ($2,792) for Arab families.

Arab population grow in Israel is based on birth rates while Jewish population growths are contributed to immigration.

(Source / 13.09.2018)

‘We are closer to Palestinian state than ever,’ claims Erekat

The Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee, Saeb Erekat

The Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee, Saeb Erekat

The Secretary of the PLO’s Executive Committee claimed on Wednesday that a Palestinian state is “closer than ever,” Al-Wattan Voice has reported. Saeb Erekat also accused the US administration of being involved in a “war” against the Palestinian national aspirations and against the PLO, Fatah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The US administration is carrying out the deal of the century and closing the PLO’s office in Washington is part of the deal,” Erekat told Palestine TV. “We are closer to the Palestinian state than ever. All attempts by [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu to plant despair among us have failed. No state without Gaza and no state in Gaza.”

Regarding the Palestinian relationship with Israel, the veteran negotiator said that Abbas is to propose several issues for the international community to consider when he delivers his speech before the UN General Assembly on 27 September. The PA leader will also have discussions with international parties on the sidelines of the meeting.

The two-state solution: Decline or death?

Erekat pointed out that Abbas would not surrender to American “extortion” as he had issued his directions to turn the issue of Israel’s demolition of the village of Khan Al-Ahmar to the International Criminal Court. He noted that the US State Department told the PLO that its office was closed because of the move at the ICC.

After the ICC, said Erekat, the Palestinians will turn to the UN at the appropriate time and will continue to seek full membership for Palestine. “We are the head of Group 77 by November 2019 and we will seek raised Palestinian representation and will continue with the UN Human Rights Council and the International Court of Justice.”

With regards to peace talks, he said that the US wants to bring the Palestinians to the table without Jerusalem, refugees and two-state solution, and with legalised Israeli settlement, as well as the separation of Gaza from the West Bank.

As far as Palestinian reconciliation is concerned, he insisted that, “Abbas is ready for the full, precise, but gradual implementation of everything agreed in October 2017.”

Just 1 in 3 young Jewish Israelis say Palestinians ‘deserve’ a state

(Source / 13.09.2018)

New tool maps connections between US, Israeli state violence in users’ local community

Israeli soldeir attacking palestinian Press officer

An Israeli soldier can be seen attacking a Palestinian Press officer

A new resource for US-based Palestine solidarity activists was launched yesterday, providing a search engine that maps the connections between US and Israeli state violence in users’ local community.

The new search engine, called “Palestine is Here”, was announced in a statement by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), whose member group Researching the American-Israeli Alliance (RAIA) is behind the project.

Along with the searchable database, RAIA also released “a new research report for the Deadly Exchange campaign, tracing the dangerous consequences of 16 years of Israeli training of US law enforcement”.

According to the US Campaign, the new tool “traces deadly exchanges of law enforcement between the US and Israel—including ICE agents and local police—that contribute to state violence across Palestine, in our streets, and at our borders”.

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“In our local communities, under the banner of ‘counter-terrorism’, these exchanges contribute to expanded surveillance and infiltration of social movements; racial profiling and refined tactics and technologies that target entire communities; and suppression of public protests through force.”

The activists describe Palestine is Here as demonstrating “how Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is not just something happening on the other side of the world”, but rather how “that oppression is concretely intertwined with the oppression of Black, brown, indigenous, and other marginalized communities in the US through direct institutional alliances”.

Palestine Is Here will reportedly later “expand to map corporate, academic, military, and other local institutional links”.

Anna Baltzer, USCPR’s Director of Organising and Advocacy, said the “ground-breaking resource has the power to transform organising across the country”.

(Source / 13.09.2018)