Over 300 Palestinian children in Israeli jails did not go to school today

Israeli occupation also prevents 1,200 patient prisoners from getting proper treatment

As the school year in the occupied Palestinian territories, more than 300 Palestinian children imprisoned by Israeli occupation did not go to their schools.

Director of Palestinian Prisoners Centre for Studies Raafat Hamadaouna said on Monday that the Israeli occupation “deprives the Palestinian children from their simple rights –going to school.”

Hamadouna said that the number is higher than 300, but due to the lack of official statistics because of the Israeli restrictions, he did not give an exact number.

The director of the NGO said that there are also three girls among the Palestinian minors inside the Israeli occupation jails.

In addition to preventing Palestinian children from their right to get educated, the Israeli occupation prevents more than 1,200 patient Palestinian prisoners from proper treatment, including 400 suffering from chronic diseases.

Rights groups estimate the number of Palestinians inside the Israeli occupation jails as 6,500, including more than 400 under administrative detention, 60 women and eight MPs.

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