Israeli occupation to install dozens of cellular antennae in West Bank

Illegal cellular antennae

Israeli occupation authorities will set up more cellular antennae in the West Bank in order to improve the transmission of telephones operating in Israeli settlements, illegally built on Palestinian land.

The move follows a meeting between Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub al-Qara and the West Bank Security and Civil Affairs Committee.

Israel Hayom newspaper reported Sunday that the work is due to be completed by the beginning of next year.

The same newspaper reported two weeks ago that PHI, which won a tender to build cellular infrastructure for the Israeli occupation army in the occupied West Bank, would also cover the transmission of “civilian” phones in areas where there is presently a shortage.

The improvements are mainly aimed at serving hundreds of thousands of settlers in the occupied West Bank.

Indeed, the company has begun to expand its infrastructure and built 15 out of its 35 plans, improving transmission in large areas, according to Hayom.

But the newspaper said that in addition to the 35 military antennae, 30 more would be set up.

(Source / 12.08.2018)

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