Tension between the authority and the Jahalin Bedouins east of Jerusalem

المحتجون من عرب الجهالين قطعوا الطريق المعروف بطريق وادي النار بين بلدة العيزرية وبيت لحم (مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي)

Protesters from the Jahalin Arabs cut off the road known as the Wadi al-Nar road between the town of Al-Eizariya and Bethlehem

Armed clashes broke out between the security services of the Palestinian Authority and a large number of members of the Bedouin Jahalin tribe in the town of Al-Eizariya east of occupied Jerusalem after the escalation of tension against the background of the clan’s accusation of the security of the authority to kill one of its young men in an operation in the region last night.

Dozens of members of the clan closed the main road linking the town of Al-Eizariya and the Bethlehem area known as Wadi El-Nar since Friday morning with large rocks and burning tires.

The group announced the death of 24-year-old Oudeh Ibrahim al-Jahalin in an operation by the Palestinian Authority’s customs authority that was aimed at closing “illegal” fuel stations, the latter said.

A statement attributed to the Jahalin Arabs in the city of Jerusalem accused the authorities of storming their homes in the village of Arab Jahalin east of al-Eizariya and then shooting indiscriminately, killing the young man “at a time when the sons of the Arabs of the Jahalin struggle to face the Israeli occupation plan to liquidate their case and displacement.”

According to the clan, the security forces went after breaking a petrol station at the entrance of Al-Eizariya to the village of Arabs Jahalin and broke into their homes and got verbal quarrels between the force and the people who threw stones, and responded with heavy fire and gas bombs.

Palestinian security forces intervened last year against protesters in the West Bank city of Hebron

Arab Jahalin said that the dead was away from the scene of the event more than 500 meters and went out to investigate, but was hit directly in the head.

As a result of the closure of the entrances of the area, a private car was taken to the entrance to Ma’ale Adumim colony, where he was taken by an Israeli ambulance to Hadassah Hospital in Issawiya, Jerusalem, but he died.

The family stressed that the dead man had no connection to the fuel stations. The customs officer and the Palestinian leadership claimed responsibility for his death. They demanded the formation of a commission of inquiry into the incident and those responsible for his killing and bringing them to justice.

Local sources told Al Jazeera Net that representatives of the Jahalin tribe met with the security forces in the Palestinian Authority in the city of Ramallah on Friday afternoon. However, the spokesman of the clan Abu Imad Jahalin told Al Jazeera Net after the meeting, “The Authority is trying to evade responsibility for the incident.”

family of the dead carried the Palestinian leadership responsible for the killing of her son and the spokesman of the clan said that the young man was away from the scene when he was shot in the head 

Following the meeting, violent clashes broke out between the Arabs of the Jahalin and the security services at the roundabout town of Al-Eizariya adjacent to the Jahalin Arabs, in reference to the deterioration of things between the parties.

The Jahalin spokesman said the dead man was close to a sheep shed for his family and was not near the gas stations and not the workers. It was the first time that the clan had collided with the Palestinian Authority.

About 3,000 Bedouins from the Jahalin Arabs, about 5,000 in the suburbs of Jerusalem, live in the village near the entrance of the eastern Eizariya. About 200 people face the threat of being deported to the Red Khan in the same area.

Their spokesman said that the Authority called for significant security reinforcements from “Force 101” of the Palestinian National Security , “in order to suppress the Jahalin.”

Police director of the suburbs of Jerusalem:we were fired by oil smugglers and Jahalin Bedouins and our troops responded with fire and gas bombs 

In its narrative of the incident, the Palestinian Authority said that the customs officer was in control of illegal fuel stations, one belonging to the Jahalin Arabs, and was shot by machine guns during the operation, and responded accordingly.

The police director of the suburbs of Jerusalem, Colonel Ali al-Qaimari of the island Net that the force was surprised by the attack from individuals who smuggle oil and fired by the Jahalin Bedouins and responded with fire and gas bombs. ”

Al-Qaimari said that the circumstances of the death of the young man were not clear and that the reports received by the Authority indicate that he was not shot in the head, adding that the clan buried him hastily without investigation or dissection.

Al-Qaimari accused the Arabs of Jahalin of trying to mislead and intimidate things, but said that the investigation is still underway despite the clan’s refusal to carry out the autopsy.

In response, the spokesman of the clan Abu Imad Jahalin told Al Jazeera Net that he personally participated in transporting the young man from the scene after being shot in the head. He added that the clan announced its intention to bury the young man at 10 am without any response from the Authority, About his condition.

On Friday evening, an official security source in the Palestinian Authority announced to the official Wafa agency the formation of a commission of inquiry to find out the circumstances of the incident and raise its recommendations to the leadership.

(Source: Al Jazeera / translated from Arabic / 11.08.2018) 

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